Lisa Marie’s Way Too Early Oscar Predictions For February

Is it too early to start talking about next year’s Oscar race?

Of course, it is!  But I’m going to do it anyway.

Below, you’ll find the installment of my monthly list of Oscar predictions, not for what will win at the end of March but instead for what we’ll see nominated next year.  Obviously, there’s a lot that we don’t know about what’s going to happen later this year.  Only a few of the movies listed below have firmly set release dates.  Needless to say, I haven’t seen any of the films below and, as a result, I’m largely going on instinct.  Who knows if the films will be as good as their plot descriptions?  As much as I hate the overused quote from William Goldman, right now, no one knows anything.  Indeed, it’s not really until Festival Season hits that we really start to get even a vaguely clear picture of the Oscar race and we’ve got a long way to go until Cannes.

(And really, it’s debatable how much of a factor Cannes really is.  If the Oscar nominations were determined by Cannes, Red Rocket and The French Dispatch would be battling it out for best picture right now.)

The predictions below are, for the most part, just random guesses.  Most of them involve people who have won Oscars in the past.  The Fabelmans is there because it’s a Spielberg film, just as Killers of the Flower Moon makes the list because it’s directed by Martin Scorsese and it stars Leonard DiCaprio and Robert De Niro.  And, of course, a lot of the predictions are just the result of wishful thinking on my part.  I think it would be kind of fun if David Lynch got an acting nomination for his role in The Fabelmans, whatever that role may be.  I also think it would be nice if Brendan Fraser got a nomination to go along with his recent comeback.  I don’t know much about The Whale, beyond the fact that Fraser plays a 600-pound man trying to reconnect with his daughter.  For now, that’s enough.

So, without further ado, here are my way too early Oscar predictions!  As always, take them with a grain of salt.

Best Picture


The Fabelmans

The Holdovers

Killers of the Flower Moon



She Said


White Noise

The Woman King

Best Director

Damien Chazelle for Babylon

Gina Prince-Bythewood for The Woman King

Martin Scorsese for Killers of the Flower Moon

Ridley Scott for Kitbag

Steven Spielberg for The Fabelmans

Best Actor

Bradley Cooper in Maestro

Brendan Fraser in The Whale

Paul Giamatti in The Holdovers

Ryan Gosling in The Actor

Brad Pitt in Babylon

Best Actress

Naomi Ackie in I Wanna Dance With Somebody

Ana de Armas in Blonde

Viola Davis in The Woman King

Cate Blanchett in TAR

Carey Mulligan in Maestro

Best Supporting Actor

Bobby Cannavale in Blonde

Robert De Niro in Killer of the Flower Moon

John Boyega in The Woman King

Tom Hanks in Elvis

David Lynch in The Fabelmans

Best Supporting Actress

Tantoo Cardinal in Killers of the Flower Moon

Laura Dern in The Son

Li Jun Li in Babylon

Da’Vine Joy Randolph in The Holdovers

Michelle Williams in The Fabelmans

Lisa Marie’s Early Oscar Predictions For May

It’s that time of the month again! It’s time for me to go out on a limb and attempt to predict what will be nominated for the Oscars. Of course, trying to do this early in the year is a fool’s errand. We all know that. That’s actually part of the fun.

As of right now, the list below is full of familiar names, a few films that were acclaimed at Sundance, and a few random guesses. A lot of the predicted nominees are films that were expected to be Oscar contenders last year but which were delayed due to the pandemic. (Looking at you, West Side Story.) Some of them are contenders that I personally would just like to see nominated, even though it probably won’t happen. (I’m not going to jinx anything by pointing out which nomination about which I’m specifically thinking. You’ll probably be able to guess for yourself.) Over the next few months, the Oscar picture will become a bit clearer. Many of the contenders listed below will be forgotten about. Meanwhile, new contenders will emerge. My point is, take it all with a grain of salt and don’t put down any money just yet.

Two big developments to keep in mind:

First off, the Academy is officially going back to having a set a number of nominees. Next year, ten films will be nominated for best picture. Not seven. Not nine. Ten. Personally, I’m thrilled by this development. Nothing irritated me more than when they used to announce those weird, seven-picture lineups. (As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t like odd numbers.)

Secondly, the Academy is going back to the old eligibility dates. Yay! What that means is that only films that are released between March and the end of this year will be eligible to compete for the Oscars. More importantly, it means that the best film of 2021 will not be released in 2022.

Anyway, here are my predictions for this month! Don’t take them too seriously. If you want to see how my thinking has evolved, check out my predictions for March and April.

Best Picture


The Duke

The French Dispatch

House of Gucci

A Journal for Jordan

Nightmare Alley


Soggy Bottom

The Tragedy of Macbeth

West Side Story

Best Director

Paul Thomas Anderson for Soggy Bottom

Guillermo Del Toro for Nightmare Alley

Ridley Scott for House of Gucci

Steven Spielberg for West Side Story

Denzel Washington for A Journal For Jordan

Best Actor

Jim Broadbent in The Duke

Clifton Collins, Jr. in Jockey

Peter Dinklage in Cyrano

Michael B. Jordan in A Journal For Jordan

Will Smith in King Richard

Best Actress

Jessica Chastain in The Eyes of Tammy Faye

Ana de Armas in Blonde

Jennifer Hudson in Respect

Nicole Kidman in Being the Ricardos

Tessa Thompson in Passing

Best Supporting Actor

David Alvarez in West Side Story

Bradley Cooper in Soggy Bottom

Adam Driver in The Last Duel

Al Pacino in House of Gucci

Forest Whitaker in Respect

Best Supporting Actress

Ariana DeBose in West Side Story

Vera Farmiga in The Many Saints of Newark

Marlee Matlin in CODA

Frances McDormand in The Tragedy of MacBeth

Ruth Negga in Passing

Hottie of the Day: Melissa Giraldo


The newest hottie of the day share similarities with four previous hotties. This latest choice for our hottie feature is the lovely Melissa Giraldo.

Ms. Melissa Giraldo come straight from Medellin, Colombia. Like her lovely sisters the Davalos Twins, Daniela Tamayo and Sandra Valencia she is also one of the more popular models in South America as her work in the swimwear and lingerie industry has made her quite sought after to model companies’ products. Melissa has become one of the exclusive models for PHAX swimwear and also Besame Lingerie. She has also appeared many times in magazines as the featured pin-up and continues to expand to new fields in modeling such as runway shows both in her local Colombia and throughout South America.

Like the other South American models featured in this site’s “hottie of the day” she has gained quite a loyal following outside of Colombia and South America due to the spread of her pictorials over the internet. Only time will tell when she will finally explode in popularity here in the US. I wouldn’t be surprised if she becomes one of the new Victoria’s Secret Angels in a year or two.

Hottie of the Day: Daniela Tamayo


Speaking of golden globes…

I thought it was right about time to bring back an oldie, but goodie feature for the site which has languished in hiatus for the past couple months. The latest “Hottie of the Day” is one Daniela Tamayo.

Ms. Tamayo was born in New York City, but at the age of 5 moved to Medellin, Colombia and has lived there since. This doesn’t stop her from being fluent in English. Though Spanish or English it doesn’t matter since her very presence will cause men (and probably some women as well) to be dumbstruck. Like her fellow American-expatriates and Colombian models the Davalos twins, Daniela has taken to modeling quite well with her work as one Besame Lingerie’s feature models making Ms. Tamayo the talk of South America.

Some would think she would rest on her looks alone, but Daniela also has quite the entrepreneurial streak in her. She has started her own restaurant in her hometown of Medellin. Now, I have a reason to actually visit Medellin, Colombia that doesn’t involve visiting the resting place of the one they call Pablo.

Whether modeling or running a business, Ms. Daniela Tamayo is a perfect candidate for our latest Hottie of the Day.

Hottie of the Day: Bella Valentine


Our latest hottie of the day is the lovely Ms. Bella Valentine.

Ms. Valentine is a glamour model born in Florence, Italy and who spent time growing up between Italy and Poland. She’s quite the cosmopolitan lass who is fluent in Italian and Polish in addition English and Spanish. Bella Valentine began her modeling career in 1999 as a runway model in Italy and stayed in the business for a couple years before moving to the US in a student exchange program in 2001. Still a teenager, she stayed in Northern California before moving onto Kansas City after high school to attend the Kansas City Art Institute. She soon dropped trying to study for a career as an artist and went into business school. After getting her degree in Business Management she tried her hand at the corporate game, but soon tired of it.

in 2008 she went back to modeling full-time and hasn’t looked back since. She’s been quite busy since her decision to return to modeling. Her work ranges from print and magazine ad modeling shoots to tv commercials in the Southwest region of the US. Miss Valentine has also done the promotion circuit as a model from 2008 to now. She has also worked with man of the top glamour modeling photographers in and out of the country. Her background in business has also given her the skill to start her own website business and looks forward to expanding her brand.

Official Site: Bella Valentine

Hottie of the Day: Amber Heard


Texas born and raised Amber Heard is the latest hottie of the day.

The young model and actress had her first major role in the 2004 sports drama, Friday Night Lights. Other small roles in TV shows like Jack & Bobby, The Mountain and The O.C. soon followed. Ms. Heard’s career would continue on a gradual trajectory as she takes on roles in other TV shows such as Hidden Palms and Californication. But her career seem to be set for her as a film star as roles in major films such as The Pineapple Express, Never Back Down and, the soon to be released Johnny Depp drama, The Rum Diary.

Fans of Amber Heard last saw her in a small role in Zombieland as the college girl whom Jesse Eisenberg’s character falls for only to see her turn into a zombie. This turn as a potential horror babe must’ve been impressive enough that horror maestro John Carpenter himself has cast her in the lead role of his next feature-lenght film, The Ward.

Hottie of the Day: Diora Baird


One Ms. Diora Baird takes on the mantle of Hottie for the Day from one Irina Voronina. Ms. Baird was first discovered as a model while doing side jobs while trying to break into acting. It was during one of these side jobs that she someone saw her and thus her modeling career began. She became the a Guess? model pretty quickly. Landing spreads and covers at magazines such as FHM, Maxim and the like helped move her modeling career forward but it wasn’t until landing the cover of Playboy Magazine‘s August 2005 issue that she really got noticed. It wasn’t too long until she became an Elite Modeling Agency model.

Ms. Baird could easily have kept to modeling but she continued with her dream to break into the entertainment industry as an actress. In between modeling gigs she landed roles in small films. Usually they were comedies and horror films like Wedding Crashers and Brain Blockers. Her big break came when she was cast as one of the main characters in the prequel to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake. In 2010 she’s to be seen as Lily Thompson in the remake of the horror cult-classic, Night of the Demons.

Hottie of the Day: Irina Voronina


Our hottie for the day comes from behind the former Iron Curtain. She also hails from the same country as pagan metal band Arkona and folk metal band Kalevala. She has been a model since the age of 14 and has appeared in Playboy numerous times. In 2001, she became Playboy’s Playmate of the Month for the month of January. Ms. Voronina has posed for many top photographers. One of the photographers she has posed for is a favorite of mine and that is Guido Argentini. She’s appeared for the ad campaigns of well-known beverage brands such as SKYY Vodka, Michelob Ultra and Bacardi. In 2008 she became the latest of Playboy Playmates to take up the mantle of St. Pauli Girl for the ad campaign of the famous German beer brand. In addition to modeling, Ms. Voronina has begun to move into acting. She’s appeared in such films as Balls of Fury, Reno 911!: Miami and Epic Movie.

Official Website: Irina Voronina Official Website