All Joking Aside: Movie Preview, Poster and Trailer

From the PR release:

From acclaimed director Shannon Kohli, and starring Raylene Harewood in an unforgettable performance, the exceptionally inspirational All Joking Aside – coming this November from Quiver Distribution

Review First:

This movie documentary broke me in a way few have. Director Shannon Khol put Charlene in a light few can. Vulnerable, yet Powerful at the same time. Given her circumstances, and watching this movie, I am empowered now!


Raylene Harewood, best known for her role on Netflix’s “The Healing Powers of Dude”,stars in the acclaimed ALL JOKING ASIDE. The film, released from Quiver Distribution November 13, tells of a young woman in New York City that pursues her dream of becoming a stand up comic.

Where Can You See All Joking Aside?

Check your VOD services on November 13, 2020… And I highly recommend watching!

If you are not still convinced, Here is the official trailer!

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