Horror Scenes That I Love: Father Karras’s Sacrifice from The Exorcist

Today’s horror scene I love is from 1973’s The Exorcist.

If you’re a true horror fan, this scene should need no introduction.


Horror Scenes That I Love: The Chase Sequence from Jean Rollin’s La Vampire Nue

Today’s horror scene that I love comes from 1970’s La Vampire Nue.  This film was directed by the brilliant French surrealist, Jean Rollin.

What is this scene about?  To be honest, what it’s about is less important than how it looks and how it makes you feel.  As a director, Jean Rollin specialized in bringing dreams and nightmare to cinematic life.  (That said, as surreal as this scene may be, it’s actually one of the more straight forward moments to be found in Rollin’s filmography.)

Horror Scenes That I Love: Karma Get Revenge On Johnny In Night of the Living Dead

Today’s horror scene that I love comes from 1968’s Night of Living Dead.  (Read Arleigh’s review here and Gary’s review here.)

“They’re coming to get you, Barbara…”

“Stop it!  You’re ignorant!”

Okay, this may not be a popular opinion but I’m just going to say it: Johnny was a jerk and he kinda got what he deserved.  Nice gloves, though.

Run, Barbara, run!

Horror Scenes That I Love: The Pendulum Starts To Swing From The Pit and The Pendulum

Today’s horror scene that I love is from the 1961 Roger Corman film, The Pit and The Pendulum!

Not only is that pendulum nightmarish as Hell but check out that set design!  One can see that Corman definitely took some inspiration from Hammer’s Dracula and Frankenstein films.  Watching this scene, it is easy to see why Corman devoted so much of the early 60s to directing Vincent Price in various Edgar Allan Poe adaptations.



Horror Scenes that I Love: The Demon Arrives in Night of the Demon

Today’s horror scene that I love comes from the 1957 British film, Night of the Demon.

This is one of those films that deserves to be better known than it actually is.  Directed by Jacques Tourneur, this is a moody and intelligent horror film, one that’s full of atmosphere and features a surprisingly effective demon.  Reportedly, Tourneur didn’t want to show the actual demon in the film but he was overruled by the film’s producers.  Typically, I usually side with the directors whenever it comes to stories of behind-the-scenes conflict but, in this case, I think the film actually works better with the demon as an actual physical presence.


Horror Scene That I Love: The Underwater Ballet of The Creature From The Black Lagoon

Today’s horror scene that I love comes from 1954’s The Creature From The Black Lagoon!

In this scene, Julie Adams goes for a swim while the creature follows her just below.  It’s one of the most iconic scenes in horror history.

Check out my full review of the film by clicking here!


Horror Scene That I Love: Vincent Price Unmasked in House of Wax

Today’s horror scene that I love is from the 1953 film, House of Wax!

In this scene, a curious visitor to Vincent Price’s wax museum discovers that more than a few of the figures are actually corpses that have been covered in wax.  When she is confronted by Vincent Price, she hits his face and, in an homage to the famous unmaking scene from The Phantom of the Opera, discovers what is underneath.

(I’ve recently decided that they should change the name of October to something more appropriate, like Pricetober.  Seriously, this month is all about Vincent Price…)