Scenes I Love: Charles Bronson Delivers His Greatest One-Liner In 10 To Midnight

10 To Midnight (1983, dir by J. Lee Thompson, DP: Adam Greenberg)

Charles Bronson was born 101 years ago today.  In honor of the man’s legacy, here he is at the end of 1983’s 10 To Midnight, letting Warren Stacy know that “we won’t” be hearing from him.

Horror Scenes I Love: The Ending of A Field in England

For my final scene that I love of this year’s horrorthon, I’m going with the trippy conclusion of 2013’s A Field In England.  A Field in England is one of the best films of the past ten years and I will never stop encouraging people to see it and discover its mysteries for themselves.

This scene may seem strange when viewed without context.  It’s even stranger when viewed with context.

Horror Scenes That I Love: Bill Murray and Adam Driver Battle The Undead In The Dead Don’t Die

The world may be ending but Bill Murray and Adam Driver are not going to go out without a somewhat laid back fight.

From 2019’s The Dead Don’t Die:

Horror Scenes That I Love: “Gotta Light?” from Twin Peaks: The Return

Twin Peaks: The Return was full of creepy characters but the Woodsmen may have been the creepiest.

“Gotta light?”

Horror Scenes That I Love: Jesse Is Transformed In The Neon Demon

Today’s scene is from Nicolas Winding Refn’s 2016 masterpiece, The Neon Demon.  Elle Fanning is transformed into …. well, watch the movie to find out.

Horror Scenes That I Love: The Work Party From Cabin The Woods

Today’s scene that I love comes from one of the best horror films of the past ten years, 2012’s Cabin In The Woods.  The party starts just a little bit early….

Horror Scenes I Love: Nina Confronts Lily in Black Swan

This scene is from Black Swan, which I reviewed during my first year with the Shattered Lens.  For many, many reasons, this is a film that means much to me.

Nina confronts Lily …. or does she?  Those of you have seen the film know.