Courtesy of Zack Snyder’s Twitter Account, here’s some Aquaman Footage!

Apparently, this is the first footage that we’ve seen of Aquaman and … uhmmmm …. yeah.  This doesn’t look incredibly silly at all.

Hey, Zack, would it be too much trouble to get a Sucker Punch sequel?


Here’s the teaser for Mindhunter!

Coming to Netflix in October…

It’s a new show about serial killers and the people who study them, hunt them, and hopefully capture them.   It’ll be like Criminal Minds, though it’ll probably feature more profanity and nudity and less Thomas Gibson-involved physical assaults.

This show was produced by David Fincher so you know every film blogger is going to have to watch at least one episode.

Here’s The Teaser for War Machine!


Okay, so for two months — January and February to be exact — I was convinced that War Machine was going to be some sort of Oscar contender but this just released teaser has changed my mind.  It’s not that the teaser necessarily looks bad as much as it’s the fact that it ends with “Only on Netflix.”

(So, I guess it’s time to update those predictions before all the other award bloggers come across them and laugh at me.  Seriously, award bloggers are mean!)

(Of course, it’s also not uncommon for Netflix to play their films in a Los Angeles theater for a week so that they’ll be Oscar eligible.  That didn’t really work for Beasts of No Nation, of course….)

Anyway, here’s the teaser!


Here’s The Super Bowl Spot For Life!

Apparently, there was a Super Bowl spot for a film called Life.  Somehow, I missed it.  Maybe it aired while I was outside, trying to convince the cat to come inside.

Who knows!?

But, what that in mind, here is the Super Bowl spot for Life!  Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal play astronauts and attempt not to get sued by whoever owns the rights to Alien.