Val’s Mini-Post: Why Undefeatable (1993, dir. Godfrey Ho) Is On My Gems List Of 2019

In 2019 I fell in love with Cynthia Rothrock. I started watching any of her movies that I could get my hands on. I also wound up exploring other martial artists that were in her orbit such as Don “The Dragon” Wilson and Richard Norton.

Rothrock did a couple of movies with notorious “cut-and-paste” director Godfrey Ho. I think the exact number is five movies, but she only did footage for three of them. In classic Godfrey Ho fashion, he reused the footage to make two more movies. I haven’t seen the one that repurposed the footage from Undefeatable.

The bad guy of the movie is named Stingray. There’s a final battle at the end of the film in which Stingray lands his face on a nail (???), causing him to lose one of his eyes. This doesn’t stop him though, and Stingray continues to fight. In the end, he ends up getting his other eye stuck on a hook. The hook lifts him up into the air. After he’s lifted up to the top, Cynthia Rothrock says, “Keep an eye out for ya, Stingray,” to which her partner adds, “Yeah, see ya!”

Those lines are what made this movie stand out from the 27 other Cynthia Rothrock movies I watched that year. You can watch the scene here.

It’s films like Undefeatable that are the reason the “Gems” exists.

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