Music Video of the Day: Alien by Die Antwoord featuring The Black Goat (2018, dir by NINJA)

Happy World UFO Day!

For reasons that I’m not really sure about, World UFO Day is celebrated on two separate days.  It’s celebrated on both June 24th and July 2nd!  There used to be an official World UFO Day website that undoubtedly explained the whole thing but that site is now apparently offline.  Well. here at the Shattered Lens, we celebrate World UFO Day in June because, come July 2nd, we’re usually too busy stocking up on illegal fireworks to deal with any intergalactic visitors.

(For the record, I will be celebrating World UFO Day by cleaning out my DVR.)

So, today is Happy UFO Day and I picked this video because … well, actually, the song isn’t really about UFOs.  It’s about someone who feels like an alien because they don’t fit in with the rest of the world.  I think we all know what that feels like.  As for the video, there’s really no proof that the main character is from outer space.  Would visitors from outer space really want to come to Detroit?

But you know what?  I like the song.  And I like the video.

Maybe you will too.


Music Video of the Day: Nicotine by Panic! at the Disco (2014, dir by Kai Regan)

There’s a lot of atmosphere in this video.

It makes me want to search for ghosts.

That’s always a good thing.


Music Video of the Day: Take A Look At Me Now (Against All Odds) by Phil Collins (1984, dir by Taylor Hackford)

On the one hand, I know that the critics have never exactly embraced the songs of Phil Collins.  I mean, there’s a reason why it’s such a brilliant joke that, in American Psycho, the vacuous wannabe serial killer Patrick Bateman is a rabid Phil Collins fan.  On the one hand, Collins’s music is representative of an era.  On the other hand, it’s often used to illustrate everything that was supposedly wrong with that era.

But you know what?

Screw it.  I like this song.  It’s effective.  It works.  It’s fun to listen to and I’ll probably find myself singing it sometime tonight.  Earlier, I watched a 1984 film called Against All Odds and, when this song played over the final freeze frame, it was a perfect moment.

The video for Take A Look At Me Now was directed by the same guy who directed Against All Odds, Taylor Hackford.  Of course, the video itself is mostly made up of clips from the film.  In between Phil doing his thing, we get scenes of Jeff Bridges looking young and sexy, Rachel Ward looking sultry, and James Woods looking dangerous.

The song itself was nominated for an Oscar, though it lost to I Just Called To Say I Love You from The Woman In Red.


Music Video of the Day: Trouble Town by Jake Bugg (2012, dir by Michael Holyk)

It’s become a bit of a cliché to compare Jake Bugg to Bob Dylan but then you hear a song like Trouble Town and you really don’t have any choice.  Fortunately, it’s a favorable comparison.  The Dylan influence is obvious but Jake Bugg still makes every song his own.

This video was shot in Bugg’s hometown of Clifton, Nottingham.