Music Video of the Day: Has Ended by Thom Yorke (2018, dir by Ruffmercy)

Today’s music video of the day is from Thom Yorke’s soundtrack for the upcoming Suspiria remake or rehash or reboot or whatever the Hell it’s supposed to be.

I may not be particularly happy about the idea of a new version of Suspiria (especially one that apparently doesn’t involve a single Argento) but I do like what I’ve heard of the soundtrack.  Of course, nothing can improve on Claudio Simonetti’s work on the original but still….


Music Video of the Day: The Curse by Agnes Obel (2013, dir by ????)

Today’s music video of the day comes from Agnes Obel.

It’s an absolutely beautiful song and the video is wonderfully atmospheric.  It’s not necessarily a horror video but the eerie feel of it all makes it perfect for October.


Music Video of the Day: Buio Omega, performed by Goblin Rebirth (2010, dir by ????)

Goblin Rebirth is one of the many different incarnations of the classic Italian prog rock band, Goblin.  Goblin Rebirth is made up of:

Fabio Pignatelli – bass
Agostino Marangolo – drums
Aidan Zammit – keyboards
Giacomo Anselmi – guitars
Danilo Cherni – keyboards

Anyway, here they are performing Buio Omega in concert.  Buio Omega is the main theme of one of my favorite Italian horror films, Beyond the Darkness.  Even if you haven’t seen the film — and, when it comes to movies about wealthy young men who dig up their dead girlfriends and eat hitchhikers, it doesn’t get much better than Beyond the Darkness — the music is wonderfully atmospheric.  You just hear this music and you know that something really odd is about to happen.


Music Video Of The Day: Opera by Claudio Simonetti (1990, dir by ????)

This video is for a song that Claudio Simonetti composed for Dario Argento’s 1985 film, Opera.

Compared to the film, the video is decidedly low-key but it’s still a lovely piece of music.


Music Video of the Day: Demon by Claudio Simonetti (1985, dir by Michele Soavi)

Today’s music video of the day is Demon by Claudio Simonetti.

This was composed for the soundtrack of Lamberto Bava’s classic film, Demons.  The video is basically mix of scenes from Demons and Simonetti performing.  It’s pretty simple but I still like it, mostly because Demons is one of my favorite Italian horror films.  Interestingly enough, this video was directed by Michele Soavi, who played the man in the mask in Demons and who went on to direct such horror classics as Stagefright, The Church, and Dellamorte Dellamore.



Music Video of the Day: Suspiria by Daemonia (2001, dir by ????)

Both on his own and as a member of Goblin. Claudio Simonetti has been responsible for some of the most iconic scores in the history of Italian horror cinema.  He is probably best known for Goblin’s score for Dario Argento’s Suspiria.  The minute you hear the opening of that score, you are immediately transported into Argento’s nightmarish world of witches, death, and ballet.

In 1999, Simonetti formed Daemonia, a heavy mental band that played updated version of his classic horror scores, along with new material.  In this video, they perform Suspiria and the end result is a perfect video for October!