Music Video of the Day: Money (That’s What I Want) performed by The Flying Lizard (1979, dir by ????)

I already shared another video for this song back in May of this year.  In fact, I shared it on May Day, because I felt like poking some fun at socialism.  That video featured the Flying Lizards performing on a Danish show.  At the time, I didn’t realize that there was an actual “official” video for their cover of Money.

But, last night, I came across that official video so here it is!

I have no idea who directed this or any of that good stuff.  I just like the song.



Music Video of the Day: Coming Over by Dillon Francis, featuring Kygo and James Hersey (2016, dir by Tomas Whitmore)

Okay, I’m just going to be honest.  I love this video.  I know that the video’s main theme is one of regret and the soul-destroying pain of being lonely but seriously, this video amuses the Hell out of me.  From the vomit to the ball gag to the hipster at the end, this is another wonderfully self-aware video from the great Dillon Francis!


Music Video of the Day: Ray Bomb by Afrojack (2013, dir by ????)

I like this video because the story it tells can be viewed either negatively or positively.

Now, if you take a literal interpretation, it would appear that the video details not only a possible demonic possession but also an intergalactic invasion of some sort.   I mean, when graffiti comes to life, it’s probably reasonable to be a little bit concerned.  I guess it depends on how good the artists are in your area.

However, I tend to view the video much more positively, as a celebration of the vibrancy of music, art, and freedom!  Myself, whenever I watch this video, I want to go out and dance in the middle of the night.  Actually, I do that most nights anyway but still, this video always puts me in a good mood.

(Or an even better mood, as the case may be.)

How you view it will probably depend on how pessimistic or optimistic you are right now.


Music Video of the Day: 18 and Life by Skid Row (1989, directed by Wayne Isham)

18 and Life was based on a true story, about an 18 year-old boy who accidentally shot his best friend with a gun that he thought he was unloaded and who was given a life sentence as a result.  Did the video do justice to the real-life tragedy?  Let’s break it down.

0:01 — The video starts in prison, with the usual tracking shot of men smoking behind bars.  Ricky is already serving his sentence, thinking about how his life got so messed up.

0:27 — At the time this song was recorded, Sebastian Bach was Skid Row’s lead singer.  In 1996, Bach was fired from Skid Row when he suggested they accept the opening spot on KISS’s latest tour.

0:34 — Ricky argues with his father, who probably wants him to do something lame like get a haircut.  If Ricky was a Nelson fan, he could have just gone into his room and waited for his poster of Matthew and Gunnar to come to life and give him a magic feather.  Instead, because he’s a Skid Row fan, he gets shoved through a glass door!

0:45 — Ricky ends up on the patio, where his best friend is waiting for him.  Fortunately, Ricky has not been injured by all of that broken glass so, after saluting his father, he and his friend go off to have some fun, 80s style.

1:16 — Secret handshakes, 80s style!.

1:27 — Hanging out, 80s style!

1:31 — Setting shit on fire, 80s style!

1:39 — Breaking and entering, 80s style!

1:46 — Shooting liquor bottles in an alley, 80s style!

1:51 — Not following common sense gun safety rules, 80s style!

2:00 — Wasting your life away in prison, 80s style!

2:09 — Vandalism, 80s style!

2:18 — Ricky is Tipper Gore’s worst nightmare.

2:23 — They’re back to playing with the gun.  Will these youngsters never learn?

2:34 — Is his friend begging or daring Ricky to shoot him?  This part of the video is open to interpretation.  In real life, the shooting happened because the gun was believed to be empty but, in this video, they’ve both been firing gun so they both know it’s loaded.

2:35 — Ricky has obviously read Watchmen, but he probably still doesn’t understand why Richard Nixon was still the president.

2:53 — Ricky shoots his only friend.  But why?  Ricky does not look shocked and we saw him firing the gun earlier so there is no reason to believe that Ricky, unlike the real person who inspired this song, didn’t know it was loaded.  Was Ricky crazy?  Was Ricky angry?  Or was Ricky just stupid?

3:13 — Ricky throws his gun into the fire, which has been raging for at least two days now.

3:26 — In 2017, Sebastian Bach announced that he was having a “singing-related” hernia operation because, in his own words, he literally “sang my guts out.”

3:37 — In prison, Ricky ponders how different his life would have been if he wasn’t an idiot.

3:49 — Did anyone ever put out that fire?  It looked serious.

This video was directed by Wayne Isham, who has been everyone’s go-to video director for decades.  The song was Skid Row’s biggest hit and it was also the most played video on MTV in 1989.

Music Video of the Day: Atmosphere by Harrison featuring Daniela Andrade (2018, dir by Justin Singer)

This is another one of those videos where you spend the majority of the video waiting for a bunch of zombies to pop out of nowhere and start chasing the living down the street.  That doesn’t happen here but I still like the atmospheric desolation of this video.

In a way, it actually reminds me a bit of Lost River.  I gave that movie a negative review when it was first released but it’s actually grown on me a little bit.


Music Video of the Day: Dead Format by Blanck Mass (2015, dir by Konx-Om-Pax)

Today, as they tend to say, is the first day of the rest of your life.  What better way to celebrate than with a little Blanck Mass?

Dead Format is off of Blanck Mass’s second album, Dumb Flesh.  If a rogue planet ever threatens to crash into Earth and exterminate all human life, Dumb Flesh is something that I will definitely make sure to listen to one final time before the end comes.  The video for Dead Format is both exuberant and ominous.  You’re not really sure if you want to repent your sins or maybe commit some news ones.  This is perfect end of the world music.  Listen to this track with the knowledge that you could very well be dead and that all of your hopes and dreams could be rendered meaningless within the next two hours.