Music Video of the Day: Lilac by Blue Hawaii (2018, dir by ????)

This is an interesting video.

On the one hand, it leaves me wishing that I was on a beach somewhere, preferably Hawaii but I’d even settle for Daytona.  Maybe not Atlantic City, though.  That’s way too far up north.  And don’t even get me started on the beaches in Maine.

On the other hand, it also leaves me worried that something really, really bad is about to happen.  It’s a video that manages to be both positive and ominous at the same time.


Music Video of the Day: Crazy Master by Marijuana Deathsquads (2012, dir by Isaac Gale)

Let’s take a trip through the desert with Marijuana Deathsquads!

Though the video came out long before the TV show, it’s still difficult for me to watch this without thinking about Twin Peaks: The Return.  As I watched, I kept expecting either Cooper or his doppelganger to drive by, searching for JUDY.


Music Video of the Day: Dangerous by Big Data (2014, dir by Chris Ledoux)

This is actually one of several videos for Big Data’s Dangerous.  Val shared two of them previously, here and here.  However, the one above is my personal favorite because it features kitties!

This video was written and produced by Tom Borden and directed by Chris Ledoux.

And it features a lot of cats!  Did I mention that?


Music Video of the Day: Clean (featuring Jamie Lidell) by Big Data (2015, dir by Bill Kirstein)

Whenever I watch this video, I was tempted to compare it to The Belko Experiment but, actually, the video came out before the movie.  So, perhaps The Belko Experiment should be compared to this.

Of course, the suggestion in this video is that the office riot is a scheduled daily event, one that — like The Purge — is designed to keep people in their place.

Big Data is probably best known for Dangerous.  Personally, I think Big Data is responsible for some of the most important music of the decade.  You’re free to agree or disagree as long as you understand that I’m right.