Music Video of the Day: Lonely Together by Avicii, featuring Rita Ora (2017, dir by Levan Tsikurishvili and Phillip R Lopez)

Today’s music video of the day is about all the fun stuff that you can do while time stands still.

You can fall in love, which is probably why time is standing still in the first place.

You can take pictures of people suspended in mid-air.  (Of course, once time starts again, she’s probably going to plunge down to the stage and injure herself so badly that she’ll never dance professionally again.  Have these people never seen Red Sparrow, not to mention The Curious Case of Benjamin Button?)

You can go to the carnival and laugh at the clowns.

You can go to the bar and ruin a stranger’s pool game.

You can get into a fight on a bridge without having to worry about any cars hitting you while you’re running back and forth.  I have to admit that the bridge scene reminded me of the ending of Lucio Fulci’s Zombi 2.  It just needed a horde of undead to show up.

You can throw paint at your partner, which is hella messy and can lead to delusions of being Jackson Pollock.

At least these two people seem to be benevolent-at-heart.  If I was in their shoes and I was moving around while everyone else was frozen in time, I’d probably start things off by robbing the bar and then I’d work my way up from there.  But that’s just me.

Anyway, enjoy!


Music Video of the Day: Golden Spiral by Holly Miranda (2019, dir by Natalie Morales)

I like this music video because it doesn’t look like it cost much to make but, at the same time, it also communicates the idea that the world is on the verge of ending.  This is the Ides of March, after all.  If there’s ever been a day to appreciate apocalyptic art, this would be it.

Personally, I have my doubt as to whether or not Julius Caesar really appreciated art.  Everything that I’ve read about him would seem to suggest that he was more into war and military history than into artistic representations of those same things.  Cassius, however, probably had a god eye for art.  He sounds like he was an intellectual.  As for Brutus, I imagine that he always made sure to say that he liked everything that everyone else liked.  Brutus was probably a lot like the character that Tatum O’Neal played in Basquiat.

Anyway, enjoy!

Music Video of the Day: Low Rider by War (1975, dir by ????)

This is a song that really gets stuck in your head!

The song, of course, is about cars.  Myself, I’ve always associated this song with Dazed and Confused. I’ve also always liked that line about the low rider getting a little higher because it’s such a 70s line.  It’s like the parents think it’s about the car and the kids know it’s about the driver.

As for the video, my favorite part comes at the end:

Far out!


Music Video Of The Day: Mission Impossible by Lindsey Stirling, feat. Piano Guys (2013, dir by ????)

It’s definitely not easy carrying out a top secret spy mission while playing a violin but if anyone could pull it off, it would be Lindsey Stirling!

Please enjoy this fun little video from 2013!

Music Video of the Day: One More Time by Daft Punk (2000, dir by Leiji Matsumato)

Sorry, everyone!  I’m running a bit behind today (or is it tonight?  Daylight Savings Time makes everything confusing!) so I don’t really have much prepared to say about this video, beyond the fact that I like it and I like the song.  That I like both shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise.  In general, I like anything that involves Daft Punk.