Scenes That I Love: Nic Cage Meets The Bees in The Wicker Man Update

From the 2006 remake of The Wicker Man.

Actually, I don’t know if love is quite the right word.  I’m actually kind of annoyed that The Wicker Man has gone from being one of the best horror films of the 70s to being known for the remake’s bees scene.  That’s one reason why remakes, in general, are not a good thing.  That said, for the record, I don’t like bees either.

Horror Scenes I Love: The Dead Rise From The Ground In Poltergeist

This is from 1982’s Poltergeist.

I love Craig T. Nelson’s delivery of the headstones speech.  James Karen is staring at him the whole time like he’s thinking, “Is anyone going to say ‘cut?'”

Scenes That I Love: In Heaven, Everything Is Fine From Eraserhead

From David Lynch’s 1977 film, Eraserhead.

Just a reminder that, “In Heaven, everything is fine.”

And Heaven is apparently behind your radiator.

“But Lisa, what is the scene about?”

Well, according to Lynch, the whole movie is “a dream of dark and disturbing things.”  Is that woman really living behind Jack Nance’s radiator and singing that everything is fine, despite the fact that there’s also a mutant baby in the apartment?  She may be.  Or she might just be a figment of someone’s imagination.

Perhaps it’s best not to worry too much about the how’s and the why’s.

Never stop dreaming.

Horror Scenes That I Love: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Finale

Today’s scene comes from the original The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which is one of the greatest horror films ever made.  Needless to say, since this is the final scene, it’s a huge spoiler if you somehow haven’t seen this movie.

Enjoy, dance, or laugh maniacally.  I leave it up to you.