Music Video of the Day: Teen Challenge by Great Grandpa (2018, dir by Hugh Sherman Donkin)

This video just dropped yesterday.

What can I say?  I’m going to like anything that combines retro cop shows, creative differences, visible boom mics, and berets.



Music Video Of The Day: Invisible by Ashlee Simpson (2006, dir by Marc Webb)

This song, to be honest, is a bit of an inside joke between me and my BFF, the wonderful Evelyn.  Way back in 2007, whenever we wanted to be annoying or cute or whatever, we would start singing this song.

Of course, our version was a bit more aggressive than the Ashlee Simpson version.  Whereas Ashlee sang the song as an anthem of survival (this was after the whole Saturday Night Live lip syncing thing), Evelyn and I turned it into a declaration of war.  Now you’re saying you knew me when I was invisible?  That was your first and final mistake, pendeja

Of course, just as Evelyn and I were doing out own cover of Ashlee Simpson, Ashlee Simpson was doing a cover herself.  Invisible was originally written and performed by Kira Leyden and Jeff Andrea of the Ohio-based band, Jaded Era.

As for the video of Ashlee’s version, it is mostly notable for having been directed by Marc Webb.  Webb, of course, would go on to direct (500) Days of Summer*, the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man movies, and Gifted.  (I don’t care what anyone says.  I like (500) Days of Summer.)  The video was inspired by Million Dollar Baby and was shot on the same set as that film.


Music Video of the Day: One Match by Until The Ribbon Breaks (2018, dir by ????)

I don’t have much to say about this video so here’s some Until The Ribbon Breaks trivia!  UTRB often writes their music in front of a projector.  According to frontman Pete Lawrie-Winfield, “For me, it just allows my mind to wander further than the confines of where it normally would. Silent moving images of nature, space, a busy street, whatever it maybe, take on a new sense of gravitas when soundtracked and vice versa. The music is given meaning by the image.”


Music Video of the Day: Lottery by Jade Bird (2018, dir by Kate Moross)

Today’s music video of the day is the video for Jade Bird’s Lottery, which dropped just two days ago on the 18th.

It’s a lovely song with an appropriately straight-forward music video.  It was directed by Kate Moross, whose first directorial credit (according to the imvdb) was for Alpines’s Ice and Arrows in 2011.  Between that video and this one, Moross has directed videos for Jessie Ware, Arthur Beatrice, Disclosure, Wild Beasts, All We Are, and others.


Music Video of the Day: Old Black Clown by Edgar Allan Poets (2012, dir by ????)

Today is Edgar Allan Poe’s birthday!  If he were still alive today, he would be 209 years old.  He would probably be the oldest man on the planet.  Certainly, I think we would all be rather amazed at his vitality.  Unfortunately, Poe is no longer with us.  He was only forty years old when he died but his influence lives on.

You would think that there would be a hundred music videos based on the writings of Edgar Allan Poe.  Well, you would be wrong.  While Poe’s work has inspired countless musicians (and there have been several songs based on his work), there aren’t many “official” music videos of those songs.

(There’s plenty of unofficial and amateur videos, of course.  But, for music video of the day, I know that Val preferred to use only official videos and, while I’m filling in for her, I’m going to abide by her rules.)

However, there is a band that was not only influenced by Poe but which proudly displays that influence.  Edgar Allan Poets is a Los Angeles band that lists its two greatest influences as being Poe and Hitchcock.  Their music has a haunting, rather dream-like feel to it.

This video is for their song Old Black Clown.


Music Video of the Day: Better Than Yesterday by HollySiz (2014, dir by ????)

HollySiz is the stage name use by the French actress and singer, Cécile Cassel.

As for this video, it’s a journey through not only the history of dance but the history of film as well.

(On personal note, I currently have “better than yesterday” stuck in my head and I look forward to driving everyone crazy today by using that phrase every chance that I get.)


Music Video of the Day: Monster by Flint Eastwood (2018, dir by ????)

Today’s music video of the day is this creepy, black-and-white video of Flint Eastwood’s Monster.

While watching this video, you’ll undoubtedly notice that it features a hairless cat.  I love cats but I have to admit that hairless cats totally freak me out.  I guess it’s because the sight of a hairless cat forces you to consider just how much of the inherent cuteness of cats has to do with their fur.  Personally, I think that my cat Doc is the cutest cat ever but would I still feel the same way if he didn’t have all of that black fur?  It’s a fair question.

Of course, what’s ironic is that cat’s don’t even care or notice what color their fur is.  They’re color blind and, for the most part, they hate each other equally regardless of color or socio-economic background.

As long as I’m continuing to make everything about me, I should also point out that I have really bad eyesight and I think it might be getting worse!  This video reminded me of how much I’m not looking forward to going to the optometrist next week.