Music Video of the Day: A Christmas Twist by Si Cranstoun (2015, dir by ????)

Merry Christmas to all of our readers!  Let’s get the day started right with this joyous holiday video from Si Cranstoun!

Dancing with Si in this video are Corina Wuersch, Lowri Evans, and Chloe Gatward!


Music Video of the Day: Run Rudolph Run by Chuck Berry (2020, dir by ????)

This song was actually recorded in 1958 and Chuck Berry died in 2017 so this video is a little bit late on both accounts but no matter!  Even in cartoon form, Chuck Berry looks like a god of rock and Santa might want to redesign his own sleigh and turn it into a convertible.  Seriously, a flying convertible is always going to be impressive.

It’s a good song and a cute video.  Watch it because it’s Christmas.