Music Video Of The Day: She Came Home For Christmas by Mew (2002, dir by ????)

From Denmark comes today’s music video of the day.

The video inspired by this dream-like Chirstmas song is both beautiful and oddly disturbing.  It’s apparently the story of two fairies, one good and one bad.  It’s also the story of a dancing bear and who doesn’t appreciate a dancing bear?  Unfortunately, things don’t really work out that well for the bear but nature gets revenge.  The fact that the entire story takes place on a stage only serves to make things even more surreal.  Whenever I see anything strange happen on a stage, I automatically start to think about the Club Silencio sequence from Mulholland Drive.

Anyway, enjoy!

Music Video of the Day: Last Christmas by Crazy Frog (2010, dir by ????)

Personally, I absolutely adore the Taylor Swift version of this song but sadly, Taylor’s never done an official music video for it.

As for this version, it features everyone’s favorite Swedish CGI creation saving Santa Claus from …. something.  I guess Santa somehow managed to lock himself up in his workshop or something.  I don’t know.  I’m also not sure what exactly the Crazy Frog is supposed to be.  Apparently, he was originally known as “The Annoying Thing” and his creator is adamant that he is neither a frog nor is he crazy.

But, at least he was able to save Santa.


Music Video of The Day: What Child is This by Lindsey Stirling (2012, dir by ????)

For today’s music video of the day, we continue with the holiday theme that’s run through most of the recent music video posts.  We also continue with the Lindsey Stirling theme.  I wasn’t initially planning on making this Lindsey Stirling week on the Shattered Lens but, now that I think about it, why not?

This video finds Lindsey performing in the snow.  There’s a chance that it might snow in my home state of Texas this weekend.  I certainly hope so.  Of course, when we say “it might snow” in Texas, what we actually mean is that it might sleet.  And, if it does snow, we’ll probably get like an inch at most.  But still …. snow is snow!


Music Video Of The Day: Skyrim by Lindsey Stirling & Pete Hollens (2012, dir by ????)

I was planning on just picking Christmas videos up until the 25th of December but then I came across this video of Lindsey Stirling and Pete Hollens performing the main theme from Skyrim Elder Scrolls and I simply knew that I had to pick it.

This is for Arleigh.



Song of the Day: Be Natural (by Red Velvet)

Red Velvet - Be Natural

My love for music may not be on the same level as my love for film, but it’s up there in terms of the range of types of music that has appealed to my personal taste. Pop music may be a bad word for those who see themselves as gatekeepers of what’s good or bad music, but pop music has always been a major part of music throughout history. One can even say that the music that Mozart wrote a couple hundred years ago was a form of pop music for it’s time.

Even pop music has branched off into different subgenres. Every country which has its own music industry has their own take on what’s pop music. This is why there are such terms as J-pop (Japanese pop music), K-pop (South Korean pop music) and everything else pop in-between.

Fellow site contributor pantsukudasai56 knows all about J-pop (this type of pop music being a major contributor to all things anime), but he also knows that K-pop is right there just waiting in the wings to snatch the unwary with it’s brand of pop music. I am one such unwary music traveler who has fallen to dark side, as pantsukudasai56 has told me.

Yet, while I have begun to appreciate the merits of K-pop and the hard work and creativity which goes into the creation of K-pop groups, albums and music videos, I am still very conscious of which type of K-pop music I’m drawn to. While many K-pop fans love all types, I have been more drawn to K-pop that’s not as sugary and cute. I’ve enjoyed the more mature and different sounding K-pop which draws music influences outside of dance and electronic. Influences that ranges from soulful jazz to Middle-eastern.

One such K-pop group that has become a favorite of mine of recent is the girl group Red Velvet from S.M Entertainment (yes, these groups come out of production companies). They made their debut in 2014 and with each passing year they’ve continued to grow (both creatively and by adding a 5th member to what was a 4-girl team).

Their second single, “Be Natural,” is a departure from their debut single “Happiness.” This second offering is a cover of an earlier song from S.M.E. first girl group (S.E.S.) and is less to do with the catchy, dance pop of their debut single and more in line with the original S.E.S. track that was all soulful jazz with more than just a hint of sensuality dripping through every line of music.

I do love this song and the original it covers. The one part of the song that does break the mood for just a moment is the rap section in the song where the break would typically be. Other than that part the song is a major must-listen and the video itself is sensuality personified. Lisa Marie is probably a better judge on the video’s choreography and fashion style worn by the group’s four member (Irene, Seulgi, Wendy and Joy).

Above is the song without the rap section while below is the official music video. Unfortunately, the music video does still have the rap section instead of just an instrumental break. It would’ve been preferable to have either group member Irene or Seulgi handle the rap section. At least, the tone of the song would’ve kept the sensual nature intact.

Oh, if I have a bias from the group its a toss-up between Irene and Joy with Seulgi being my bias wrecker.

Music Video Of The Day: Silent Night by Lindsey Stirling (2011, dir by ????)

I am a totally unapologetic fan of Lindsey Stirling.  I imagine some of that is because I wish I could play the violin.  It’s an instrument that has always fascinated me and I’ve always regretted that I never learned how to play it.  I also regret that I never learned how to play the piano or really any musical instrument.  Back when I was in the third grade, I had a music teacher who told me that I had the worst singing voice she had ever heard and that I needed to pay more attention in class.  Oh well!

Anyway, this is a really nice and heartfelt performance of Silent Night.  Silent Night is actually one of my favorite Christmas songs.  I certainly prefer it to that one where everyone’s singing about the bells.

This video was filmed at Temple Square in Salt Lake City.


Music Video Of The Day: You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch by Lindsey Stirling and Sabrina Carpenter (2018, dir by Joshua Shultz)

If Sucker Punch had taken place during the Christmas season, one could very easily imagine this video as being a scene in the film.  It just needs a giant ninja and Scott Glenn offering up words of pithy wisdom.

That said, what this song and this video do so well and what I love about them is that it provides a whole new spin to a very familiar song.   Does the Grinch now own a casino or an Old West saloon?  Is the Grinch now a gangster?  And what exactly is the Grinch’s relationship with Sabrina Carpenter?  This video leaves us with much to ponder during the holiday season.

This video was directed by Joshua Schultz, who has also directed videos for Juliet Simms and Haley Reinhart.  According to the imdb, he’s currently in pre-production for a film called The Fog.