Music Video of the Day: SuperLove by Charli XCX (2013, dir by Ryan Andrews)

With the world’s eyes currently on Tokyo and the Summer Olympics, it only seems appropriate that today’s music video of the day should be one that was filmed in Tokyo. In SuperLove, Charli XCX explores Japan’s capital. This video was directed by Ryan Andrews, who was also responsible for directing several other music videos for Charli XCX, as well as directing the 2012 horror film, Elfie Hopkins.


Music Video of the Day: Don’t Go Yet by Camila Cabello (2021, dir by Philippa Price and Pilar Zeta)

Today’s music video of the day is the latest from Camila Cabello. I like the opening of this video, with obvious rear projection being used to make it appear as if Camila’s driving. I also liked the sight of that miniature car pulling up to the house. The best videos are the ones that seem to take place in their own parallel universe and that’s certainly the case with this one.


Music Video of the Day: Progress by Public Service Broadcasting (2017, dir by Lucy Dawkins and Tom Readdy)

This song is from Public Service Broadcasting’s third album, Every Valley. Every Valley came out after The Race For Space first introduced a lot of us to this wonderful British band. Every Valley definitely deserves to be better known, as does the group itself. So, to do my little bit to help out, I’m proud to make this today’s music video of the day!


Music Video of the Day: Party in the U.S.A. by Miley Cyrus (2009, dir by Chris Applebaum)

“It’s Miley!” as they used to yell on The Soup.

This is the video for Party in the U.S.A., which Miley later said was meant to be a celebration of 1) Grease, 2) her parents, and 3) “high gloss, glamorous white trash.” I don’t know if I would ever openly admit to celebrating both my parents and white trash in the same video but whatever. The important thing is that everyone appears to be enjoying themselves and that’s what matters the most. If you’re not having fun, why even appear in a music video, right?

Seriously, it’s time to party in the U.S.A. May this video serve as your guide.


Music Video of the Day: One Step Closer by Debbie Gibson (2021, dir by Nick Spanos)

I have to admit that, after watching this video, I’m a bit worried about Debbie Gibson. She can still sing but is she being held prisoner? Is she trapped in a fantasy world of her own creation? Has she been abducted by the Phantom of the Opera? Will she be available for the next Mega Shark movie? There are a lot of ways to interpret this video.


Music Video of the Day: Taxi Driver by Lucy Blue (2021, dir by ????)

At first, I thought this might be a tribute to the Scorsese film but apparently, it’s not. Instead, it’s juts a song about someone who either is a taxi drive or who is fantasizing about being a taxi driver. Myself, I like the look of this video. It’s very atmospheric and dream-like.


Music Video of the Day: Only Love Can Save Me Now by The Pretty Reckless (2021, dir by Jon J and Taylor Momsen)

I absolutely love this video and that’s really about all I have to say about it. There are some videos that you just love because they exist and, for me, this is one of those videos. I love the atmosphere, I love the lightning, I love the lyrics, and I even love all the water, even though I’m still morbidly afraid of drowning.


Music Video of the Day: Wrecked by Imagine Dragons (2021, dir by Matt Eastin)

Today’s music video of the day is the latest from Imagine Dragons. He’s wrecked because his relationship didn’t work out. At least he’s got a nice beach to think about it on. I can’t imagine anything worse than being depressed some place that isn’t photogenic.

This video was at least partially filmed at Caesar’s Palace. They even got a special thank you.