Music Video of the Day: Not The End of the World by Katy Perry (2020, dir by Similar But Different)

I used to really like Katy Petty and then I ended up getting annoyed with her because Firework was so extremely overplayed and the whole “feud” with Taylor Swift just made me roll my eyes at both of them. However, I’ve recently come back to liking Katy Perry and appreciating her style of music. While everyone else was getting self-important and embracing the gloom, Katy was discovering how to live again, as you can hear with this song and see in this video. Ultimately, this song is right. It’s not the end of the world and some people out there kind of need to accept that.


Music Video of the Day: I Want You Back by *NSYNC (1996, dir by Jeff Clark)

The year was 1996 and Justin, JC, Chris, Lance, and Joey were so depressed over losing “you” that they had to go into outer space and start dancing. Listen, we’ve all been there. Thank you, *NSYNC, for not holding back.

This music video of the day is dedicated to anyone who has ever unfollowed me on social media.


Music Video of the Day: Undisclosed Desires by Muse (2009, dir by Jonas & François)

When I watch this video, I get the feeling that Muse has been abducted by aliens and they’re being forced to perform in a sort of space casino. That’s the feeling I get from the production design and just the general look of the band. And really, when you think about it, it makes sense. If I was an alien looking for entertainment, I would definitely beam up Muse.


Music Video of the Day: Funhouse by Mothica ft. Kailee Morgue (2021, dir by Bradley Wong)

I’m not going to say much about this video, beyond that fact that it reminds me — in a good way — of Jakalope. If Degrassi were still on the air (RIP), Mothica would definitely be playing during all of the big scenes.


Music Video of the Day: Star Wars Medley by Lindsey Stirling and Peter Hollens (2013, dir by ????)

Apparently, May 4th is Star Wars Day and …. oh wait. May the Fourth …. may the force ….. okay, I get it now. Anyway, since today is Star Wars Day, it just made sense to pick this as our music video of the day!

Add to that, Lindsey’s so cool. I wish I could play the violin.


Music Video of the Day: Church by Tina Arena (2021, dir by Matt Sharp)

Today’s music video of the day is the latest from the amazing Tina Arena.

This very atmospheric video finds Tina surrounded by desolation, singing about the sins of the past or perhaps the mistake of the present or even the hope of the future. Judging from this video, it’s time to confess and seek absolution. Or perhaps it’s not. Like all good songs and videos, it’s all open to interpretation. This video feels like it could have come from the mind of Peter Weir or Nicolas Roeg. It has an unmistakable Walkabout and Picnic at Hanging Rock vibe.

We need to start some sort of petition to demand that Tina be hired to do the next Bond theme song, I think.


Music Video of the Day: Slow Clap by Gwen Stefani (2021, directd by Matty Peacock)

“Clap clap….”

Gwen Stefani goes back to high school and, let’s be honest, I think she’s the only 50-something out there who could pull this off. I’m guessing that she’s some sort of spirit of eternal youth and freedom in this video which, again, is probably something that only Gwen could have pulled off.

It’s a fun video. We need more fun in the world.