Music Video of the Day: Paranoid by FARR (2019, dir by Roméo, Max Junk & Justin Bretter)

The main character in this video has good reason to be paranoid because seriously, real life is just kicking his ass.  Maybe he should have blown off that interview and taken those boxing lessons….

Or maybe, in another reality, that’s what he did.  Maybe the two realities are becoming one and our unfortunate protagonist is having to both go to an interview and a boxing lesson at the same time.  It’s totally possible.  Universes collide all the time.

Anyway, this is a good video, a paranoid film for paranoid times.  Let’s be sure to give some deserved credit to Max Wilbur, who gets beaten up with panache and who gives a very good underdog performance in this video.  You can’t help but hope that things work out for him.


Music Video of the Day: 2099 by Charli XCX featuring Troye Sivan (2019, dir by Bradley and Pablo)

I don’t swim and I have a morbid fear of drowning but I still absolutely love jet skis.  I’ve only been on one a handful of times and every time I was the passenger as opposed to the driver but still, it was a blast.  Of course, I was scared senseless the whole time but still.  It’s kind of like riding a motorcycle, except you’re in the water and you can pretend like you’re in a movie or something.  As this video shows, jet skis are very cinematic.



Music Video of the Day: Anxiety by Chastity (2019, dir by Justin Singer and Brandon Williams)

When you’ve got three ghosts following you around on a bicycle, it’s going to make you a little anxious.

Actually, in all seriousness, I’m sure everyone can relate to this video.  We all have our ghosts following us.


Music Video Of The Day: You Belong With Me by Anna Ternheim (2019, dir by Elle Kunnos de Voss)

So, this video is kinda brilliant both visually and musically.  In fact, this might be the first video that I’ve seen this year that I’ve enjoyed as much as I enjoyed the video for UPSAHL’s Drugs.  This video is a riddle and an enigma.  It’s like a dream of dark and disturbing things, with just enough wit to keep you watching.

Sit back and allow the mood to take you away.