Jamie Lee Curtis Tweets A First Look At Halloween Kills!

Well, everyone, Halloween will soon be over for this year but we’ve got 2020 to look forward to!  That’s one good thing about Halloween.  It may have to end but it always returns, resurrected like an angry ghost or vampire.

Or like Michael Myers!

Yes, that’s right.  Michael is returning next year, in a sequel to David Gordon Green’s Halloween.  David Gordon Green’s Halloween, of course, should not be mistaken for Rob Zombie’s Halloween or any other Halloween that came out after the original.  I swear to God, it’s so hard to keep all of these continuities straight.

Anyway, Halloween Kills is coming out next year and everyone’s really excited, even though Halloween Kills is a TERRIBLE title.  Today, in honor of the holiday, Jamie Lee Curtis tweeted out some first-look footage of the film.  And, because we love all of you and like to share, here it is!

To be honest, there’s not much there so it’s hard to say for sure what to make of this footage.  I will say that this is still far superior to the teaser they released for the next Bond film.

4 Shots From 4 Films: Halloween, Hereditary, Mandy, Mom and Dad

4 Shots From 4 Films is just what it says it is, 4 shots from 4 of our favorite films. As opposed to the reviews and recaps that we usually post, 4 Shots From 4 Films lets the visuals do the talking!

This October, we’re using 4 Shots From 4 Films to look at some of the best years that horror has to offer!

4 Shots From 4 2018 Horror Films

Halloween (2018, dir by David Gordon Green)

Hereditary (2018, dir by Ari Aster)

Mandy (2018, dir by Pan Cosmatos)

Mom and Dad (2018, dir by Brian Taylor)

Trailer: Halloween

Halloween 2018

October 19, 2018. Keep that date in mind.

It’s the date for the latest entry to the Halloween franchise. It’s to be a sequel to the original film. It will also discard every other Halloween sequel ever made. So, for those who are so anti-remake/reboot this should alleviate any of those triggers.

David Gordon Green (who co-wrote this sequel with Danny McBride and Jeff Fradley) directs this sequel as a continuation of the events which happened with the original film. A follow-up that’s 40 years in the making, literally.

So, once again, remember October 19th and make sure to check this film out. I have a sneaking suspicion that it’ll be the true sequel to Carpenter’s classic.

Here’s The Trailer for David Gordon Green’s Halloween!

Somewhat under the radar, Texas’s David Gordon Green has had one of the most interesting and varied film careers of any modern filmmaker.  How many other directors would be capable of directing both Your Highness and Joe?

Green’s latest film is a sequel/remake/reboot of the horror classic, Halloween.  The trailer picks up decades after the end of John Carpenter’s film, with Michael Myers again coming for his sister (Jamie Lee Curtis) and, this time, his niece (Judy Greer).  However, Laurie isn’t just passively waiting for the next night that he comes home.  Laurie’s got a gun and she’s not shy about using it.

So, judging from this trailer, all of the original Halloween sequels never happened.  Needless to say, the two Rob Zombie films have been pushed to the side as well.  Whether that’s a good thing or not will depend on how you feel about those films.  I’ll be sorry to lose Halloween II but the one with Busta Rhymes?  Who cares?  Rob Zombie’s first Halloween was good but his second one can ride out of town on a mysterious white horse for all I care.

As for this latest film, the trailer looks good.  I have faith in David Gordon Green.

Arleigh’s Top 9 Films of 2014 (Front End)

We’re now past the halfway point for the film season of 2014. The year has seen it’s share of hits, bombs and surprises. Many look at the box-office numbers some that these films generate as a sign of their success. Others look at how the critics-at-large have graded these films as a way to determine whether they’ve been successful.

I know some people would list nothing but independent arthouse films as their best. They look at genre and big-budget films as not being worthy of being the best of the year, so far. It’s that sort of thinking that limits one’s appreciation of film, in general.

Does having a 150 million dollar budget mean that a film cannot be one of the best of the year. Past history will suggest that’s not the case. Yet, there are cinephiles out there who will dismiss such films because they consider it as being too Hollywood. The same goes for people who look down upon genre films like horror, scifi, westerns and many others that do not fit their slice-of-life drama study. They’re not existential enough for some.

I’ve come to look at all the films I’ve been fortunate enough to see through the first six months of 2014 and picked 9 of the best (I picked a random odd number since Lisa Marie already does the even numbers thing) no matter their genre, type of film and budget. I’ve picked a couple of scifi films, a documentary, an action-packed blockbuster sequel, a wonderfully made 3-D animated film (itself a sequel), a neo-noir Western, a brutal crime-thriller, an indie horror-thriller and one of the best comedies of the last couple years.

In no special order….

noah-banner222Noah (dir. by Darren Aronofsky)

capawsmovarthc-cvr-a91f8Captain America: The Winter Soldier (dir. by Anthony and Joe Russo)

cold_in_july_ver2_xlgCold in July (dir. by Jim Mickle)

HTTYD2How To Train Your Dragon 2 (dir. by Dean DuBois)

JodorowskysDuneJodorowsky’s Dune (dir. by Frank Pavich)

the-raid-2-berandal01The Raid 2: Berandal (dir. by Gareth Evans)

Snowpiercer (dir. by Bong Joon-ho)

GrandPianoGrand Piano (dir. by Eugenio Mira)

22JumpStreet22 Jump Street (dir. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller)

My honorable mentions: All Cheerleaders Die, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Joe, Edge of Tomorrow, Lego: The Movie, Blue Ruin, Locke, Under the Skin, Only Lovers Left Alive, The Sacrament

Trailer: The Sitter (Red Band)

To say that I’m not a big Jonah Hill fan would be an understatement. The characters he has played on film have ranged from annoyingly nebbish to downright obnoxious. An almost irrational rage builds up in me whenever I see a trailer with him in it either as a supporting cast member or one of the leads. To my surprise when I saw the red band trailer of his upcoming R-rated comedy, The Sitter, the rage I was feeling petered out the more I watched the trailer.

The Sitter stars Jonah Hill and is directed by one David Gordon Green who also made the hilarious Pineapple Express and also one of the creators of the HBO comedy series, Eastbound & Down. Unfortunately, Green also directed the very unfunny comedy earlier in 2011 called Your Highness. Here’s to hoping that The Sitter is more of the very hilarious kind and not the unfunny that was his latest comedy film this year.

From what I could tell in the trailer this film looks almost like a remake of the 80’s comedy, Adventures in Babysitting starring Elisabeth Shue. That was a funny film and if Jonah Hill and Green can deliver the raunchiness and laughs then I have a feeling The Sitter may just be worth a look-see.

The Sitter is set for a December 9, 2011 release.

Lisa Marie Hates Your Highness (dir. by David Gordon Green)

I saw the new “comedy” Your Highness a few days ago.  I say “comedy” because I’ve been told that the film is supposed to be a “comedy.”  Usually, however, a comedy also inspires a certain amount of laughter and I laughed exactly one time while watching Your Highness.  I can’t remember what joke it was that made me laugh.  Maybe I just couldn’t believe that this film had been made in the first place. 

The film is meant to be a satire on all of the fantasy films that have come out in recent years.  Danny McBride plays a cowardly prince who goes on a quest to rescue his brother’s fiancée from an evil warlock.  (The brother is played by my future lover, James Franco. )  During the quest … oh Hell, who cares?  The film’s idea of a joke is to have various character say “shit” and “fuck” while wandering around in a suit of armor.  Apparently, this joke is so hilarious that it pops up every 3 minutes or so.  This movie is kinda like an annoying 5 year-old who doesn’t understand that we’ve all heard his freaking knock knock joke before.

Definitely, if someone tries to convince you to see this film, run.  Personally, I watched it because James Franco is in the film but Franco’s hotness is obscured by a really bad wig.  Natalie Portman’s in this film as well, giving a surprisingly good comedic performance, and — check it out, boys! — you get to see her in a thong.  That’s right.  The boys get one of the best actresses of modern times in a thong while me?  I get James Franco with his undeniable sexiness buried underneath a lot of hair.  It doesn’t seem quite fair.

Your Highness (Official Trailer)

With all the talk of Natalie Portman as the front-runner to win Best Actress in this upcoming Oscars (hope I didn’t just jinx her chances) for her role as Nina in Aronofsky’s Black Swan it would seem she has two films to follow her critically-acclaimed performance. One just came out this weekend and not what many of her fans would consider as worthy of her talents after what she did in Black Swan.

I am talking about the romantic-comedy No Strings Attached where she is paired up with one Ashton Kutcher. To say that critics didn’t like this film would be an understatement. The fact that it was the number one film during it’s first weekend release just boggles the mind.

The other film she has coming out soon after Black Swan if the fantasy comedy directed by the guy who made the hilarious Pineapple Express (David Gordon Green) and stars Danny McBride, James Franco, Zooey Deschanel and Justin Theroux. The film is called Your Highness and Portman plays the warrior Isabel and in the trailer shows that she can dish it out when it’s time to be fightin’ ’round the world.

Though I’m sure that one thing which sold this fantasy comedy to her male fans (probably quite a bit of her female fans as well) is the bit where she’s about to go bathe in the river. That and her wearing period style corset and such. Well, just go watch the trailer and decide for yourself.