Here’s The Conspiracy-Filled Trailer For 88

Here’s the trailer for 88, which cases a slight stir at the Tribeca Film Festival last year.

This, to be honest, looks like the type of film that I’m going to get excited about while everyone else kind of ignores it.  What can I say?  I love political conspiracy movies.  That said, I do have to wonder why political conspiracies always leave behind such obvious clues.  It’s like they’re not even trying to keep things secret!

Here’s The Trailer For Big George Foreman

The Covenant is not the only film coming out in April!

On April 28th, Big George Foreman will be released.  As you can probably guess from the title, this is a biopic about the boxer, preacher, and grill inventor George Foreman.  Foreman, it should be said, has led a very interesting life and I think it’s justifiable to wonder just how exactly they’re going to be able to fit everything into one feature-length film.  Just looking at the production companies involved, it looks like the film is going to mostly focus on Foreman as a man of faith.  Myself, I hope the film takes the time to acknowledge that he was one of the best guest stars to provide his voice to King of the Hill.  (“Novelty grill!?  The fight’s on!”)

Big George Forman is directed by  George Tillman, Jr.  Tillman’s directorial career has been a bit uneven but, as of right now, he should be riding high on the acclaim that greeted his 2018 film, The Hate U Give.  Personally, I hope this is a good film because, from what little I know about boxing, George Foreman has an amazing story to tell.

Here’s the trailer for Big George Forman!

Here’s The Trailer For The Covenant

Here’s the trailer for Guy Ritchie’s latest film, The Covenant.

In this film, Jake Gyllenhaal plays a veteran who returns to Afghanistan to rescue his interpreter from the Taliban.  This seems like the type of film that critics are going to hate but which will be better appreciated by audiences.  Considering the number of allies that the U.S. abandoned in Afghanistan and the fact that everyone knows that the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan was hardly our greatest hour, I have a feeling that we’re going to see a lot more films like The Covenant.  Just as how the 80s and the 90s were full of films about vets who returned to Vietnam to “finish the job” and rescue POWS, there’s undoubtedly going to be a lot of films about vets returning to Afghanistan and saving those who helped them from the Taliban.  For many people, the movies are going to provide the second chance that we’ll never get in a real life.

The Covenant will be released on April 21st, 2023.

Here’s The Trailer For The Boogeyman!

Another year, another Stephen King adaptation.

The Boogeyman is based on a short story that King wrote in 1973.  Obviously, King is a big name in horror but how can any film called Boogeyman hope to top the work of Ulli Lommel?

Here’s the trailer:

Here’s The Trailer For Murder Mystery 2!

The first Murder Mystery was an entertaining and even rather sweet mix of comedy and mystery so I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that both Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston have returned for Murder Mystery 2.  Apparently, in the years since the first film, Nick and Audrey have started their own detective agency and they’ve even taken that trip to Paris!  However, an invitation to an island wedding put them right in the middle of another mystery!

If this film is successful, I imagine we’ll get several more Nick/Audrey films.  And why not?  Sandler and Aniston had a really fun chemistry in the first film.  Let’s hope the same is true for the second one.

Here’s the trailer for Murder Mystery 2!

Here’s The Trailer for Renfield

The trailer for Renfield has been getting a lot of attention today.  Due to be released on April 14th, Renfield stars Nicholas Hoult as the title character, who was Dracula’s unfortunate servant.  However, most of the attention generated by the trailer has been directed towards Nicolas Cage playing the role that many feel he was born to play.

Check out the trailer:

This could be good, despite the fact that I usually have my doubts about films that come out in April.  I like Nicholas Hoult.  I love Nic Cage.  So, we’ll see hop for the best and we shall see what happens!

Here’s The Trailer For Plane!

Here’s the trailer for Plane, starring Gerard Butler!

Sadly, this is not a sequel to the 30th best film of 2020, Money Plane.

Still, it’s always nice to see Gerard Butler doing stuff.

The film will be in theaters on January 13th!  That’s actually Friday the 13th so make sure that you don’t end up sitting next to the Voorhees kid.  He likes a windows seat, from what I hear.

Here’s The Frightening Trailer For Evil Dead Rise!

The Deadites are back!

Here’s the trailer for Evil Dead Rise!  Word of advice: don’t even think about watching the trailer with all the lights turned off.  Agck!

Apparently, Evil Dead Rise is a sequel to the Evil Dead reboot but not necessarily the original Evil Dead films.  Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell are credited as being executive producers, which might mean something or it might not.  As far as I can tell, Campbell will not be appearing in this film.  (If he does appear, they’ve done a great job keeping it a secret and Campbell’s done a great job telling everyone that he’s not in the movie.)  The Evil Dead reboot itself was certainly not bad, though, being the horror snob that I am, I’ll always prefer the original films.  It’s hard to beat the combination of Lovecraft-style horror and Campbell/Raimi goofiness that set the original trilogy apart from so many other horror franchises.

Evil Dead Rise will be released to theaters on April 23rd!

Here’s The Trailer for Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

Here’s the trailer for the latest Transformers movie.

Like Bumblebee, this film is a prequel to the other Transformers films.  This film is set in 1994 so I guess viewers can look forward to grunge and flannel to go along with the robots or whatever it is the Transformers are supposed to be.