Artwork of the Day: Judge (by DeAlton Valentine)

by DeAlton Valentine

This issue of Judge is from 1928, a year when everyone was falling in love with mermaids. Not only does this cover promise romance but it also promises a chance to win a thousand dollars! In 1928, you could probably have used that money to buy your very own mansion with a mermaid fountain out front.

I don’t know much about the credited artist, DeAlton Valentine. He was one of the few cover artists to sign his name to his work so his work will always live on.

Artwork of the Day: After The Rain (Artist Unknown)

Artist Unknown

After the Rain was first published in 1958. It’s a novel about the aftermath of a 200-year flood. This cover is for a later edition of the novel, which apparently actually takes place in a university lecture hall and has nothing to do with the Statue of Liberty drowning. (The novel was turned into a play in 1966.)

I love this cover so I’m disappointed that I can’t tell you who is responsible for it.

Artwork of the Day: True Confessions (by Zoe Mozert)

by Zoe Mozert

If you were the town’s bad girl, good for you. You have nothing to apologize for and nothing to confess. Being a “bad girl” is not a crime, no matter what the haters in your town might say. I like this cover’s contrast between the worried former bad girl and her naïve boyfriend, who is probably about to hear “the most shocking” story of his life.

This cover was done by Zoe Mozert, one of the women to make a living as a pin-up and glamour artist during the pulp era.