Artwork of the Day: Hardrock (by Mel Crair)

by Mel Crair

He’s definitely hard something!  And look at those intense eyes, my God.  I don’t know if I’d want to be the woman standing behind him because he looks like a rough character.

Hardrock was first published in 1963.  From the 30s until he died in 1988, Bonham wrote over 40 novels.  The majority of them were westerns, like this one.  The cover was done by Mel Crair, who this site has featured in the past and will probably feature again in the future.

Artwork of the Day: The Spice of Life (Artist Unknown)

Artist Unknown

First published in 1964, this is another Midwood book about suburban swingers.  Looking at these covers, it seems like pools were the most decadent thing about the mid-60s.  Having a pool in your backyard was like having a big bowl for all of your party guests to drop their car keys into.

The artist behind this slice of suburban decadence is unknown.

Artwork of the Day: The Dark Throne (by James Meese)

by James Meese

Hey, guys, just a little word of advice.  If a woman points a gun at your chest, don’t stand there with your hands on your hips and your head thrown back like you’re amused.  That’s just going to make us mad.

This novel was first published in 1954.  I’ve seen this listed on some sites as being an “unknown artist” but, according to the book’s listing on Amazon, the cover was done by James Meese and it looks like his work.  James Meese has been featured many times on this site and he’ll be featured many times to come.  He was prolific and he was good at what he did.

Artwork of the Day: The Lost Eagles (by Tom Dunn)

by Tom Dunn

A story about a Roman soldier who becomes a barbarian, The Lost Eagles was first published in 1955.  This edition, with the cover from Tom Dunn, came out in 1956.  That the soldier-turned-barbarian looks shell-shocked shouldn’t come as a surprise but I’m concerned about the woman standing behind him.  You can tell that she’s seen things.

Artwork of the Day: Wandl The Invader (by Ed Valigursky)

by Ed Valigursky

This was originally published in 1961.  I love the alien, who actually looks like something from a different world as opposed to just being a humanoid with strange facial features or purple skin.  This cover was done by Ed Valigursky, who this site has often featured in the past and who will undoubtedly be featured again in the future.

Artwork of the Day: The Green Man (Artist Unknown)

Artist Unknown

Harold M. Sherman was a psychic researcher who was famed for his ESP experiments.  When he wasn’t trying to prove the existence of ESP, he was a writer who wrote in several different genres.  The Green Man is a satire about what happens when an alien lands on Earth in 1947 and interrupts a Notre Dame football game.  The Green Man was first published in 1946 and it’s been reprinted several times.  Sherman even wrote a sequel called The Green Man Returns.

The identity of the cover artist is unknown.