Artwork of the Day: Faith (by Erin Nicole)

by Erin Nicole

I don’t know if I’ve shared this one before or not.  I probably have.  Though I call this one “Faith,” this picture is not necessarily meant to be about religious faith.  Instead, it’s about what you believe in, whatever that may be.  It’s about having faith in anything, whether it’s God or science or your ideology or your country or your family or your friends or anything.  It’s about celebrating what you believe in your heat and mind and never giving up that faith.

As for the building in this picture, it’s actually the back of an old Albertson’s store.  The building was torn down a few months after I took the picture.

Artwork of the Day: Clouds at Sunset (by Erin Nicole)

by Erin Nicole

I took this photograph many years ago, while watching the sun set in May.  It was a very peaceful moment and I think this pictures that.  One reason why I love this picture is that I didn’t even realized that I had also taken a picture of a bird flying across the sky until I looked at this image many months later.  That’s one of the thing that I love about photography.  You not only capture what you’re seeing but often, you discover what you previously missed.

Artwork of the Day: The Red Couch (by Erin Nicole)

by Erin Nicole

Always be ready and prepared.  I just happened to be outside when our neighbor brought out his red couch and left on the curb and so I was able to get this picture of a discarded piece of someone’s life.  I’m not sure why he threw out the couch.  It was old but it still looked like it was in perfectly good condition.  Of course, I didn’t sit on it or anything like that.  I’m not that brave.

The next morning, the couch was gone.  Someone came and got it and since I wasn’t woken up by the sound of municipal trucks rumbling down the street that morning, I can be sure that it was saved from going to a landfill.  It’s probably sitting in someone else’s house now.

Whatever happened to it, I’m glad I was able to get this picture before it went away.

Artwork of the Day: Icicles In The Sun

by Erin Nicole

I took this picture a week and a half ago, at the tail end of the winter storm.  The power had just come back on after being off for for several hours.  I stepped outside and stood in the backyard, surrounded by snow and feeling frustrated and angry.  Then I looked up and I saw the sun reflecting off of these icicles that were hanging from our roof.  After getting my camera, I snapped this picture.

To me, this picture is a reminder that there’s beauty to be found during even the darkest of times.  Sometimes, it’s right above you.

The day after I took this picture, the temperature finally rose above freezing, the snow started to disappear, and these icicles fell from the roof, landed in the grass, and quickly melted.

The Shattered Lens Live Tweets Super Bowl Sunday!

Today was probably the most low-key Super Bowl Sunday is the history of the Shattered Lens.

The reasons for that are fairly obvious.  The Super Bowl is tradition.  It’s something that people look forward to as a sign of normalcy and continuity.  Some people care about the game.  Some people care about the commercials.  But the main thing is that the Super Bowl is always there and it’s always a big deal.  This year, though, was different.

For one thing, the commercials were different.  Usually, we struggle to keep up with all of the movie advertisements but this year, there were only four to share.  For another things, no one really had a team in the game.  Jeff was excited about Tom Brady winning another Super Bowl.  Leonard wanted anyone but Brady to win.  But it’s not like anyone here at the TSL is a huge fan of either Kansas City or Tampa Bay.

So, it was a subdued Super Bowl Sunday.  Everyone observed it in their own way:

In the end, the team that score the most points won so congratulations to them! Here’s hoping that next year’s Super Bowl’s commercials will be a little bit more memorable.


Artwork of the Day: Double Rainbow

by Erin Nicole

I took this picture a few years ago, on a Saturday.

It had rained all day and when it stopped, I went outside and I snapped this picture of the rainbow.  At the time, I didn’t give much thought to the rainbow.  I thought it was pretty and I figured that I might as well take a picture of it but otherwise, I didn’t really look at it.  I was more interested in how thick the humidity was and how swampy the front yard had become after hours of nonstop rain.  I took my picture and then I went back inside because, even though the rain had stopped, it still didn’t seem pleasant outside at all.

It was only hours later that I looked at the picture and discovered that I hadn’t just taken a picture of one rainbow.  I’d taken a picture of two rainbows.  It was a double rainbow and if I hadn’t taken that second look, I never would have known it was out there.

A second look is always worth it.


Artwork of the Day: The Arrival

By Erin Nicole

I called this picture The Arrival, though I guess it could just as easily be called Erin Playing With Photoshop.  Though the editing is obvious, I still like the way the image turned out.  Though it may be a cliché, I like the flash of pink streaking across an otherwise colorless picture.  The building is an apartment complex located near the Shops at Legacy in Plano.  I, of course, added the sepia tone, the sunburst, and the pink lightning bolt afterwards.  I don’t know what’s arriving at the end of that lightening bolt.  It could be aliens or poltergeist or maybe an angel.  This picture is from a period I went through where I was always trying to add the possibility of an angel to every photograph I took.

The Shattered Lens Live Tweets The First Day of 2021

Happy 2021, everyone!  However you chose to welcome the new year, I hope you’ve managed to recover.

Today was the first day of the New Year and, for me, it was also a day to start a new list of films.  It’s something I and a lot of people do every year.  We keep a list of every film that we watch and, of course, the idea is to see as many possible.  In 2020, I watched 820 films at least once.  (Some films, like It’s A Wonderful Life, I watched several times but, for list purposes, I only counted the first time.)  This year, I’m hoping to watch at least 1,000.

I watched Thank God It’s Friday as a part of #FridayNightFlix, which is a weekly live tweet that I host.  Every Friday, at 10 pm et, we watch a movie.  So far, we’ve watched Starcrash, Ator, Split Image, Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny, Robot Monster, and now Thank God It’s Friday.  If you’re reading this and you’re on twitter, consider yourself invited to next Friday’s film.

As always, the work here at the TSL Bunker is never done.

Still, for the most part, the first day of 2021 was a rather mellow and peaceful one and, after 2020, I don’t think anyone can complain about that.  One thing about almost everything being on hold right now is that it gives us a chance to reflect and think about both the past and the future.  For instance, I spent a good deal of today staring at my film collection and realizing that I need to spend this entire year watching every piece of physical media that I own, if just to make sure that they all still work.  So, you can consider that one of my resolutions for 2021.  I will sit down and watch all of the movies that I own.  And maybe I’ll even review them!

I wasn’t the only one making resolutions around here, of course.  Patrick also set himself up for a challenge:

That was pretty much it for today.  I watched some movies.  I listened to some music.  And I made some last-minute resolutions for the new year.  It was a quiet day but it was a good day.  I can’t complain about that.  Instead, we can all sing along:

Have a good year everyone.  Keep reading.  Keep listening to music.  And as always, keep watching, talking, debating, discussing, and making your opinions known!  Let’s make 2021 a year to be remembered!