Artwork of the Day: One Spring

by Karl Bodek and Kurt Conrad Low

Usually, I let the work speak for itself but I do want to explain why I picked this picture for today, Yom HaShoah.  This simple drawing was a collaboration between two artists.  In 1941, both Karl Bodek and Kurt Conrad Low were being in the Gurs Internment Camp in Southern France.   This was the view they had: a butterfly sitting on barbed wire with the Spanish mountains in the background.  Kurt Conrad Low managed to escape to Switzerland.  Karl Bodek died at Auschwitz.

Never forget.  Never again.

Artist Profile: Al Brule (1917 — 2001)

California-born Al Brule was a born artist, working as a painter by the age of 12 and having his first showing when he was just 14.  After studying at the University of California, Chouinard Art Institute, Otis Art Institute and California College of Arts and Craft, Brule spent two years working at Disney and Warner Brothers.  In 1941, Brule left California for New York City, where he both studied and taught at the Art Career School.  It was while in New York that Brule did his best known work, painting paperback covers and doing calendar pin-up work.  Eventually retiring from commercial illustration, Brule moved to Main in 1964 and pursued a notable career in fine art painting.

(The majority of this information came from the biography posted at the web site of the Chase-Jellison Homestead, which maintains a collection of Brule’s artwork.)

Here is just a small sampling of Al Brule’s work: