From The Humans and the Cats at the Shattered Lens, Congrats On Surviving The First Day of October!

As the day comes to an end, we hope that you have have enjoyed the first day of Horrorthon here at the Shattered Lens!  From all the humans and the cats here at the Shattered Lens Bunker, we wish you a happy October and, in just a few more weeks, a wonderful Halloween!

And remember — keep your pets inside (especially black kitties like me!) and treats aren’t just for humans!  Meh.

Happy Father’s Day From The Shattered Lens

Not all fathers are good fathers. That’s especially true when you’re a cat. Most cat fathers abandon their families before their kittens are even born and then, if they run into any of their children, they hiss and the growl! Most cats have serious issues as a result.

Luckily, most humans do better! Today, the TSL wishes a happy birthday to all of the fathers! Regardless of how old your children are, Father’s Day will always be your day! We hope it’s a great one for you and that all the cat fathers out there can learn to follow your exaple!

It’s never too late.

Welcome to Another Oscar Sunday!

It’s Oscar Sunday!

Can you tell how excited I am?

Yes, cats don’t really care about the Oscars or the movies. But some humans do! And if you’re one of those humans, the Shattered Lens has you covered today! Though the flame-haired one is up at her lakehouse lovenest right now, I know that she has several reviews and other bits of Oscar trivia that she’s planning on sharing throughout the day. Here at the TSL Bunker, I’ll be keeping a eye on all the humans to make sure that they’re ready for the Oscars tonight!

Happy Oscar Sunday to those who observe. If you watch the ceremony, don’t forget that the cat needs some attention too!

As for who I think is going to win this year …. meh. I haven’t seen any of the nominees but I’m sure they needed more scenes featuring hunting, stalking, and napping. Lots and lots of napping.

Happy Valentine’s Day From The Cats and the Humans at Through The Shattered Lens

To all of our readers, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today is not going to be an easy Valentine’s Day.  A lot of humans have had to cancel their plans because of bad weather, including the flame-haired one.  She has been complaining nonstop since Thursday!  Me, I haven’t been outside since last week because it’s too cold and there’s all sorts of birds and squirrels and who knows what else out in the back yard!  A cat’s work is never done and I can’t do my work until the temperature gets back above freezing!  Meh!

But Valentine’s Day isn’t about what you do or where you go.  It’s about loving what you love.  Some humans love other humans.  Me, I love Temptations snacks, playing with my toys, and sleeping 10 hours a day.  That’s what Valentine’s Day is all about to me.

Whatever Valentine’s Day is about to you, we all hope that you are having a good and a safe one!  Happy Valentine’s Day to all!  Be kind to those you love and never, ever forget the cats and the humans in your life!




Happy Christmas Eve From All The Cats At The Shattered Lens

Pictures by Erin Nicole Model: Doc Bowman

To all of our readers — Happy Christmas Eve from all of the humans and the cats at the Shattered Lens!

2020 has not been an easy year for a lot of people and this Christmas is going to be bittersweet for many of our readers.  Our sincere hope is that 2021 will be better for everyone.  We look forward to continuing to review films both old and new as we continue to celebrate all forms of entertainment and culture!

To all of you, we wish you the best this holiday season!  We hope that these days find you happy and safe!

Merry almost Christmas and don’t forget to embrace your loved ones, your cats, and even your dogs!

And remember: Santa Claws Never Forgets The Cat!