Welcome to Oscar Sunday!

oscar trailer kitties

Happy Oscar Sunday!

Today is an unofficial holiday among the humans.  Today is the day that rich people give awards to other rich people and a few other people watch on TV, hoping that someone will slap someone else!

Have a wonderful Oscar Sunday and be sure to remember: awards don’t make a film great.  Greatness makes a film great!

Plus, how can you take any awards show seriously when there’s no category for Best Animal Performance?  This year’s winner?  Jenny the Donkey of The Banshees of Inisherin!

The Cat has spoken.

Enjoy the Oscars on ABC at 7 eastern/4 pacific!  And check back on the Shattered Lens for a whole day of Oscar-related stuff (and maybe some non-Oscar related stuff as well!)

And now, a word from Doc Bowman concerning cats and Halloween….

Hi, everyone!

Doc Bowman here with a very special holiday message!

Tomorrow is Halloween, which my owners — the flame-haired one and the nice one — says is the greatest time of the year!  It’s the time when kids get candy, horror movies are on TV, and my owners get to play dress up or, if it’s anything like last year, barely get dressed at all.

But it’s also a time when stupid people do bad things.  I’m a black cat so both the flame-haired and the nice-one say that I’m not going to be allowed go outside at all tomorrow.  They say it doesn’t matter how much I beg, I’m staying inside.  I know they’re doing the right thing but I’m still going to beg and knock things off of tables and counters because I’m a cat and that’s what I do.  And they’re going to hopefully give me a lot of treats and pet me to keep me happy, even though they’ll probably have to lock me in the flame-haired one’s room to keep me from running for the front door every time they open it for a trick or treater.  That’s just the way thing go at the cat’s house.

Tomorrow night, please make sure that all your pets are safely inside.  It may sound like a silly concern but not everyone out there is as nice and wonderful as my owners and the people who read this site!

Have a safe and happy Halloween everyone!