Here’s The Trailer For After We Collided!

For those of you who were wondering if the worst film of 2019 was going to have a sequel …. well, here’s your answer!

Joseph Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin are back as the two most boring young lovers alive.  This trailer certainly makes it look steamy but I’ll be surprised if the actual film lives up to the promise of the preview.  That’s one reason why I love trailers.  Trailers are often more interesting than the film itself.

Anyway, After We Collided will be released on October 2nd so don’t worry!  In only a few more months, you will once again have a chance to watch two people with almost zero romantic and sexual chemistry take a shower together.

Here’s The Trailer For Honest Thief!

Liam Neeson’s money has been ….. TAKEN!


Yeah, okay, it’s an obvious joke and not a particularly clever one but I’m sure that I’m not the only one who instinctively makes a joke about Taken whenever I see another trailer featuring Liam Neeson holding a gun or cracking a safe.

Anyway, Honest Thief stars Liam Neeson as a veteran thief who wants to retire so that he can marry Kate Walsh.  However, he’s just been double-crossed by two FBI agents and now, he has to do what he has to do to get his money back.

Honest Thief is scheduled to be released on October 9th.  Here’s the trailer!

Here The Trailer for Kajillionaire!

Here’s the trailer for Kajillionaire!  This comedy has already received some critical acclaim on the festival circuit and, assuming that we’re actually going to give out Oscars next year, there’s been some speculation that Debra Winger could pick a nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

Kajillionaire will be released on September 18th.  Though I find the title to be a bit annoying, I always find myself relating to any character played by Evan Rachel Wood so I look forward to seeing the film.

Here’s The Trailer for Inmate #1: The Rise of Danny Trejo

There haven’t been many trailers to share, lately.  That’s largely due to the uncertainty that’s surrounding COVID-19 and when — if ever — certain films are going to be able to get a theatrical release.  That said, there is a new trailer out and I think that a lot of our readers are going to be interested in it.

So, without further ado….

Inmate #1 is a documentary about how all-around badass Danny Trejo went from being a convict to being a cultural icon.  As anyone who has ever seen Trejo interviewed can tell you, he’s got an inspiring life story and he’s also a wonderful storyteller.  I’m looking forward to seeing this documentary, which will be released in the United States on July 7th.

Here’s The Trailer For A Rough Draft!

So, this is weird.

This trailer just dropped today and I watched it and I thought the movie looked like it might be fun.  It’s called A Rough Draft and it’s about a video game designer who gets sucked into some sort of multi-dimensional portal or something like that.  I mean, the plot sound stupid but the trailer looked like it could be entertaining.  If nothing else, it looked like it might be the Asylum version of Ready Player One and y’all know how much I love The Asylum.

But then I did some research and I discovered that this movie was released in Russia in 2018 and apparently, the Russian critics hated it and it was a total bust at the box office.  A Rough Draft is based on a popular Russian novel so it was a widely anticipated release but the general consensus was that it didn’t live up to what people were hoping for.

I mean, that happens, right?  The trailer still looks like fun.

Then I discovered that the film is now available to stream on Prime.  Apparently, it just dropped like two days ago, with absolutely no fanfare.  So, I guess I’ll watch it next and discover whether or not it’s actually any good.

Until then, here’s the trailer:

Here’s The Trailer for Resistance!

While we think about what won at the Oscars, we can also think about some of the movies that will be coming up over the next couple of months!

For instance, let’s consider the upcoming film, Resistance.  Resistance is being distributed by IFC films and it stars two past Oscar nominees, Jesse Eisenberg and Ed Harris.  The film deals with how, as a young man, the French mime Marcel Marceau was a member of the French Resistance.  Eisenberg plays Marceau while Ed Harris will play American General George Patton.  It’s an inspiring story and it has all the elements for a good and powerful film.

Resistance will be released on March 27th.  Here’s the trailer:

<– Birds of Prey (Dir by Cathy Yan)     Chilling Adventures of Sabrina S3 E1–>

The Universe Is Expanding: Here’s The Super Bowl Disney+ MCU Trailer!

The universe is expanding!

Out of the three shows that are featured in the teaser below, it’s the one with Wanda and Vision that most interests me.  I can’t wait to see what happens with those two characters.  And, of course, there’s no way I couldn’t smile a little when Loki popped up.  His death in Infinity War depressed me almost as much as Black Widow’s death in Endgame.

Here’s The Super Bowl Teaser For Minions: The Rise of Gru!

The Minions are back.

Actually, the <inions are cute.  One of the first things that Arleigh and I bonded over was our love of the Minions.  That said, I have my doubts that there’s really much more that can be done with the Minions.  Still, I get the feeling this new movie will be cute.

We’ll see!


Here’s The Super Bowl Teaser For No Time To Die!

No Time To Die is the 25th James Bond film and apparently, it’s going to be Daniel Craig’s last.  I’ve been pretty critical of Craig’s interpretation of Bond and I hated SPECTRE but the Super Bowl teaser for No Time To Die actually looked kind of good.

So, let’s hope for a film that will leave us stirred and not shaken!

Here’s The Super Bowl Teaser for Black Widow!

Hell yeah!  This teaser is literally one of the main reasons I’m watching the Super Bowl this year!  I’m a little bit worried that the movie is going to be like, “Yes, Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow is dead but here’s a replacement that we won’t have to pay as much!” but still, I can’t wait to see it.

Seriously, if I could be any MCU character, I would be the Black Widow.  (I also would have shoved Jeremy Renner off that cliff in Endgame.  Seriously, I’m still mad about that scene.)