Dramatis Personae

Arleigh – Man of many interests ranging from the dull to the exciting, the sublime to the extreme and from the casual to the geekiest. There’s really not much about entertainment of any stripe and topic he hasn’t dabbled an interest in. One can follow him over at his Twitter feed @ArleighTSL.

Lisa Marie Bowman – The Lady of the house whose interests in films include everything from Italian gialli and the zombie/cannibal genres to the grindhouse flicks of the 70’s and 80’s. She’s also quite the film scholar when it comes to these particular film subjects. The youngest of four sisters, Lisa Marie is a self-described “sweet, little thing with morbid thoughts.”  She takes much pride in being an Irish-German-Spanish-Italian mutt and hopes that if the dead ever do walk the Earth, they at least move quickly.

Along with writing about film on this site, Lisa collaborated with her sister, Erin, on the Suspended Imagination web site and also onced maintained a blog devoted to “no wave” feminism, Where The Nightbirds Settle.  Lisa also writes about horror films over at HorrorCritic.com and about television at What Is Lisa Watching Tonight?  Lisa was also a resident horror expert at Fourth-Day Universe.  Her prose and poetry has appeared in Praxis Magazine.  Also, Lisa writes for SyFy Designs and, each summer, she helps to keep the Big Brother Blog updated.  She also published a daily newspaper called the Stay Supple Daily.  She also maintains an online dream journal, writes about reality TV at Reality TV Chat Blog, and offers a song of the day site as well!

One can follow Lisa Marie on her Twitter feed @LisaMarieBowman.  Lisa is also a member of the TCM Party and Snarkalecs on twitter and, on most Saturdays, joins them in live tweeting whatever’s on SyFy, Lifetime, or TCM that night. Her email address is LisaMarieBowman@live.com and she welcomes any and all intelligent correspondence.  She also welcomes you to befriend her on Facebook.

Semtex Skittle – A media junkie hailing from the Rocky Mountain region. His primary interests are books, sports, and video games. He’ll read across a wide variety of genres, watch any sport with physical contact, and play nearly any genre of game. His biggest interests outside of consumption are writing; both fiction and non, and travel. You can follow Semtex Skittle on his twitter feed @semtexskittle or drop him an e-mail at semtexskittle@gmail.com He is always happy to hear intelligent correspondence from readers.

zackthewicked1 – A man from the central Oregon coast.  He is the only heterosexual male on Earth who regularly watches the soap opera Days of our Lives.  He is also a big fan of anime, movies and videogames.  He is also a huge fan of metal and his favorite bands are Iced Earth, Iron Maiden and Blind Guardian.  What can be said about zackthewicked1 other than he is an intriguing fellow…

leonth3duke – A man of few words but one willing to make an exception for all those willing to listen or read. A film buff for the past few years, and a movie fan his whole life, he can’t get enough or pretty much any genre from any era or country, but lives primarily off of Bergman, Fellini, Herzog and Kieslowski. When he isn’t watching a movie or studying International Business at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, you can usually find him watching his favorite TV shows, for which there are a lot (Mad Men, The Wire, Firefly and Freaks and Geeks being his favorites). Outside of this site he also has a bog over on Gamespot (http://www.gamespot.com/users/SaintLeonidas/) where he also is the leader of a wonderfully pretentious Film Appreciation Union (http://www.gamespot.com/pages/unions/home.php?union_id=faunion). There is not much more to say about this man, other then that he will attempt to be as active as possible and share his thoughts on films new and old. But be warned, do not expect many well written or thought out posts, but rather heartfelt rambling on a topic he loves to talk about.

Dazzling Erin — By day, Erin Bowman is a mild-mannered photographer who killed a bunch of hitchhikers once.  However, at night, she becomes the mysterious super hero known as Dazzling Erin.  Her photographs can be found on twitpic, on her blog Images By Erin, and at Suspended Imagination.  Briefly, she wrote about art history at On This Day In Art History.  You can follow her on twitter at @TakeSumE.

Trash Film Guru– Longtime horror/exploitation/b-movie/sleaze fan hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, you can find him on twitter @TrashFilmGuru,  find his main blog at http://trashfilmguru.wordpress.com , or  look for his stuff under the moniker of “Dr. Trash” at http://dailygrindhouse.com. Also a fan/critic of underground and alternative comix, black metal, “apocalyptic folk” and post-industrial music, and self-proclaimed keen observer of so-called “undergound culture” in general, whatever that even means anymore.

Leonard Wilson – Perhaps having watched way too many movies growing up, many have said that Leonard’s unable to hold a conversation without directly relating any real life incident to a movie that matches it. A fan of movies overall, but still learning about the nuances of film and it’s history, he can be found on Twitter as @Cavatica.

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  1. I feel bad for saying this, but is there any way to use another picture for pantsukudasai56? I love anima and manga, and I love this site, but I find the picture a bit offensive which puts me off… Sorry >_<


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