Music Video of the Day: No Good by Annie Hardy (2023, dir by ????)

Here’s your reminder that if you haven’t seen Dascham (which stars Annie Hardy, the artist responsible for today’s music video of the day), it was one of my favorite films of last year and I think it’s destined to be watched by future students of history as they study the cultural and psychological impact of the COVID lockdowns.


Music Video of the Day: Alive by Jennifer Lopez (2002, dir by Jim Gable)

This song was written for the 2002 film, Enough.  The music video also features scenes from Enough so if you want to watch that particular film but you don’t have two hours to spare, fear not!  Here’s the four minute version!


Music Video of the Day: Dance The Night by Dua Lipa (2023, dir by Greta Gerwig)

Sure, Oppenheimer might have the biggest cast in the history of the movies but does it have its own music video?

Greta Gerwig is not only the director of Barbie but she also directed the movie’s music video, as well!


Music Video of the Day: Early Winter by Gwen Stefani (2007, dir by Sophie Muller)

An early winter sounds nice but, of course, we have to deal with the summer first.  Bleh.

By the way, that is Steelo Vasquez playing Gwen’s boyfriend in this video.  He was a dancer on The Sweet Escape Tour.