Music Video of the Day: Dark All Day (Power Glove Remix) by Gunship (2020, dir by Sitcom Soldiers)

I always like the atmospheric videos and there’s really nothing more atmospheric than performing in the rain.  Or, as it sometimes appears to be in this video, performing while blood rains down on you.  That’s the sort of thing that will definitely inspire some creativity but it probably takes forever to get that much blood out of your hair.


Music Video of the Day: Omen by The Prodigy (2009, dir by Peter Dugdale)

I’m still mourning Keith Flint.

Apparently, there’s a lot of people online who are convinced that the girl playing the glockenspiel grew up to be Greta Thunberg.  Just the fact that Greta was 6 years old at the time that this video was released should put that rumor to rest.  (In the defense of many, the rumor did start and was frequently shared as a joke.  But you know how the Internet is.)  Personally, I think she looks more like Wednesday Addams or maybe the little girl from The Ring.


Music Video of the Day: Name of the Game by The Crystal Method (2001, dir by Marcos Siega)

Awww, poor Nosey!

Despite that “to be continued,” at the end, the story of Nosey has not been continued. I can only guess that he’s either incarcerated and buried in the prison graveyard. It’s a sad story but at least he appeared to have achieved some sort of happiness before it all came crashing down.


Music Video of the Day: Panic Station by Muse (2013, dir by Tim Qualltrough)

Today seems like a good day to start things off with a music video from Muse. The video for Panic Station was shot while the band was in Japan for their 2nd Law World Tour. It’s nice to see the lads having a good time and being reminded that they don’t spend all of their time riding around in the back of pickup trucks and encouraging the teddy bears to rise up and destroy the city.


Music Video of the Day: Southern Nights, covered by Barry Williams, Maureen McCormick, and Geri Reischl (1977, dir by ????)

This is from an episode of the Brady Bunch Variety Hour, which I have to admit has become a bit of an obsession of mine ever since I discovered that the majority of the episodes have been uploaded to YouTube.

For those keeping track, Barry Williams was Greg. Maureen McCormick was Marcia. For the Variety Hour, Geri Reischl was Jan, replacing Eve Plumb. Despite rumors to the contrary, Plumb did originally agree to return as Jan but she balked at singing a long-term contract so Geri was hired instead. Geri is actually a pretty good singer. Certainly, she’s dramatically better than any of the original Brady kids.

Barry was also reluctant to return to the role of Greg Brady but he did so after he was assured that he would be the centerpiece of the show and that he would be given several songs to sing in each episode. Actually, the show’s producers kept their word because Barry was probably the most heavily featured of the Brady kids. (Unfortunately, Barry really didn’t have much of a singing voice.) As for Maureen, she has since written that she was struggling with cocaine addiction at the time and, hence, she doesn’t remember much about The Brady Bunch Variety Hour.


Music Video of the Day: Setting Sun by The Chemical Brothers, featuring Noel Gallager (1996, dir by Dom & Nick)

Hey, do you remember when MTV used to show music videos and they were scary as Hell?

That’s certainly the case with Setting Sun, an early Chemical Brothers video that is either a celebration of dancing or a portrait of someone who has been possessed by a demon. Maybe it’s both. The video made me want to both go to a rave and go to Confession. So, all in all, I’d call this one a success.

The girl in the video is played Lexi Strauss. This video was one of many Chemical Brothers videos to be directed by Dom & Nick.


Music Video of the Day: The Other Side by Public Service Broadcasting (2015, dir by Rafe Gibbons)

Yes, I’m a little bit late in posting today’s music video of the day. Sorry, the Texas Office of Through the Shattered Lens got hit by some bad weather last night and this morning! Plus, yesterday, I was going on about 90 minutes of sleep so just the fact that I’m semi-coherent right now is probably something of a minor miracle.

Anyway, allow me to make up to you with this video for Public Service Broadcasting’s inspiring tribute to space exploration, The Other Side! Yes, those are the voices of actual NASA engineers and astronauts, experiencing the dark side of the moon for the very first time. This is from PSB’s album, Race for Space.


Music Video of the Day: Love Again by Dua Lipa (2021, dir by ????)

I’m a Texas girl so I loved this.  Admittedly, I’ve never ridden on a mechanical bull but I have seen a few and I’ve seen more than a few people get thrown off of them.  They’re a bit scary looking and I’m already accident-prone enough without tempting fate.  Still, I admire anyone who tries.  

(And, as scary as mechanical bulls are, they are nowhere near as scary as real bulls.)


Music Video of the Day: Footsteps in The Dark, covered by Cannons (2021, dir by Ryan Rundle)

As I write this, we’ve got a nice thunderstorm going down here in Dallas. Thunder. Lightning. Pounding rain. Lights flashing on and off. It’s very atmospheric and so is this music video! So, it only makes sense to pick it for today’s music video of the day!

This is a cover of an Isley Brothers song. It’s good night music.