Music Video Of The Day: Silent Night by Lindsey Stirling (2011, dir by ????)

I am a totally unapologetic fan of Lindsey Stirling.  I imagine some of that is because I wish I could play the violin.  It’s an instrument that has always fascinated me and I’ve always regretted that I never learned how to play it.  I also regret that I never learned how to play the piano or really any musical instrument.  Back when I was in the third grade, I had a music teacher who told me that I had the worst singing voice she had ever heard and that I needed to pay more attention in class.  Oh well!

Anyway, this is a really nice and heartfelt performance of Silent Night.  Silent Night is actually one of my favorite Christmas songs.  I certainly prefer it to that one where everyone’s singing about the bells.

This video was filmed at Temple Square in Salt Lake City.


Music Video Of The Day: You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch by Lindsey Stirling and Sabrina Carpenter (2018, dir by Joshua Shultz)

If Sucker Punch had taken place during the Christmas season, one could very easily imagine this video as being a scene in the film.  It just needs a giant ninja and Scott Glenn offering up words of pithy wisdom.

That said, what this song and this video do so well and what I love about them is that it provides a whole new spin to a very familiar song.   Does the Grinch now own a casino or an Old West saloon?  Is the Grinch now a gangster?  And what exactly is the Grinch’s relationship with Sabrina Carpenter?  This video leaves us with much to ponder during the holiday season.

This video was directed by Joshua Schultz, who has also directed videos for Juliet Simms and Haley Reinhart.  According to the imdb, he’s currently in pre-production for a film called The Fog.


Holiday Music Video of the Day: Santa Baby by Lindesy Stirling (2018, dir by ????)

Happy Holidays!  Trust Linsdey Stirling to elevate one of the worst Christmas songs ever written with an energetic performance and an entertaining music video.

(I should admit that I have a personal bias against Santa Baby, one that goes back to my dancing days.  Let’s just say that falling flat on your ass in front of a huge crowd of people while dressed like one of Santa’s helpers and while Santa Baby plays in the background is not necessarily one of my happiest holiday memories.)


Music Video of the Day: Death No More by IC3PEAK (2018, dir by Nick and Nastya)

Some things that just have to be seen because they really can’t be described.  That’s certainly the case with today’s music video from the day.

Coming from Russia, it’s IC3PEAK with the sublimely creepy music video for Death No More!


Music Video Of The Day: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift (2012, dir by Declan Whitebloom)

This is a fun video and a fun song, which is why I picked it for today.  I always think it’s a good idea to start the day after any election with something positive.

(Of course, not everyone agrees.  I made the mistake of selecting Everything Is Awesome for my song of the day for November 9th, 2016 and there are people who still refuse to talk to me as a result.  Even though I like picked and scheduled the song way back in October and I had absolutely no way of knowing that it was going to be the first thing those people would see the morning after Donald Trump was elected president.  Anyway….)

(Seriously, I always tell people not to read too much into the songs and the music videos that I pick.)

The plot here is that Taylor is never ever getting back together with her ex, who is played by Noah Mills.  Personally, I always thought that was wishful thinking on her part.  You always get back together at least a handful of time before a breakup really becomes official.

Anyway, enjoy!


Music Video of the Day: The Business of Emotion by Big Data featuring White Sea (2015, dir by ????)

Eventually, all words will be replaced by emojis.

Hopefully, it won’t be as bad as The Emoji Movie.

This song is from Big Data, who put on a great show at the House of Blues in Dallas last week!


Music Video Of The Day: Drive by Tara Lee (2018, dir by Tara Lee)

This video has kind of a Purge feel to it.  It also has a Mad Max: Fury Road feel to it, as well.

Watching this video, I thought about all of the times that I’ve been tempted to tap the bumper of someone in front of me.  That may sound like an extreme overreaction to the stress of driving but anyone who has ever been on North Central Expressway will know what I’m talking about.

When I wasn’t thinking about road rage, I found myself thinking about those terrible Liberty Mutual commercials.  Those are the commercials where people stand in front of the Statue of Liberty and talk about how its unfair that they should be penalized just because they can’t drive.  Right now, there’s one that features a woman talking about how she was in an accident but the other car got a scratch so minor, it could be fixed with a pen.  Because, seriously, who doesn’t want to mark up their car after some moron runs into it?

Even worse is the guy who says that if your insurance won’t pay the full value of your car, you’re better off just throwing your wallet right into the harbor.  And then he does just that and mutters, “I’m going to regret that.”  No shit, idiot!  Why am I listening to you about car insurance when you don’t even have the impulse control not to throw your wallet in the harbor!?

Anyway, enjoy!