Music Video of the Day: All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber (2011, dir by Sanaa Hamri)

He’ll always be Justice Beaver to me.

People tend to forget that there was a time when you couldn’t go on twitter without immediately getting assaulted by a thousand Bieber stans.  Belieber was once a widely used and widely feared term.  Thankfully, things have calmed down a bit on that front.  The important thing is that it’s the holidays.


Music Video of the Day: Last Christmas by Backstreet Boys (2022, dir by Bill Fishman)

Every year, in December, I am stunned to be reminded that Taylor Swift was not the first to sing this song.  Instead, Last Christmas started as a Wham song and apparently, every group has to cover it in December.  This year, the Backstreet Boys took a swing at it.  So, let’s get in the holiday spirit, shall we?


Music Video of the Day: The Last Goodbye by David Cook (2011, dir by Nigel Dick)

Don’t worry, everyone, David Cook’s alright!

Incidentally, I was one of the few members of my family to vote for David Cook over David Archuleta.  I worried that Archuleta was just too young to be burdened with the title of American Idol and I stand by that decision.


Music Video of the Day: Don’t Say You Love Me by M2M (1999, dir by Nigel Dick)

Why exactly this chirpy tribute to abstinence was included on the Pokemon soundtrack is anyone’s guess.  Apparently, M2M had never heard of Pokemon until they were told that their song was going to play during the film’s end credits.  They were also not happy to learn when they were told that they would have to change some of the lyrics to make the song Pokemon-appropriate.  “You start kissing me, what’s that about?” was changed to “You said you love me, what’s that about?”

I’m not a huge fan of this song, as you may have picked up on.  But I do think the video is kind of cute.  Maybe it’s just because I wish there was a drive-in near my house.  Who knows?