Music Video of the Day: Til I Forget About You (2010, dir by Isaac Rentz)

Remember Big Time Rush?

Right now, they’re on indefinite hiatus but, from 2009 to 2013, they were like the biggest boy band in the world.  They had their own show on Nickelodeon.  They did tours.  They released a lot of music, the majority of which kind of sounded the same but still had a fun, upbeat feel to it.  To be honest, I didn’t really know much about them other than the fact that their music videos always seemed to air between late night reruns of Degrassi.  If it wasn’t Victoria Justice singing about her best friend’s brother, it was Big Time Rush destroying Nick Cannon’s office.

One of those music videos was the one for Til I Forget About You, which is kind of a strange video.  It starts out with one of the Big Time Rush guys getting dumped via text and then, suddenly, the boys are being expected to perform at a snooty country club.  Luckily, they’re able to use the ROCK OUT app and make everyone totally rock out.  So all is right with the world, I suppose.

It’s a little bit frustrating that there aren’t more Degrassi-themed music videos.  I mean, there’s that video that Drake did, where they all burned down the school after killing one of Drake’s rivals.  And then there’s the video for Jake Epstein’s My Window, which is full of Degrassi clips.  And one of the really, really old episodes of Degrassi featured the Zit Remedy putting together a video but I’ve never been able to find a good copy of it.  Otherwise, there’s not much to choose from.  The show’s producers really missed an opportunity by not putting out any Downtown Sasquatch, Studz, or Whisperhug music videos.  I mean, seriously.  They should have taken a lesson from Big Time Rush.

Oh well.  Missed opportunities, what can you do about them?


Music Video Of The Day: Friends by TWIN XL (2019, dir by ????)

Look, it’s good to have friends.

And if your friend is just someone dressed up like a big teddy bear …. well, to quote Degrassi’s Jay Hogart: “At least there’s a party.”

This video won me over.  When it started, the whole dancing teddy bear thing kind of scared me because I still have bad memories of Ted 2 and I was worried the bear was going to start speaking in Seth McFarlane’s voice.  Then, when the bear was in bed, I found myself worried that we were going to enter Shining territory.  (Remember the scene with the two ghosts, one of whom is dressed up like a dog?)  But, no, this video is actually very cute.  The members of the band are all adorable and the big teddy bear actually reminded me of this big bunny that I used to have when I was little.

To be honest, this video feels like it could be a companion piece to Saint Motel’s video for My Type.  Maybe it’s because they both take place in what appears to be a rather cheap hotel room.  Plus, there’s a lot of dancing in My Type as well.

As a final note, as far as Friends is concerned, I binged the whole thing last year and Rachel totally should have picked Joey.

Anyway, enjoy!

Music Video of the Day: Stop This Train by Adi Ulmansky (2013, dir by Yonathan Weitzman)

Today, we have another music video from our queen, the amazing Adi Ulmansky.

As for what it’s all about …. well, I don’t know.  That’s the main reason I responded to the video.  The more surreal and dream-like the better has always been my philosophy and this video leaves me wondering if I should go to work tomorrow or if I should hide for a few days.  The sight of someone smiling while wearing clown make-up will do that to you.

Of course, it’s possible that J.W. Dunne was correct when he theorized that there is no such thing as “now” and all time may be happening all at once.  In which case, I’ve either already gone to work or I’m currently hiding in my house.  Of course, I may have misunderstood Dunne’s point.  To be honest, for the longest time, I thought John Gregory Dunne was the one with all the theories about how time worked but then I realized that I was confusing my Dunnes.  However, John Gregory Dunne did write a book called The Studio, which is the definitive portrait of Hollywood at the end of the studio system.  Dunne wrote a later book about Hollywood called Monster which is interesting just because it gives you all the details about went on behind the scenes during the production of one of the most forgettable films ever made.

Anyway, enjoy the video!

Music Video Of The Day: Cool Zombie by Adam Ant (2012, dir by Adam Ant and Adam Ross)

So, what’s going on here?

I have to admit that my initial response to this video was to make a joke about how it was a look at a typical Thursday night at Johnny Depp’s place but I actually like this video too much to be snarky about it.  It may be an odd video but it’s a good kind of odd, I think  You have to earn the right to indulge in the surreal but I think this song and the video have done just that.

Watching this video, I get the feeling that I’m not so much looking at the end of the world as I’m looking at the day after the end of the world.  Society’s gone.  All the good clothes are gone.  You just have to wear whatever you can find.  But the music is still playing and the boats are still drifting and that’s a good thing.  It’s interesting that one thing that every post-apocalyptic vision seems to share in common is that people still desire entertainment.

Myself, I’ve already made my plans in case society collapses.  It mostly involves watching movies until the Earth plunges into the sun.  I’m thinking I’ll probably want to watch comedies.  I mean, if you know the world’s about to end, I think you would want to laugh as much as possible before the end comes.  Then again, I imagine some people would want to spend the end of the world watching movies about the end of the world just so they can brag about the irony of it all on twitter right before bursting into flame.

While the song is bluesy number about Tennessee, the title is a reference to how Adam Ant felt under the influence of his bipolar medication.  Speaking as someone who shares the struggle, Cool Zombie is the perfect way to put it.


Music Video of the Day: Drugs by UPSAHL (2019, dir by ????)

I just came here to the party for the drugs….

Truer words have never been heard.

I always appreciate a song that’s about exactly what it says it is.  Even more so, I always like it when a video is about exactly what you think the song is about.  The song is called Drugs.  The song is about drugs.  There’s a lot of drugs to be found in the video.

(And honestly, who has never gone to a party just for the drugs?

Seriously, watching this video made me feel like it was 2007 all over again.)

Of course, neither the song nor the video are just about drugs.  They’re also about the empty banalities that most people use to get through life.  It’s about being so bored with our society and our culture that you turn to something that offers up an easy escape from all the bullshit of people at parties, dropping names and searching for fame.  It’s a song and a video about alienation and I absolutely love it and I’ll probably be singing it for the next few days.