Music Video of the Day: Beautiful Thing by Alexis Taylor (2018, dir by Edwin Burdis)

For whatever reason, this video reminds me of the classic Jean Rollin film, The Grapes of Death.  Maybe it’s all the ominous shots of what, on the surface, appears to be a tranquil countryside.

Or maybe I just naturally compare everything that I see to a Jean Rollin film.

Regardless, enjoy!

Music Video of the Day: Make Me Uncomfortable by Seavera (2018, dir by Josh Harris)

This is definitely one of the creepier videos that I’ve seen this year.  Of course, I also recently rewatched a Canadian film called Ticket to Heaven, which was all about strange cults and stuff.  This video definitely reminded me of not only that movie but also 2011’s Sound of My Voice.


Music Video of the Day: The Flood by Katie Melua (2010, dir by Kevin Godley)

Today, I decided to go with this music video because it’s been raining non-stop since Monday and I have a feeling that, on Thursday morning, I’m going look outside and discover that I’m right in the middle of a flood myself.

Plus, this video has a bunch of half-naked men doing Spartan stuff with their staffs.  That’s always a plus.


Music Video Of The Day: Modern Parenting by Creep Show (2018, dir by Chris Turner)


That’s the best way that I can sum up my reaction to today’s music video of the day.  This video is for Creep Show’s Modern Parenting and it’s the type of video that makes you want to pick up the phone and call whoever it is that you should call when children are living in deserted buildings and destroying televisions.

That said, I like this video.  I like the atmosphere of that deserted building.  Being young, alone, and angry is both scary and exhilarating and this video captures that feeling.


Music Video of the Day: Knights of Cydonia by Muse (2006, dir by Joseph Kahn)

What happens if you mash together every single European grindhouse film ever made and then get Muse to provide the soundtrack?

You end up with the video for Knights of Cydonia.

The fun here, of course, is identifying all of the films that are referenced in this video.  Obviously, there’s a lot of Sergio Leone there.  There’s also some karate action and a Planet of the Apes reference.  Whenever the cowboys shoot their laser guns, I’m reminded of one of Lucio Fulci’s post-apocalyptic films.


Music Video of the Day: Move by Saint Motel (2016, dir by ????)

For today’s music video of the day, we have another video from one of my favorite groups, Saint Motel!

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes on your local newscast?  Chaos, apparently.

The satirical subtext and retro feel of this video will be familiar to anyone who has ever watched the video for Saint Motel’s My Type.