Music Video of the Day: Blue Monday, covered by Orgy (1998, dir by ????)

Since yesterday’s music video of the day was New Order’s first video for Blue Monday, it seems only appropriate that today’s video should be for Orgy’s cover of the same song.  I’m usually not a huge fan of covers but Orgy brings their own unique interpretation to the song.


Music Video of the Day: Blue Monday by New Order (1983, dir by ????)

With Sunday’s release of the trailer for Wonder Woman 1984, the choice for today’s music video of the day is an obvious one.  The trailer is memorably scored to New Order’s Blue Monday and the song even trended on twitter as a result.  It’s a good song so here’s the video.

This is apparently the first of four different videos that were released, over the years, for Blue Monday.  Val previously wrote about the 1988 version.  This version is from 1983 and it’s definitely very much a product of the 80s.  The song’s timeless, though.

I know there’s several interpretation as to what this song is about.  I assume it’s about death but then again, that’s kind of my default interpretation as far as lyrics go.


Music Video Of The Day: Want You In My Room by Carly Rae Jepsen (2019, dir by Andrew Donoho)

Today’s music video of the day is a fun and energetic little video from Carly Rae Jepsen.  Want You In My Room captures the giddy feel of preparing for a date.  This is classic Carly Rae Jepsen, in that it’s sexy, fun, and kind of innocent all at the same time.  Carly Rae’s from Canada and, based on the video and several episodes of Degrassi, I’m convinced that Canadians have a unique understanding of the joy of dancing on the beach.

This video was directed by Andrew Donoho, who has also done videos for twenty-one pilot, Jai Wolf, Zedd, and Skrillex.  The cute guy at the end is played by producer Jimmy Loweree, who also appeared in Carly’s video for Now That I Found You.