Celebrate Christmas With Treevenge!

Hi!  We hope you’re having a wonderful holiday!

Here at the Shattered Lens, we have a Christmas tradition, one that was started way back in 2009 by site founder Arleigh Sandoc.  And that tradition is …. TREEVENGE!

Celebrate Christmas with the greatest haunted Christmas tree movie ever!

Enjoy and …. wait, what?  Uh-oh!  The video is age-restricted so you’ll have to click on the watch on YouTube link!

Holiday Spirit: Santa Claus Conquers The Martians (dir by Nicholas Webster)

Watching the 1964 holiday sci-fi epic, Santa Claus Conquers The Martians, is a Christmas Eve tradition here at the Shattered Lens!  So, sit back, turn on Kid TV, and get ready to sing!












Holiday Spirit: Santa Claus (dir by Rene Cardona)

Today’s holiday movie is …. well, it’s a little bit odd.

Santa Claus is many things but, for the purposes of this post, Santa Claus is a 1959 Mexican film that reminds us that before he became an advertising icon, Nicholas Claus was a Catholic saint.  According to this film, St. Nick also apparently lives in outer space with a bunch of singing children.  His best friend is Merlin and he apparently gets along with Vulcan, the Roman God of fire, as well.

Perhaps angered by the way that Santa is beloved by children of all races and figures of all mythologies, Lucifer orders a little demon named Pitch to go to Earth and turn the children against Santa.

So yeah, Santa Claus is really weird.  However, if you’ve ever wanted to see a movie where Santa is revealed to be a God-like action hero who holds the fate of the world in his hands, this is the film for you!

Holiday Spirit: An American Christmas Carol (dir by Eric Till)

On Christmas Eve, a miserly businessman is visited by a series of ghosts who help him understand the true meaning of Christmas, along with showing him a frightening vision of a possible future.

And that businessman was named …. Benedict Slade!

Yeah, the name’s have been changed and the action has been updated to Depression-era New England but this is basically the story of Scrooge.  Henry Winkler stars as the Scrooge character in the 1979 made-for-TV movie.  His old age make-up was done by none other than Rick Baker!

Holiday Spirit: Santa And The Ice Cream Bunny (dir by Richard Winer)

The year is 1972 and Santa Claus’s magic sleigh is somehow stuck on a beach in Florida!  Can the children help Santa free his sleigh?  If not, he’s going to force them to listen to another fairy tale!  Fortunately, the Ice Cream Bunny is always willing to help …. eventually.

Patrick says this is the worst holiday movie ever made.  Watch it and see if you agree!

David Harbour brings some Yuletide fun with the Violent Night trailer!

It’s a little early to be celebrating the holidays with Halloween around the corner, but this is cute. From the director of Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters comes Violent Night, starring David Harbour (Hellboy, Black Widow) as Santa Claus. Santa finds himself in a Die Hard-like situation when a family is held hostage by gunmen, led by John Leguizamo (John Wick). Can Santa save the family and still finish doing his Christmas duties?

The film also stars Alex Hassell (Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop), Beverly D’Angelo (The National Lampoon’s Vacation films), and Cam Gigandet (Twilight).

The film premieres in theatres on December 2.