Trailer: ‘Knight of Cups’ (dir. Terrence Malick)

Grinning from ear to ear as I post this. I am a huge Terrence Malick fan. His films are often rather divisive – mainly because of how incredibly subjective they are – but I personally have loved pretty much everything he has done. His 2011 film ‘The Tree of Life’  has remained in my top ten favorite films of all time since its release.

What amazes me most about the trailer for his newest film (his 3rd in 4 years!) is how it looks (narratively at least – if you can call what Malick does narratives) unlike anything he has ever done before (raves and strip clubs??). Yet visually and tonally it has his style written all over it. This makes me all the more excited to see it.

It will premiere at Berlinale in February…and hopefully the US release won’t be too far after that.

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