Music Video of the Day: I Like (the idea of) You by Tessa Violet (2019, dir by Jade Ehlers)

I danced for like an hour after I watched this video.

This video pays homage to Nancy Sinatra’s video for These Boots Are Made For Walkin and was choreographed by Kayla Kalbfleisch.


Music Video of the Day: No Sleep by Jessie Frye (2020, dir by Jessie Frye)

Jessie Frye is a singer from my hometown and personally, I think she definitely deserves to be better known.  So, as a part of my humble attempt to spread the word, here is her just released video for No Sleep.  This video has a new retro feel (it’s deliberately filmed to make it look like something you might stumble across on an old VHS tape) and it has a lot of nice shots of the Dallas skyline, which is something that I really appreciated.  You can always tell that a video’s been shot in Dallas when the Bank of America Plaza appears in all of its neon green glory.

Getting no sleep in Dallas?  That’s something to which I can relate.


Music Video of the Day: Wake Me Up by Avicii (2013, dir by Mark Seliger and C.B. Miller)

I’m sharing this video in memory of Avicii, who would have been 31 years old today and whose talent was taken from us far too early.

This video tells the story of two sisters, outsiders in their village who find a new and better home.  The older sister is played by Kristina Romanova while the younger sister is played by Laneya Grace.  It’s a song and a video that epitomizes everything that made Avicii such a special talent.  In the end, the sisters find a better life.  They wake up, as hopefully everyone will have a chance to do at some point in their existence.

Rest in peace, Tim Bergling.