Lisa’s Week In Review: 7/9/18 — 7/15/18

What a week it’s been!  We had the second Friday the 13th of 2018 and I hope everyone enjoyed it because it’s going to be 14 months before we have another one.  Hopefully, people will be smart enough to spend those 14 months making sure that their local camp ground is a Jason-free zone.

I spent three days on Alabama and, due to bad weather, I nearly didn’t make it back home.  (My flight was diverted to Ft. Smith due to thunderstorms in Dallas.  I lived in Fort Smith for a few months when I was a child and I still have friend and family so it wasn’t a big deal to me but I think the other passengers were on the verge of rioting.  Seriously, people get upset over the tiniest of things….)  Still, despite all that, I managed to get quite a bit watched and read last week.

Movies I Watched:

  1. 6 Balloons (2018)
  2. Americana (1973)
  3. Anger Management (2003)
  4. Attack of the Eye Creatures (1965)
  5. Counterfeiting in Suburbia (2018)
  6. Crossroads (2002)
  7. Evita (1996)
  8. Family Vanished (2018)
  9. A Field in England (2013)
  10. Killer Caregiver (2018)
  11. Lost River (2015)
  12. My Husband’s Double Life (2018)
  13. My Husband’s Secret Life (2018)
  14. The Spy Who Sexed Me (2017)
  15. The Swarm (1978)
  16. The Tale (2018)
  17. What If…. (2010)
  18. X, Y, and Zee (1972)

Television Shows I Watched:

  1. Ask the Undertaker
  2. The Bachelorette
  3. Bar Rescue
  4. Big Brother 20
  5. Big Brother After Dark
  6. Cheaters
  7. House Hunters
  8. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  9. King of the Hill
  10. Kitchen Nightmares
  11. Last Call With Carson Daly
  12. Married at First Sight
  13. Mita y mita
  14. Murder Comes To Town
  15. Picnic at Hanging Rock
  16. Twin Peaks: The Return
  17. The Wonderland Murders

Books I Read:

  1. Animal Farm (1945) by George Orwell
  2. Hating You, Love You (2018) by Cyrstal Kaswell
  3. I Ran Against Jimmy Carter (1979) by Stanley Arnold
  4. Mistake of Magic (2018) by Alex Lidell
  5. A New Beginning (1980) by Ed Clark
  6. A People History of the Vampire Uprising (2018) by Raymond A. Villareal

Music To Which I Listened:

  1. Big Data
  2. Bob Dylan
  3. The Chemical Brothers
  4. DJ Judaa
  5. Elle King
  6. Fitz and the Tantrums
  7. Froggy Fresh
  8. Iggy Pop
  9. Jackalope
  10. Jamie Liddell
  11. Joywave
  12. Keenan West
  13. Kongos
  14. Lynard Skynard
  15. Moby
  16. Muse
  17. Pixies
  18. Robert De Long
  19. Saint Motel
  20. Sleigh Bells
  21. Underworld
  22. Yelawolf

Links From Last Week:

  1. On her photography site, check out these clouds!
  2. Variety says these were the bigest Emmy snubs and surprises.  Twin Peaks is the only snub that matters.
  3. From Ferguson Ink, Books That For One Reason Or Another Stay On My Desk
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  5. From Nighthawk News, A Century of Film: Supporting Actor
  6. How To Make A Good Movie Sequel
  7. The Horror of Party Beach is coming to Blu-Ray!
  8. Jim Jarmusch is Making a Zombie Movie With Bill Murray, Adam Driver, and Tilda Swinton
  9. The Creeping Progressiveness of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
  10. From my music site, here’s the love theme from Friday 13th!
  11. Meet Dr. Eugene Gu and his girlfriend, Eugene Gu?

Links From The Site:

  1. Erin profiled the artist Frank Cozzarelli!
  2. Jeff reviewed Americana and gave us our weekly trailer round-up!
  3. Doc wished everyone a happy Friday the 13th!
  4. Gary reviewed Cotton Comes To Harlem, The Two Mrs. Carrolls, Bikini Beach, Pajama Party, and Retro Fan Magazine!
  5. Ryan reviewed Roopert and the Strange, along with sharing his weekly reading round-up!
  6. I shared my personal Emmy nominations!
  7. In honor of Friday the 13th, here’s my 12 Things You May Or May Not Have Known About Friday the 13th!

Happy Friday the 13th From The Shattered Lens!

Happy Friday the 13th from the Shattered Lens!

This is the second Friday the 13th of 2018!

What does that mean?

It means that today is going to be even more unlucky than the previous Friday the 13th!  You know what that means!  Don’t walk under ladders!  Respect black cats, even more than usually do!  If you break a mirror, give up all hope!  If you’re camping in the woods, listen to crazy old Ralph or Eustace or Earl or whoever the local weirdo may be!  No late night naked swimming!  No running around in the rain in your underwear!  No comments about how life’s too short!  No drugs!  No sex!  No fun of any kind!

I know, I know.  We all like to live dangerously but if all of our readers die, who will be around to read the site?  Think about it!

Anyway, have a happy and safe Friday the 13th!  And remember the human-turned-zombie who made this holiday famous.  Today is his birthday…

Lisa’s Week In Review: 7/2/18 — 7/8/18

I always have such mixed feelings about July.  I hate the heat but I enjoy writing about Big Brother for the Big Brother Blog.  I also love celebrating the 4th of July and this year, there was actually a nice breeze blowing on the 4th.  The 4th brought together two things that I love: family and illegal fireworks.

Here’s what little I got accomplished this week:

Movies I Watched:

  1. For Your Eyes Only (1981)
  2. The Godfather (1972)
  3. The Howling (2018)
  4. Jaws 3 (1983)
  5. Love, Simon (2018)
  6. Octopussy (1983)
  7. Robot Monster (1953)
  8. Room For Murder (2018)

Television Show I Watched:

  1. Antiques Roadshow
  2. The Bachelorette
  3. Big Brother 20
  4. Big Brother After Dark
  5. Community
  6. Degrassi
  7. Fear Thy Neighbor
  8. Ghost Whisperer
  9. Intervention
  10. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
  11. King of the Hill
  12. Married With Secrets
  13. The Proposal
  14. Sharp Objects
  15. Young Sheldon

Books I Read

  1. The Infernal Library: On Dictators, The Books They Wrote, and Other Catastrophes of Literature (2018) by Daniel Kalder
  2. Lincoln’s Last Trial: The Murder Case That Propelled Him To The Presidency (2018) by Dan Abrams and David Fisher
  3. The Price of Greatness: Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and the Creation of American Oligarchy (2018) by Jay Cost

Music To Which I Listened:

  1. Avicii
  2. Big Data
  3. Charli XCX
  4. Chelsea Bain
  5. The Chemical Brothers
  6. Coldplay
  7. Craig Morgan
  8. The Crystal Method
  9. Dillon Francis
  10. DJ Judaa
  11. Eliad
  12. The Grandells
  13. Icona Pop
  14. Iggy Azalea
  15. Jakalope
  16. Jay Hardway
  17. Kaskade
  18. Kedr Levanskiy
  19. Lynard Skynard
  20. Martin Garrix
  21. Moby
  22. Muse
  23. Nechi Nech
  24. No Doubt
  25. Phantogram
  26. Rebecca & Fiona
  27. The Richardson Symphony Orchestra
  28. Robert DeLong
  29. Sleigh Bells
  30. Sneaky Sound System
  31. Strong Black Coffee
  32. Taylor Swift
  33. Tiesto
  34. twenty one pilots
  35. Victoria Justice
  36. Yahel

Links From Last Week

  1. On her photography site, Erin shared a picture of White Rock Lake in December.
  2. At Days Without Incident, Leonard wished everyone a Happy Independence Day!
  3. The Onion, Clickhole, A.V. Club brace for lay-offs.
  4. From the New York Times (which, admittedly, is not a news source that we typically have much use for in my part of the world):  HBO Must Get Bigger and Broader, Says Its New Overseer
  5. Derrrick Ferguson reviewed Ant-Man and The Wasp!
  6. Sean E. Ali doubles down on VEGAS HEIST!
  7. Tater shares his “month or so in book, movies, and television!”
  8. And finally, here’s some flash fiction from Ted Strutz!

Links From The Site

  1. Erin has a busy week!  She profiled Paul Stahr and Carol M. Highsmith.  She shared a collection of patriotic super heroes and also showcased “American” pulp.  Finally, with the help of John Wayne, she wished America a happy birthday!
  2. Gary also has a busy week.  He wished Olivia De Havilland a happy birthday!  He helped me celebrate American Redneck Day!  He celebrated Independence Day with the help of Ray Charles!  He took a look at Tomahawk’s fight for independence!  He reviewed The Sea Hawk, Dressed to Kill, and Dial M For Murder!  He took a look at Safety Dance!  And finally, he paid tribute to Steve Ditko!
  3. Jeff reviewed Baby Blue Marine and Americathon!  He also shared a music video from Elvis Costello and paid tribute to Steve Ditko!  He also gave us our weekly trailer round-up!
  4. Ryan reviewed the Book of Daze and paid tribute to Steve Ditko!  He also shared his weekly reading round-up!
  5. I celebrated Canada Day and American Redneck Day!  And, of course, I gave everyone some unsolicited advice for the 4th!

(Want to see what I did last week?  Click here!)

Have a great week everyone!

Happy Independence Day From The Shattered Lens!

Hi everyone!  Lisa here!

Usually, whenever a holiday rolls around, the TSL’s mascot — Doc the Ennui Kitty — will post something wishing all of you a safe and happy holiday.  Some people have pointed out that not only are we one of the few sites to feature a cat as a contributor but also that most cats aren’t capable of writing complete sentences.  I’m not sure what they’re trying to imply.  Doc’s a very smart cat.

Anyway, for this holiday, I’m handling the honors because I actually do have something serious to talk about.  I love fireworks.  My entire family loves fireworks.  Up until I turned ten, I always used to enjoy summer trips through the Southwest, during which my father would pick up the latest in illegal fireworks.  It was fun and it taught me a very important lesson (as my father put it, “Nobody tells a Bowman what to do!  Nobody!”)  On July 3rd, the Mayor of Los Angeles attempted to illustrate the importance of firework safety by posting a video of a watermelon getting blown to bits by a firework that he claimed was the size of a stick of gum.  I watched that video at work and I literally yelled out, “That is so fucking awesome!!!!”

That said, if you’re planning on shooting off fireworks or firecrackers tonight, be smart.  Four years ago, some people who lived across the street from us decided to get drunk and shoot off fireworks in the middle of the street.  This was on a residential block and they came close to setting my neighbor’s front yard on fire.  Someone called the cops on them.  It wasn’t me because I don’t believe in snitching.  Me, I was just planning on slashing their tires after they all went to sleep.

Also, animals do not like fireworks.  Keep that in mind.  For a cat or a dog who has no idea that it’s Independence Day, fireworks are terrifying.  If you own pets, keep them inside.  If you’re driving home, keep an eye on the road for any of our furry friends who might, at that moment, be out of their mind with fear.

Also, keep your neighbors in mind.  One person’s fun can be another person’s trigger.  During Independence Day, we always talk about how much we love our veterans.  Prove it by considering what they’ve gone through before you set off those firecrackers at 3 in the morning.

I guess what I’m saying is the best way to celebrate the 4th is by not being a jerk.

Thank you and, from me, Doc, and everyone else here at the Shattered Lens: happy holidays!

Lisa’s Week In Review: 6/25/18 — 7/1/18

Love you, Canada!

First off, Happy Canada Day!  And happy birthday to TSL contributor, Patrick Smith!

This week, I started my summer job as a writer over at the Big Brother Blog so, for the next few weeks, it’s going to be a struggle for me to balance my duties over there with my writing over here.  That’s not a complaint, of course.  I love the struggle.  If I didn’t, I wouldn’t still be doing all of this.

Anyway, we are halfway through 2018 and I really need to get caught up.  I’ve been taking it easy for the first six months.

Here’s what I accomplished this week:

Movies I Watched

  1. Beyond the Bermuda Triangle (1975)
  2. Cohen and Tate (1989)
  3. Hidden Agenda (1990)
  4. I Can Only Imagine (2018)
  5. Lisa (1990)
  6. Prom Night (1980)
  7. Scanners (1981)
  8. Shattered (1991)
  9. Sherlock Gnomes (2018)
  10. Terminal Island (1973)
  11. Uncommon (2015)

Television Shows I Watched

  1. The Bachelorette
  2. Big Brother 20
  3. Big Brother After Dark
  4. Degrassi
  5. Ghost Whisperer
  6. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
  7. King of the Hill
  8. Night Gallery
  9. The Proposal
  10. Westworld

Books I Read

  1. Famous For 15 Minutes: My Years With Andy Warhol (1988) by Ultra Violet
  2. Reflections: An Oral History of Twin Peaks (2014) by Brad Dukes
  3. Take The Lead (2017) by Alexis Daria

Music to Which I Listened

  1. Above & Beyond
  2. Adam Rickfors
  3. Adi Ulmansky
  4. Afrojack
  5. Alvin Risk
  6. Amy Winehouse
  7. Arcade Fire
  8. Armin van Buuren
  9. Avicii
  10. Avril Lavigne
  11. Big Data
  12. The Black Keys
  13. Blanck Mass
  14. Bloc Party
  15. Bob Dylan
  16. Britney Spears
  17. Cage the Elephant
  18. Calvin Harris
  19. Cedric Gervais
  20. Carli XCX
  21. The Chemical Brothers
  22. Coldplay
  23. Crud
  24. The Cyrstal Method
  25. Daft Punk
  26. Die Antwoord
  27. Dillon Francis
  28. Drake
  29. Fatboy Slim
  30. Fitz and the Tantrums
  31. Goblin
  32. Icona Pop
  33. Jakalope
  34. Josh Cumbee
  35. Kedr Livanskiy
  36. Kelly Clarkson
  37. Lil Xan
  38. Michael Fredo
  39. Moby
  40. Muse
  41. No Doubt
  42. Panic! at the Disco
  43. The Real Tuesday Weld
  44. Rich White
  45. The Robber Who Robbed The Town
  46. The Rolling Stones
  47. Siouxsie and the Banshees
  48. Skrillex
  49. Sleigh Bells
  50. Steve Ibsen
  51. Taking Back Sunday
  52. t.a.T.u.
  53. Taylor Swift
  54. The Merry Ploughboys
  55. The Ting Tings
  56. Twin Shadow

Links From Last Week:

  1. Books Where The Dog Dies, Rewrittne So The Dog Doesn’t Die
  2. On her photography site, Erin shared a picture of a lake!

Links From The Site:

  1. Erin profiled artist Malvin Singer.
  2. Gary reviewed The Man Who Cheated Himself, Bobbie Jo & The Outlaw, and In The Summertime, along with paying tribute to Olivia De Havilland.
  3. Pantsukudasai56 shared some anime you should be watching!
  4. Ryan reviewed Dark Forest and Troubled Mankind of the Modern South, along with sharing his weekly reading round-up!
  5. Jeff gave us our weekly trailer round-up!
  6. As for me, I didn’t do nearly enough but I’ll make up for that over the next 6 months!

Want to see what I accomplished last week?  Click here!

Have a great week, lovers!