The Oscars: Must The Show Go On?

Ever since the COVID lockdowns started roughly 12 months ago ago, there have been people saying that we should cancel all of the big events that usually define the year. Sometimes, the argument has been that it’s just simply gauche to celebrate or indulge in sort of distraction while the world is suffering.   Other times the argument has been that doing anything other than staying inside and feeling miserable will lead to a superspreader event.  Over the past 12 months, there have been efforts to cancel everything from football and baseball to Halloween and Christmas.

My response to these efforts has always been to proudly yell, “No! People need some sort of normalcy, now more than ever!   Traditions are important and we all need something to look forward to. The show must go on!” Even though I’m not into football, I was happy that the regular NFL season went forward as scheduled.  I was happy that, even with everything going on, there was at least a Super Bowl.  Even though I’ve never cared that much about the Emmys, I was still glad that they made it a point to hold some sort of ceremony.   And when it comes to Oscars, I’ve been looking forward to them for a year now. The show must go on, right?

Indeed, ever since the lockdown started, I’ve been saying that the show must go on.  It’s a belief in which my faith was unwavering.

Until last night.

Last night, I watched The Golden Globes and, as I’ve already said on this site, it was an amazingly depressing experience. While I knew that the Globes would be different this year and there would undoubtedly be a few awkward moments, nothing could have prepared for me for just how terrible last night’s show truly was. The entire show felt weird and creepy and vaguely dystopian.  Even the jokes about the HFPA’s lack of diversity and the nominations for stuff like Music and Emily In Paris felt less like speaking truth to power and more like officially sanctioned dissent, delivered in smarmy fashion by officially approved messengers.  It felt like watching a carefully rehearsed roast of a corrupt politician, where all of the jokes are carefully written so that the subject of them can later say, “See, I can laugh at myself!” in between looting the treasury and putting dissidents in prison.  It was depressing not just because it reflected what’s currently going on in the world but also because it seemed to indicate what we had to look forward to in the future.

Awards show have always been vapid, of course. For the most part, the humor has always been smarmy and self-congratulatory.   (There’s a reason why Ricky Gervais will probably never be invited back to host another Golden Globes ceremony.)   The political statements have always lacked self-awareness.  The winners have often been regrettable. But, in the past, we could at least focus on the glamour.  We could distract ourselves with the clothes and the hair and the gossip.  There was no glamour last night.  There was just an overwhelming blandness.

Traditionally, the Golden Globes are the “fun” awards ceremony so, if the Golden Globes were that bad, can you imagine what the Oscars are going to be like?  The Oscars, after all, are the staid and, at times, painfully formal ceremony.  If the Globes represent your shady, self-destructive, but always unpredictable uncle, the Oscars represent the rich uncle who awkwardly shows up at the annual family reunion out of a sense of obligation and who never seems to be having as much fun as he should.  (That said, you’re still always happy to see him and you know you’ll miss him if he ever stops coming.)  If the Globes were that depressing, it’s frightening to imagine the depths of despair to which the Oscars could potentially descend.

It’s enough to make you wonder whether the show must really go on!  I mean, technically, there’s really no need to have a big Oscar ceremony.   The show gets terrible ratings, with less and less people watching each year.  In fact, it’s only a few of us awards fanatics who really care about the ceremony.  One could just as easily post the names of the winners online and then everyone could just upload their acceptance speeches to YouTube, where people like me could watch the speeches we care about and ignore the rest.  At this point, even those of who love the show understand that it’s rare that the best films actually win.  The appeal of the Oscars is not really to be found in the results of the contest.  Instead, the appeal of the Oscars has always been the glamour of the ceremony.  If there’s no glamour, what’s the point?  One could just as easily take the money that’s usually spent on the ceremony and instead donate it to the communities that are still recovering from last month’s winter storm.

It’s a legitimate question.  Must the show go on?

Despite the way that I found my faith wavering last night, I still ultimately think that the show should go on. I still believe that, psychologically, it’s important to have some sort of normalcy.   I think that if the world could survive the lack of good Super Bowl commercials, it should be able to survive the Oscars.  But, seriously, let’s hope that the Oscar producers learned something from last night’s disastrous ceremony. Let’s hope that the producers give some serious thought to what went wrong for the Globes and that they make an effort not to repeat the same mistakes.  Somehow, the Oscars have to keep glamour alive.  They can’t repeat the mistake of the Golden Globes of allowing themselves to just become a tepid zoom conference call.  The Oscars are many things, both good and bad.  But they should never be depressing.

This year, Steven Soderbergh is one of the Oscar producers and, while I’m not really a huge fan of some of his more recent films, I think he does understand the importance of glitz and glamour.  (Let’s hope we get the Ocean’s 11 Soderbergh as opposed to the Soderbergh who makes self-indulgent Meryl Streep films.)  I’m looking to you, Steven Soderbergh, with hope in my eyes.  Don’t let me down.

Because, in the end …. THE SHOW MUST GO ON!


Lisa Marie’s Week In Review: 2/22/21 — 2/28/21

I was going to write about how I finally feel as if I’ve gotten my rhythm back after having my focus shaken by last week’s  winter storm but I just finished watching this year’s Golden Globes ceremony and it was literally one of the most depressing things that I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

After all that, I’m just ready for the week to be over.

Films I Watched:

  1. Airport (1970)
  2. Airport 1975 (1974)
  3. Airport 77 (1977)
  4. The Concorde …. Airport 79 (1979)
  5. The Dead Pit (1989)
  6. The Little Things (2021)
  7. Staying Alive (1983)
  8. Summer of Fear (1978)
  9. The Towering Inferno (1974)
  10. The Way Back Home (2006)
  11. Wildcats (1986)

Television Shows I Watched:

  1. 9-1-1
  2. 9-1-1: Lone Star
  3. AMC Backstory
  4. The Bachelor
  5. Bar Rescue
  6. Community
  7. Degrassi
  8. The District
  9. Gangsters: America’s Most Evil
  10. Golden Globes
  11. Hell’s Kitchen
  12. Hill Street Blues
  13. Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court
  14. The Love Boat
  15. Mobsters
  16. The Office
  17. Parking Wars
  18. Perry Mason
  19. Tough as Nails
  20. Twilight Zone
  21. Yes, Minister

Books I Read:

  1. Leave The World Behind (2020) by Rumaan Alam

Music To Which I Listened:

  1. Air Supply
  2. Broken Bells
  3. Chromatics
  4. Daft Punk
  5. Dropkick Murphys
  6. Dua Lipa
  7. Elle King
  8. Glume
  9. Marilyn Manson
  10. Modern English
  11. Muse
  12. Phantogram
  13. The Prodigy
  14. Saint Motel
  15. Simple Minds
  16. Vitalic

Live Tweet:

  1. Through the Shattered Lens Live Tweets The Golden Globes

Awards Season:

  1. Southern Eastern Film Critics Association Winners
  2. Vancouver Film Critics Winners
  3. Online Association of Female Film Critics
  4. Art Directors Guild Nominees
  5. The Golden Globe Winners

News From Last Week:

  1. Daft Punk Break Up
  2. 366 Feature Films Are Eligible for the Oscars, the Most Since 1970
  3. Norway Museum Says Edvard Munch Wrote ‘Madman’ On ‘The Scream’
  4. NBC Pulling ‘Nurses’ Episode From Digital Platforms After Criticism Over Orthodox Jewish Storyline
  5. Lady Gaga’s two French bulldogs have been returned safely, LAPD says
  6. CNN reporter under fire for ‘insensitive’ remarks on Tiger Woods crash
  7. Cuomo Is Accused of Sexual Harassment by a 2nd Former Aide
  8. Cynthia Nixon, others scoff after Cuomo team names judge to ‘review’ gov’s sex scandal
  9. As recall threat grows, California Gov. Gavin Newsom shifts his governing style, pushing reopenings
  10. Cannes, France, Opens Its Stunning Underwater Museum

Links From Last Week:

  1. My story of working with Governor Cuomo
  2. Media star Andrew Cuomo has gone missing
  3. The Golden Globes’ weirdest nominations: Sia’s ‘Music’ and more
  4. Justice League: The Shocking, Exhilarating, Heartbreaking True Story of #TheSnyderCut
  5. NBC Needs To Apologize For Their Libelous Portrayal of Hasidic Jews In “Nurses”
  6. Inside Joss Whedon’s ‘Cutting’ and ‘Toxic’ World of ‘Buffy’ and ‘Angel’
  7. We’re gonna celebrate: How Daft Punk’s Discovery gave computer music soul
  8. ‘They left an indelible mark on my psyche’: how Daft Punk pushed pop forward
  9. Daft Punk and the virtues of mystery
  10. Bye, Robot: a farewell to Daft Punk
  11. The Robots Who Ruled the World

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  1. I reviewed The Little Things and shared a scene that I love from Staying Alive!
  2. Erin shared: The Dark Throne, The Spice of Life, Hardrock, Diary of Death, Off Limits, Death Haunts The Dark Lane, and Gold!
  3. Jeff shared music videos from Heart, Pearl Jam, Journey, Kiss, Matchbox Twenty, Chicago, and Hot Chocolate!
  4. Ryan reviewed Moments with Mo’ Peaches, Bubblegum Maelstrom, and Dust!

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Lisa’s Week In Review: 2/15/21 — 2/21/21

Where to even begin with this week?

On Sunday night, I fell asleep thinking about how romantic it was to have snow on Valentine’s Day.  I knew that even more snow was coming.  I knew that the next week was going to be cold.  I knew that the temperature was not projected to get over freezing until the upcoming Friday.  I knew that it was going to be a difficult few days.  Before I fell asleep, I even saw a report that there would be rolling blackouts.  I knew this was all going to happen but still, nothing could prepare me for the experience of waking up at 3 in the morning on Monday, just to discover that the house had no power, the house had no heat, and it was 10 degrees outside!  (When I fell asleep, I was wearing socks and not much else.  So, at least my feet were protected from the cold.  The rest of me, not so much.)

Around 8 in the morning, the power did come back on.  And then, 90 minutes later it went back off and didn’t come back on for nearly 9 hours.  The problem was not just that there were rolling blackouts but also that some idiot crashed his car into a substation.  When the power did finally come back on, it was just in time for me to watch The Bachelor.  As soon as the show ended, the power went back out.

It didn’t come back on for most of Tuesday, despite the fact that it was 3 degrees outside!  And yet, as frustrating as it was, there was a strange beauty to the darkness.  At 3 in the morning on Wednesday, I found myself staring out the bedroom window and just marveling at how the snow seemed to glow in the dark.  When I read a book (Mickey Spillane’s One Lonely Night), I didn’t even have to grab a flashlight.  I read by the glow of the snow.  Call it snowlight.

On Wednesday, things started to improve.  Though it was a less than ideal time to start Lent, Erin and I still observed Ash Wednesday as well as we could.  It was on Wednesday that Erin pointed out that, even if not for the winter storm, Ash Wednesday would still have been strange because of the pandemic.  That was when I first realized that this was the first week in a year in which I’d had something other than COVID to worry about.  In fact, from the minute I woke up on Monday to find myself freezing and my teeth chattering, I pretty much forgot about COVID.

By Thursday, the power situation had stabilized.  The temperature was up to the 20s.  After spending three nights with freezing temperatures in an unheated house, 20 degrees sounded like paradise.  With the power situation stabilized, I realized how lucky we were.  We had power.  We had heat.  We had clean water.  Most importantly, Jeff made sure that we turned on all of the faucets at night, so the water didn’t freeze and we didn’t end up with any pipes bursting and flooding the house.  Even with my asthma, I had made it through two of the coldest nights of my life.

On Friday, the snow started to melt as the temperature zoomed up to 42.  By the end of Saturday, we were in the 50s.  By the end of today, we were in the 60s.  All of the snow is gone and I’m still struggling to figure out how to put this previous week into words.  It may have only been 7 days but it felt like 7 years.  It almost feels like it was just a very long dream.  Looking out at the neighborhood tonight, it’s hard to believe that it was just a few days ago that it was covered in snow and every house was dark.

I want to end on a positive note.  There’s a stray cat who lives in this neighborhood.  She’s a gray cat with dark stripes and white paws.  She’s very friendly and she’s also very …. well, fat.  Everyone feeds her.  She goes from house to house, eating whatever’s on the porch and always stopping long enough to rub up against anyone who happens to be outside at the time.  She’s the entire neighborhood’s cat and the collective love for her is the common bond that everyone who lives around here seems to share.  She’s cute and lovable and even Doc refuses to hiss when he sees her walking through our backyard.  When the snow started to fall on Sunday, I worried about whether or not she had found shelter.  By the time the temperature plunged to 3 degrees, I feared the worst.  As the days passed, I became more and more convinced that I would never see her again.  On Thursday, however, I looked outside and I saw her proudly walking down the snow-covered sidewalk as if she didn’t have a care in the world.   I’ve seen her everyday since.  I’ve never been more thankful to see a stray.

Here’s what I watched, read, and listened to this week.  Because of everything that went on, it’s a short list.

Films I Watched:

  1. Carrie (1976)
  2. The Fighter (2011)
  3. Mystery Liner (1934)
  4. Slugs (1988)
  5. Spellbinder (1988)
  6. Wildflower (2016)

Television Shows I Watched:

  1. ‘Allo ‘Allo
  2. American Idol
  3. The Bachelor
  4. Bar Rescue
  5. Court Cam
  6. The District
  7. Friends
  8. Hell’s Kitchen
  9. Hill Street Blues
  10. I Lived With A Killer
  11. The Masked Dancer
  12. Open All Hours
  13. Saved By The Bell
  14. Saved By The Bell: The College Years
  15. Seinfeld
  16. South Park
  17. Temptation Island
  18. Tough as Nails
  19. WandaVision
  20. Yes, Minister

Books I Read:

  1. One Lonely Night (1951) by Mickey Spillane

Music To Which I Listened:

  1. Adi Ulmansky
  2. Big Data
  3. Britney Spears
  4. Cage the Elephant
  5. The Chemical Brothers
  6. Daft Punk
  7. deadmua5
  8. Dua Lipa
  9. Fatboy Slim
  10. Haim
  11. Hans Zimmer
  12. Icona Pop
  13. Jake Bugg
  14. John Carpenter
  15. Joywave
  16. Kaskade
  17. Kedr Livanskiy
  18. The KLF
  19. M/A/R/R/S
  20. Muse
  21. Phantogram
  22. The Prodigy
  23. Public Service Broadcasting
  24. Saint Motel
  25. Sleigh Bells
  26. Tiesto
  27. Upsahl

Awards Season:

  1. The Satellite Awards
  2. WGA Nominations
  3. Seattle Film Critics Society Winners
  4. Black Reel Nominations
  5. Makeup Artists and Hair Stylist Guild Nominations
  6. Vancouver Film Critics Nominations
  7. Nevada Film Critics Winners
  8. Iowa Film Critics Winners

News From Last Week:

  1. Edgar Wright to Direct Adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘The Running Man’ for Paramount
  2. ‘Fortnite’ Is the First Video Game to Host a Film Festival, with a Potential Audience of 350 Million
  3. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Are Getting a Divorce
  4. L.A. Sheriff’s Department Investigating Marilyn Manson Abuse Allegations
  5. Inside Hollywood’s Rush to Make the First GameStop Movie
  6. Prince Harry, Meghan Markle officially resign from all royal duties
  7. Half of all Brits don’t want to watch Oprah’s interview with Prince Harry, Meghan Markle
  8. Prince William ‘sad and shocked’ by Harry’s behavior toward the Queen: report
  9. Axed ‘Mandalorian’ actress Gina Carano: ‘I’m going to go down swinging’
  10. Living Dead Museum rises again to salute classic horror film
  11. ‘Silence of the Lambs’ Buffalo Bill house to become a bed and breakfast
  13. Golden Globes voters in tumult: Members accuse Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. of self-dealing, ethical lapses

Links From Last Week:

  1. Are streaming algorithms really damaging film?
  2. Hey, Remember That Florida Grim Reaper Guy?
  3. Why Do Democrats Pretend Andrew Cuomo Did a Good Job With COVID?
  4. Media’s gushing promotion of Gov. Cuomo looks pretty bad now
  5. Andrew Cuomo and the Lincoln Project were media-created debacles. What now?
  6. The Real Lincoln Project Scandal: Political grifter Steve Schmidt used homophobia to distract from his own sins—and everyone just let him get away with it
  7. 20 Black filmmakers who have changed Hollywood in the last century
  8. Who Else Is Ready for a Horror Video Game from the Marvel Universe?
  9. Overlooked Moments of Terror in Classic Disney Animation
  10. Grave Marker and Monument For Charles R. Saunders

Links From The Site:

  1. I reviewed One Lonely Night and announced that the Texas offices were down.
  2. Case reviewed Prince of Darkness and COVID!
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The Texas Offices Are Down!

Hi, everyone!

The Texas offices of the TSL are currently surrounded by 6 inches of snow and, due to rolling blackouts, the power situation is iffy.  Hopefully, the power situation will be a bit more stable come tomorrow.  Still, for this reason, it might be a few days before any of us down here in Texas get to watch, let alone review!, anything.  Since half of the site’s regular contributors work out of Texas, that means that posting might be a little bit light this week.  As always, we’ll make up for it once the snow has melted and the lights are staying on!

So, stay stafe, stay warm, and know that we’ll be back as soon as we can be!

Lisa’s Week In Review: 2/8/21 — 2/14/21

Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s snowing!  As I write this, it’s currently snowing outside!  For a full week, those of us in Texas were told that a huge winter storm was coming and …. well, hey, the weather report was right for once.  Anyway, I’m happy.  It’s beautiful and it’s romantic and it’s also extremely cold.  Actually, I’m not really all that happy about the extreme cold.  I mean, the snow looks good but then you go out and MY GOD!  (To quote my sister: “That negative 15 degree wind chill hits you in all the wrong places.”)  I don’t think we’re supposed to get up above freezing until next Friday so I guess that means I’ll be watching a lot of movies.  Of course, I seem to say that every week.  What can I say?  I’m an optimist.  I start every week with the assumption that I’m going to watch every single movie ever made while also writing history’s greatest novel in longhand.

It’s interesting, though.  I spent an entire week worrying over this gigantic blizzard that everyone insisted was coming our way.  I worried about the promise of single-digit temperatures and several inches of snow.  I was so worried that we were going to lose power or something similar.  And now, the snow has arrived and it’s lovely.  There’s probably a lesson somewhere in there.

Anyway, here’s what I watched, read, and listened to this week:

Films I Watched:

  1. Barefoot in the Park (1967)
  2. A Bullet For Pretty Boy (1970)
  3. The Avalanche Express (1979)
  4. The Food of the Gods (1976)
  5. The Forbidden Dance (1990)
  6. I Married A Witch (1942)
  7. Lambada (1990)
  8. The Love Witch (2016)
  9. My Bloody Valentine (1981)
  10. The Poltergeist Diaries (2021)
  11. The Principal (1987)
  12. Roman Holiday (1953)

Television Shows I Watched:

  1. 9-1-1
  2. 9-1-1: Lone Star
  3. America Undercover
  4. American Idol
  5. The Bachelor
  6. Bar Rescue
  7. Baywatch
  8. California Dreams
  9. Court Cam
  10. Crime Scene: The Vanishing At The Hotel Cecil
  11. Degrassi
  12. The District
  13. Dr. Phil
  14. Hells Kitchen
  15. Hill Street Blues
  16. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
  17. Law & Order
  18. The Love Boat
  19. Mannix
  20. The Masked Dancer
  21. The Office
  22. Open all Hours
  23. Parking Wars
  24. Saved By The Bell
  25. Seinfeld
  26. Tough as Nails
  27. Unsolved Mysteries
  28. Yes, Minister

Books I Read:

  1. Blood Aces: The Wild Ride of Benny Binion, the Texas Gangster Who Created Vegas Poker (2014) by Doug J. Swanson
  2. Secrets and Lies (2012) by Christine Keeler

Music To Which I Listened:

  1. Blanck Mass
  2. Bob Dylan
  3. Britney Spears
  4. Calvin Harris
  5. The Chemical Brothers
  6. Dua Lipa
  7. Elle King
  8. Haim
  9. Jake Bugg
  10. Kaskade
  11. Marc Collin
  12. Martin Garrix
  13. Martin Gore
  14. Moby
  15. Phantogram
  16. Radiohead
  17. Rebecca Black
  18. Saint Motel
  19. Taylor Swift
  20. Tomoyasu Hotei
  21. Upsahl

Awards Season:

  1. London Film Critic Circle Winners
  2. Toronto Film Critics Winners
  3. Washington D.C. Film Critics Winners
  4. Critics Choice Award Nominees
  5. Seattle Film Critics Nominees
  6. AARP Nominations
  7. DFW Critics Winners
  8. Dorian Award Nominees
  9. Utah Film Critics Winners

Links From Last Week:

  1. The Spymaster
  2. Searching for Shelley Duvall: The Reclusive Icon on Fleeing Hollywood and the Scars of Making ‘The Shining’
  3. Buffy Deserves Better Than Joss Whedon
  4. Disney Cancels The Mandalorian Star Gina Carano Over Provocative Social Media Posts
  5. Why Were They So Cruel to Britney Spears?
  6. I was an MTV VJ during peak Britney. ‘Framing Britney Spears’ made me ashamed … and hopeful

News From Last Week:

  1. Paramount Pictures Locks $2 Million Deal For Gabrielle Zevin Novel ‘Tomorrow, And Tomorrow, And Tomorrow;’ Temple Hill Producing
  2. A24 Buys Explicit Sundance Movie ‘Pleasure’ About L.A. Porn Business
  3.  Pioneering Hollywood casting director Lynn Stalmaster dies
  4. Rowena Morrill (1944-2021)
  5. We Know the Best Picture Oscar Contenders, but No One Knows Who’s Watching Them
  6. Justin Timberlake Apologizes to Britney Spears and Janet Jackson: ‘I Failed’
  7. ‘The Bachelor’ Under Fire for Contestant’s Social Media Controversy & Chris Harrison Commentary That ‘Perpetuates Racism’
  8. Chris Harrison Briefly ‘Stepping Aside’ From ‘The Bachelor’ in Wake of Racist Controversy
  9. Former ‘Bachelorette’ Rachel Lindsay Says She Will Not Renew Her Contract With Franchise, Addressing Chris Harrison Controversy
  10. Gina Carano Hits Back, Announces New Movie Project With Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire: “They Can’t Cancel Us If We Don’t Let Them”
  11. Charisma Carpenter accuses ‘Buffy’ creator Joss Whedon of toxic and verbally abusive behavior
  12. Michelle Trachtenberg Said That Joss Whedon Wasn’t Allowed To Be Alone In A Room With Her On “Buffy”
  13. Buffy’s Sarah Michelle Gellar, Michelle Trachtenberg and More React to Charisma Carpenter’s Joss Whedon Allegations
  14. ‘Firefly’ Writer Jose Molina Says Joss Whedon Bragged About Making Female Writers Cry
  15. Britney Spears’ father loses bid to retain control of delegating her investments

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Happy Valentine’s Day From The Cats and the Humans at Through The Shattered Lens

To all of our readers, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today is not going to be an easy Valentine’s Day.  A lot of humans have had to cancel their plans because of bad weather, including the flame-haired one.  She has been complaining nonstop since Thursday!  Me, I haven’t been outside since last week because it’s too cold and there’s all sorts of birds and squirrels and who knows what else out in the back yard!  A cat’s work is never done and I can’t do my work until the temperature gets back above freezing!  Meh!

But Valentine’s Day isn’t about what you do or where you go.  It’s about loving what you love.  Some humans love other humans.  Me, I love Temptations snacks, playing with my toys, and sleeping 10 hours a day.  That’s what Valentine’s Day is all about to me.

Whatever Valentine’s Day is about to you, we all hope that you are having a good and a safe one!  Happy Valentine’s Day to all!  Be kind to those you love and never, ever forget the cats and the humans in your life!




Lisa’s Week In Review: 2/1/21 — 2/7/21

What a long week!

Don’t get me wrong, it was a good week.  As far as this site is concerned, I got a lot done.  I’m most proud of the fact that I wrote about my 30 favorite films of 2020.  I’m very happy about how that post worked out and I’m also proud of myself for watching enough good movies that it was actually very easy to come up with a credible list of 30.  I’m proud of myself!  Wait — did I already say that?  See, that’s how tired I am.  I’m repeating myself!

Speaking of being tired, I was going to write about how I deal with anxiety but, to be honest, anxiety will still be a thing a few weeks from now and hopefully, I won’t be exhausted while putting the finishing touches on my week in review.  So, writing about anxiety can wait.

(Actually, the main way I deal with anxiety — and you’re going to think I’m lying but I’m not — is by putting on an old episode of Degrassi in the background.  It calms me down.  Maybe it’s because I’ve seen every episode so many times that I know exactly what’s coming.  Part of the comfort of rewatching something is knowing that, no matter what might happen in the world, those old episodes are always going to be the same.  It doesn’t have to be Degrassi.  It could be music.  It could be a beloved movie.  It could be someone chanting from the Necronomicon.  The familiar can be very helpful.)

For now, I just want to get some rest.  And I want to let you know what I watched, read, and listened to last week!

Films I Watched:

  1. Alex Wheatle (2020)
  2. Dazed and Confused (1993)
  3. Destroy All Monsters (1968)
  4. Education (2020)
  5. Ford v Ferrari (2019)
  6. Groundhog Day (1993)
  7. The Last Laugh (2020)
  8. The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue (1975)
  9. Malcolm & Marie (2021)
  10. Promising Young Woman (2020)
  11. The Scarlet Claw (1944)
  12. Soul (2020)

Television Shows I Watched:

  1. 9-1-1
  2. 9-1-1: Lone STar
  3. ‘allo ‘allo
  4. The Bachelor
  5. Bar Rescue
  6. The Bold and the Beautiful
  7. City Confidential
  8. Coronation Street
  9. Court Cam
  10. Days of Our Lives
  11. Degrassi
  12. The District
  13. Dr. Phil
  14. The Equalizer
  15. Fawlty Towers
  16. Friends
  17. General Hospital
  18. Hell’s Kitchen
  19. Hill Street Blues
  20. The Kitten Bowl
  21. The Love Boat
  22. The Masked Dancer
  23. The Musketeers
  24. The Office
  25. Open All Hours
  26. Saved by The Bell
  27. Seinfeld
  28. Super Bowl
  29. Unforgotten II
  30. WandaVision
  31. Wonder Woman
  32. Yes, Minister
  33. The Young and the Restless

Books I Read:

  1. Murder By Design: The Usnane Cinema of Dario Argento (2020) by Troy Howarth

Music To Which I Listened:

  1. Big Data
  2. Britney Spears
  3. Broken Bells
  4. Cage the Elephant
  5. The Chemical Brothers
  6. The Crystal Method
  7. Depeche Mode
  8. Desire
  9. Fiona Apple
  10. Gwen Stefani
  11. Miley Cyrus
  12. Phantogram
  13. The Prodigy
  14. REM
  15. Saint Motel
  16. Selena Gomez
  17. Space 92
  18. Talking Heads
  19. Taylor Swift
  20. Tiesto
  21. The Ting Tings
  22. twenty one pilots
  23. The Weeknd
  24. Yvonne Elliman

Live Tweets

  1. Through the Shattered Lens Live Tweets Super Bowl Sunday!

Awards Season:

  1. Washington D.C. Area Film Critics Association Nominations
  2. SAG Nominations
  3. Golden Globe Nominations
  4. Winners at Sundance
  5. NAACP Image Award Nominations
  6. Hollywood Critics Association Nominations
  7. Atlanta Film Critics Circle Winners
  8. Satellite Nominations

Best of 2020:

  1. Top 30 Films of 2020 (Lisa Marie Bowman)


  1. Old
  2. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
  3. Raya and the Last Dragon
  4. Coming 2 America

Links From Last Week:

  1. ‘Malcolm & Marie’ and the Double-Edged Sword of Hype
  2. No Real Super Bowl Movie Trailers This Year Feels Like The End Of An Era, And That Sucks
  3. Britney Spears Documentary Brings Validity to #FreeBritney Movement, While Putting Misogynistic Media on Blast
  4. Kickin’ The Willy Bobo With…DEMOND THOMPSON

News From Last Week:

  1. Hilaria Baldwin Apologizes For Spanish Debacle: ‘I Should Have Been More Clear’
  2. Armie Hammer Dropped by WME
  3. Jennifer Lawrence Injured on Set of ‘Don’t Look Up’
  4. Marvel’s ‘Blade’ Movie Finds Its Writer in ‘Watchmen’ Scribe
  5. Hal Holbrook, Emmy and Tony-Winning Actor Who Portrayed Mark Twain, Dies at 95
  6. Saved by The Bell Star Dustin Diamond Dies in Cape Coral
  7. Christopher Plummer dies at 91
  8. Haya Harareet Dies: Israeli Actress Who Starred In ‘Ben-Hur’ Was 89
  9. Jamie Tarses, trailblazing ‘Friends’ and ‘Frasier’ TV exec, dead at 56

Links From The Site:

  1. Erin shared Double Rainbow, 12 Against The Law, The Marriage Rite, Like Ice She Was, Smashing Detective Stories, Tough Guy, and Sport Story Magazine!
  2. Doc shared his Kitten Bowl predictions!
  3. Along with his super bowl predictions, Jeff shared music videos from Europe, Rick Springfield, AC/DC, Violent Femmes, Whitesnake, Winger, and Toto!  Jeff also congratulated the winners of the Super Bowl!
  4. Ryan reviewed A New Leash on Life!
  5. I reviewed Malcolm & Marie and I paid tribute to John Ford, Christopher Plummer, Francois Truffaut, and Greydon Clark!  I also wrote about my favorite Super Bowl commercials!

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Lisa’s Week In Review: 1/25/21 — 1/31/21

I haven’t read it yet but it’s on my list.

This week moved really fast.  From Monday to Wednesday, everything was about the stock market and now everything’s about …. well, to be honest, I don’t really know what everything’s about now.  I’ve been busy watching movies and making my plans for the rest of the year.

I’ll get to this one as soon as I finish the stock investing book.

When last I checked, Reddit was being blamed for every bad thing that’s ever happened in this country.  For the next four years, random people on the internet are going to be the scapegoat of choice.  There’s going to be a lot of breathless reporting about message boards and underground forums.  Remember when Brooke Baldwin was on CNN and she mentioned that she had seen a lot of talk of a “powerful hacker named 4Chan?”  It’s going to be like that, only a hundred times more annoying.  Right now, across the country, boomers are watching their favorite cable news channel and saying, “If we got Bin Laden, why can’t we take out this Reddit person?”

If I ever learn German, I’ll check it out.

Personally, my main thought on the whole stock market thing is that it’s just too bad that The Office is no longer on the air because they could have done a great show about Pennsylvania redditors forcing up Dunder Mifflin’s stock price.  Just imagine how excited Michael would have gotten until Oscar explained to him that the stock would eventually go back down.  Oh well.  I guess we’ll have to wait until Steven Soderbergh makes a movie about it.  It’ll have a soundtrack of mid-tempo jazz and Meryl Streep will play four different characters.

At the risk of being simplistic, sometimes you just have to concentrate on what makes you happy.  I love movies and that’s what I’ve largely devoted this week to.  I should be posting my picks for the best films of 2020 tomorrow.  On the one hand, it feels a bit silly to post a list of the best films of 2020 in February in 2021 but, on the other hand, what was I supposed to do?  Just pretend like some very good films didn’t exist just because I hadn’t gotten a chance to see them yet?

Speaking of watching movies, here’s what I watched this week:

Films I Watched:

  1. Artemis Fowl (2020)
  2. Assassin 33 A.D. (2020)
  3. Bobbie Joe and the Outlaw (1976)
  4. Death of Me (2020)
  5. Dolittle (2020)
  6. Emma (2020)
  7. The Final Terror (1983)
  8. First Cow (2020)
  9. Gone In 60 Seconds (1974)
  10. The Life Ahead (2020)
  11. Lovers Rock (2020)
  12. Never Rarely Sometimes Always (2020)
  13. Ode to Billy Joe (1976)
  14. One Night in Miami (2020)
  15. Palm Springs (2020)
  16. The Prom (2020)
  17. She Dies Tomorrow (2020)
  18. Sound of Metal (2020)
  19. Swimfan (2002)
  20. Witches (1961)

Television Shows I Watched:

  1. 9-1-1
  2. 9-1-1: Lone Star
  3. The Bachelor
  4. Bar Rescue
  5. The Bold and the Beautiful
  6. The Chase
  7. Cheaters
  8. Coronation Street
  9. Couples Court with the Cutlers
  10. Days of Our Lives
  11. The District
  12. Dr. Phil
  13. General Hospital
  14. Ghost Whisperer
  15. Hell’s Kitchen
  16. Hill Street Blues
  17. King of the Hill
  18. Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court
  19. Law & Order
  20. The Love Boat
  21. The Office
  22. Police Story
  23. Saved By The Bell
  24. Seinfeld
  25. The Simpsons
  26. South Park
  27. The Twilight Zone
  28. Yes, Minister
  29. The Young and the Restless

Books I Read:

  1. The Beginning or the End: How Hollywood―and America―Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (2020) by Greg Mitchell
  2. The Big Goodbye: Chinatown and the Last Days of Hollywood (2020) by Sam Wasson
  3. Gone at Midnight: The Tragic True Story Behind the Unsolved Internet Sensation (2020) by Jake Anderson
  4. Reckless (2020) by Ed Brubaker

Music To Which I Listened To:

  1. Above & Beyond
  2. Adele
  3. Armin van Buuren
  4. Big Data
  5. Bob Dylan
  6. Britney Spears
  7. The Chemical Brothers
  8. Chromatics
  9. Chrysta Bell
  10. Coldplay
  11. Courtney Barnett
  12. Daft Punk
  13. deadmau5
  14. Dillon Francis
  15. Dua Lipa
  16. Fitz and the Tantrums
  17. Fiona Apple
  18. Haim
  19. i_o
  20. Icona Pop
  21. Jakalope
  22. Jessie Frye
  23. Kate Vogel
  24. Lady Gaga
  25. Linkin Park
  26. Muse
  27. Phantogram
  28. The Prodigy
  29. Purity Ring
  30. Saint Motel
  31. Selena Gomez
  32. Space 92
  33. UPSHAL
  34. Zeds Dead

Awards Season:

  1. Hollywood Music In Media Awards
  2. New York Film Critics Online Winners
  3. North Texas Film Critics Association Winners
  4. National Board of Review Winners
  5. Independent Spirit Nominations
  6. Online Film Critics Winners
  7. AFI Top Ten
  8. North Texas Film Critics Association Nominations
  9. Kansas City Film Critics Winners

Best of 2020:

  1. The Best of Lifetime (Lisa Marie Bowman)
  2. 12 Good Things I Saw On Television in 2020 (Lisa Marie Bowman)
  3. Lisa Marie’s Top 8 Novels of 2020 (Lisa Marie Bowman)
  4. Lisa Marie’s Top 8 Non-Fiction Books of 2020 (Lisa Marie Bowman)
  5. Lisa Marie’s 20 Favorite Songs of 2020 (Lisa Marie Bowman)
  6. Lisa Marie’s 16 Worst Films of 2020 (Lisa Marie Bowman)

Links From Last Week:

  1. The World’s Most Dangerous Theme Park – Welcome To “Class Action Park!” My “Cult Movie Monday” Has This Riveting New Documentary!
  2. It’s time for major institutions to make their employees get off of Twitter
  3. The Greatest Hollywood Memoir Ever Written
  4. Oscar’s Best Picture Race Should Include a Documentary This Year

News From Last Week:

  1. BAFTA Extends Awards Eligibility Period Through 2021 Calendar Year
  2. AMC Raises $917 Million to Weather ‘Dark Coronavirus-Impacted Winter’
  3. Anheuser-Busch Pulls Budweiser From Super Bowl Ad Lineup
  4. GameStop Stock Soars as Reddit Investors Take On Wall Street
  5. Billionaire Mark Cuban says his 11-year-old son made money with Wall Street Bets traders and he ‘loves’ what’s going on with the Reddit forum
  6. Not just a U.S. phenomenon — the Reddit investing frenzy has spread overseas
  7. Republicans in Washington warn Wall Street: The GameStop populists are more powerful than you think
  8. Cloris Leachman, Emmy and Oscar Winner, Dies at 94
  9. Cyberpunk developers ask players to please stop having sex with Keanu Reeves
  10. Cicely Tyson, purposeful and pioneering actor, dead at 96
  11. Sophie, Who Pushed the Boundaries of Pop Music, Dies at 34
  12. Hollywood Is Leaving COVID Safety To Ill-Prepared Assistants Who Say They Have No Idea What They’re Doing
  13. CODA’ Sparking Sundance Bidding War Following Rapturous Premiere — How High Can It Go?
  14. Lindsay Lohan Asks TikTok User to Take Down Viral Cameo
  15. Armie Hammer Exits Making of ‘The Godfather’ Drama Series at Paramount Plus
  16. The Academy Announces The Films Eligible For Best Animated, Documentary & International Feature For The 93rd Academy Awards
  17. Melvin Capital Lost 53% in January, Hurt by GameStop and Other Bets
  18. 21 Men Accuse Lincoln Project Co-Founder of Online Harassment

Links From The Site:

  1. Erin shared: Look Behind You Lady, Waterfront Cop, The Episode of the Wandering Knife, Wanton For Murder, Not So Funny, Murder by Latitude, and Let the Night Cry!
  2. Jeff shared music videos from Styx, Crash Test Dummies, Rodney Dangerfield, Heaven 17, Guns N Roses, INXS, and REM!
  3. Ryan reviewed Even More Diary Comics From A Relative Nobody, Jeremy, and The Age of Elves!
  4. I reviewed Artemis Fowl and Dolittle. I shared my January Oscar predictions!  I paid tribute to Norman Mailer, Michael Anderson, Ernst Lubitsch, and Cloris Leachman!

More From Us:

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  6. At her photography site, Erin shared: January 25th, January 26th, January 27th, January 28th, January 29th, January 30th, and God Bless Texas!

Want to see what I did last week?  Click here!

Have a good week!  We’ve got the Golden Globes nominations and a whole lot of other stuff to look forward to!  Stay safe!

Lisa’s Week In Review: 1/18/21 — 1/24/21

I’ve lost a lot of people over the past four years.

They haven’t died, as much as they’ve vanished down the various rabbit holes that opened up after the election of Donald Trump.  A few of my acquaintances jumped down the MAGA rabbit hole.  However, since the majority of the people I know tend to lean towards the left, an even larger number of them disappeared down the Resistance rabbit hole.  A few of them, both on the right and the left, never returned.  Those that did make it back to the surface usually returned as different people.  It was as if they’d entered the Black Lodge and their doppelganger had returned while the person they had once been remained behind the red curtains.  People who had previously been witty and properly skeptical of outlandish conspiracy theories were suddenly spending all of their time talking about shadowy organizations and cartoonish villainy.  Discussions of art and creativity were replaced with dark talk of revolution and revenge.  I watched with growing sadness as some of my favorite writers went from writing thought-provoking stories and reviews and instead transformed into the type of people who stayed on twitter for 24 hours a day, replying to every Trump or Pelosi tweet and defending even obvious grifters like Lin Wood and Michael Avenatti.  I’ve watched as some former friends went full anti-Vaxxer while others started to find evidence of secret conspiracies in even the most mundane of events.

(It was never enough, of course, that they felt they had found evidence.  You were expected to see it too or you ran the risk of being accused of being a part of the cover-up.)

For the past four years, as paranoia and perpetual rage have been normalized, I’ve watched one mental collapse after another.  What was particularly upsetting was knowing that, while the majority of these people were at least sincere in their delusions (i.e., they truly believed that they were battling an immense conspiracy and that their tweets were the only thing standing between freedom and subjugation), the leaders that they were following and looking to for direction often were not.

Naively, I hoped that the election would provide some sort of relief or, at the very least, people would mentally have no choice but to start moving on.  Instead, some of the same people who previously pointed out that the Russian collusion theories didn’t really make much sense suddenly accepted the existence of an even bigger and more improbable conspiracy, all designed to steal the election from the man they supported for president.  The riot that occurred at the Capitol has resulted in both a new round of conspiracy theories and, far more ominously, new calls for an enhanced surveillance state.  By being so quick to buy into all of the various conspiracy theories, people may have brought about the very world that they believed they were stopping.

On Wednesday, we changed presidents and despite all the claims that Trump was going to apparently going to lock himself in the Oval Office, he instead flew down to Florida.  I’m not even going to guess what’s going to happen over the next four years.  All I know for sure is that I’m going to miss the people who have disappeared down those rabbit holes.  I still hold onto hope that they can eventually make it back but that hope is fading.  Once you buy into a conspiracy, it’s really hard to get your money back.

(On the plus side, the AV Club has announced that they’ll no longer be covering Trump.  Personally, I’m of the opinion that they should have never have started in the first place.  In fact, I would argue that….)

Okay, sorry.  Moving on!

In other news, it’s been a rainy and cold week down here in Texas.  I’m not complaining because I know that we’ll be back to 100-degree weather in just a few months.  I’ve currently got a cold but I’m trying not to complain as much as usual because, obviously, a cold is nothing compared to what’s currently out there.  It’s interesting to think that, a year ago at this time, the “experts” were stills saying that COVID fears were overblown and that there was no need for people to start wearing masks.  Now, 12 months later, you’re liable to get a dirty look if you leave your house only wearing one mask as opposed to two or three.

We had a nice big thunderstorm today and I was happy for that.  I always love ending the week with the chaos of thunder and lightning.

In conclusion….

Yes, yes, I know.  I have rambled on a bit today but if not now, when?  Anyway, here’s what I watched, read, and listened to this week!

Films I Watched:

  1. Body Bags (1993)
  2. Hell or High Water (2016)
  3. La Dolce Vita (1960)
  4. Let Them All Talk (2020)
  5. Lisa (1989)
  6. Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom (2020)
  7. The Outpost (2020)
  8. The Pay-Off (1942)
  9. Roped (2020)
  10. The Third Man (1949)
  11. The Trial of the Chicago 7 (2020)
  12. The Wrong Man (1956)

Television Shows I Watched:

  1. 9-1-1
  2. 9-1-1: Lone Star
  3. Agatha Christie’s England
  4. ‘Allo ‘Allo
  5. Antiques Roadshow
  6. The Bachelor
  7. Bar Rescue
  8. The Bold and the Beautiful
  9. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
  10. The Cafe
  11. The Chase
  12. Cheaters
  13. Community
  14. Coronation Street
  15. Coupling
  16. Days of our Lives
  17. Degrassi Junior High
  18. Degrassi High
  19. Degrassi: New Class
  20. Degrassi: The Next Generation
  21. Dr. Phil
  22. Euphoria
  23. Fawlty Towers
  24. Friends
  25. General Hospital
  26. Ghost Whisperer
  27. Hell’s Kitchen
  28. Hill Street Blues
  29. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
  30. King of the Hill
  31. Kolchak: The Night Stalker
  32. The Listener
  33. The Love Boat
  34. Mister Winner
  35. Monty Python’s Flying Circus
  36. The Musketeers
  37. The Office
  38. The Office (UK)
  39. Open All Hours
  40. Parking Wars
  41. Pawn Stars
  42. Police Story
  43. Robot Chicken
  44. Saved By The Bell
  45. Seinfeld
  46. The Simpsons
  47. The Sopranos
  48. Twin Peaks
  49. Twin Peaks: The Return
  50. U.S. Figure Skating Championship
  51. The Vicar of Dibley
  52. Walker
  53. Yes, Minister
  54. The Young and the Restless

Books I Read:

  1. From Blood and Ash (2020) by Jennifer Armentrout
  2. Plain Bad Heroines (2020) by Emily M. Danforth
  3. Regretting You (2020) by Colleen Hoover
  4. Sunk Without a Sound: The Tragic Colorado River Honeymoon of Glen and Bessie Hyde (2001) by Brad Dimock

Music To Which I Listened:

  1. Above and Beyond
  2. Adi Ulmansky
  3. Armin van Buuren
  4. Ashlee Simpson
  5. Bee Gees
  6. Big Data
  7. Billie Eilish
  8. Blanck Mass
  9. Bob Dylan
  10. The Brady Bunch
  11. Britney Spears
  12. Cage the Elephant
  13. Camila Cabello
  14. The Chemical Brothers
  15. Chris Willis
  16. Chromatics
  17. Chrystal Bell
  18. Codeplay
  19. Daft Punk
  20. David Gray
  21. David Guetta
  22. deadmau5
  23. Donna Summer
  24. Drake
  25. Fatboy Slim
  26. Fitz and the Tantrums
  27. Franka Potente
  28. Icona Pop
  29. Jakalope
  30. Jake Bugg
  31. John Carpenter
  32. Julee Cruise
  33. The KLF
  34. Lara Snow
  35. M/A/R/R/S
  36. Marlhy
  37. Muse
  38. Nine Inch Nails
  39. Nova Rockafeller
  40. Phantogram
  41. The Prodigy
  42. Public Service Broadcasting
  43. The Robber Who Robbed The Town
  44. Run DMC
  45. Saint Motel
  46. Scarlett Johansson
  47. Selena Gomez
  48. Sleigh Bells
  49. Steve Aoki
  50. Swedish House Mafia
  51. Talking Heads
  52. Tiesto
  53. twenty-one pilots
  54. Upsahl
  55. The Verve
  56. The Who
  57. Yvonne Elliman

Awards Season Links

  1. Philadelphia Film Critics Winners
  2. Hollywood Music In Media Nominations
  3. San Francisco Bay Area Critics Circle Winners
  4. Denver Film Critics Society Winners
  5. Houston Film Critics Society Winners
  6. Online Film Critics Society Nominations
  7. Black Film Critics Circle Winners

News From Last Week:

  1. Oklahoma lawmaker proposes Bigfoot trapping season
  2. ‘A Quiet Place 2’ Gets New Release Date
  3. Disney Moves ‘The King’s Man’ Release Date to August
  4. ‘No Time To Die’ Release Date Pushed to October
  5. Sony’s Camila Cabello ‘Cinderella’ Dances To Summer, ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ To Fall, ‘Uncharted’ Eyes 2022 & More
  6. Every New Movie Release Date Delay This Week
  7. Larry King, legendary talk show host, dies at 87
  8. Piers Morgan Receives Backlash for His Larry King Tribute Following the Legend’s Death
  9. Mira Furlan, Actress on ‘Lost’ and ‘Babylon Five’ Dies at 65
  10. Screenwriter Walter Bernstein dies at 101
  11. Hank Aaron dead at 86: Baseball’s forever home run king was a true American hero
  12. Health Professionals Hope Hank Aaron’s Death Won’t Deter People From Getting Vaccinated
  13. Pixar’s “Soul” blows up Disney Plus, Nielsen says
  14. The Washington Post Tried To Memory-Hole Kamala Harris’ Bad Joke About Inmates Begging for Food and Water
  15. Oscars 2021: Who’s up, who’s down, and where you can watch all of this year’s contenders
  16. Hamilton’ Returns to Dallas as Part of Dallas Summer Musicals 2021-2022 Season
  17. Jackson Michie faced drug withdrawal on BB21; Big Brother casting director quit for BB23
  18. Kenneth Branagh to Play U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Michael Winterbottom Drama for Sky
  19. Sylvester Stallone lists LA mansion for jaw-dropping $130M
  21. Saved by the Bell: Mario Lopez Supports Dustin Diamond’s Cancer Fight
  22. Phil Collins Finally Got His Ex-Wife to Move Out of His $40 Million Mansion After “Armed Occupation and Takeover”

Links From Last Week:

  1. Franco Nero Strikes Again
  2. Celebrating Martin Luther King Day…”Dream. Believe. Unite. Do.” A Powerful Kelly Clarkson Performance…
  3. The Best Trump-Era TV: Watchmen, Chernobyl, and more
  4. The Woman Who Read Hank Aaron’s Hate Mail
  5. Can Billie Eilish Propel Philosophy Away from Old Men?
  6. The Most Terrible Things Spider-Man Has Ever Done
  7. Every WWE Studios Horror Movie Ranked From Worst To Best
  8. Bite Into This Booze Burger! Tokyo’s Got Your Alcohol-Soaked Cheeseburger! Here Are Details – Plus My Favorite “Plastic Food!”
  9. Cancel Culture Comes for Will Wilkinson
  10. I’m No Longer Sorry For Who I Am
  11. Thursday Movie Picks: Police Detectives
  12. My Hemingway Wish
  13. Diamondback: It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

Links From The Site:

  1. Leonard shared the trailer for Godzilla vs. King Kong!
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  3. Jeff shared music videos from Elliott Smith, Europe, Men At Work, KISS, Ollie and Jerry, Eddie Money, and Pink Floyd!
  4. Ryan reviewed The Kingdom of Raspberry Blue Untitled, Star Kisses From The Queen, and Castrovalva!
  5. I paid tribute to Edgar Allan Poe, John Boorman, David Lynch, Radley Metzger, and Henry King!  I reviewed The Trial of the Chicago 7, The Outpost, Roped, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, and Let Them All Talk!

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Or maybe just 9 hours.