Spring Training Has Begun!

Football is over and Spring Training has begun!

I know that the Shattered Lens isn’t a sports fan but I love the Rangers and I can’t wait to see how they do this season.  I can’t wait for more memories like this one:


The season officially starts on April 2nd! Good luck to my Rangers and to every other team (even the Blue Jays)!

My Super Bowl Predictions

Since we are only a few hours away from the big game, I better get my Super Bowl predictions in.

I predict that the final score will be:

New England Patriots — 32

Atlanta Falcons — 17

After winning his fifth Super Bowl, Tom Brady will announce his retirement, run against Elizabeth Warren in 2018, and will be elected President in 2028.

Congratulations, Mr. President!


Thank You!

To our wonderful readers:

We hope you have enjoyed Christmas here on the Shattered Lens!  Today is not only Christmas but it’s also the 7-year anniversary of the founding of this website!  Thank you to everyone who has every read a post, left a comment, or decided to subscribe!  As much fun as it is for us to share our opinions, it’s the readers who make all of this worthwhile!

We know that 2016 has been a difficult year for many of you.  It’s been a difficult year for some members our own family as well.  However, 2016 is nearly over.  And we’re going to do everything we can to make 2017 a good one for everyone!

With all that in mind, thank you for reading and we hope you’ll continue to read in the future!

Y’all are the best!

And now, as Christmas ends, here’s one final gift to you.  Here’s a video of a Jedi kitten, courtesy of Zach King, aka FinalCutKing.  Zach may not have won the Amazing Race but he certainly knows how to make adorable kittens do amazing things!


Merry Christmas, Canada!


Well, today’s the biggest day of the year!  Today, people across the world will be wishing each other a happy holiday.  Here at the Shattered Lens Bunker, we’ve got a lot planned for today but, before anything else, I want to wish a Merry Christmas to one of my favorite counties, Canada!  Not only have countless Lifetime films been shot in Canada but it’s also the native land of some of my favorite filmmakers and performers!

And did I mention that Canada is also the home of … Degrassi!?

So, allow me to star this day by saying, “Merry Christmas, Canada!  And thank you for everything!”

A Merry Christmas and Enjoy the Greatest Christmas Film Ever Made!


We celebrate the 7th year anniversary of the site and we continue a yearly holiday ritual over here at Through the Shattered Lens. I present to all of you readers, visitors and passer-byes the greatest holiday film ever created since forever, ever. I know it’s one that resident anime contributor pantsukudasai56 looks forward to each and every Christmas.

It is a film full of joy and happiness. Of giving and sharing with loved ones that which matters most. This is a film that best describes what Through the Shattered Lens stands for and works towards.

It even has a scene straight out of a Disney classic.

So, from all of us at Through the Shattered Lens….