This Week’s “Peaks” : Part Eight (Spoilers Abound)

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Oh, fuck me — I wouldn’t want to be the first person to “go live” with their review of part eight of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s Twin Peaks 2017/Twin Peaks : The Return/Twin Peaks season three. I couldn’t handle the responsibility.

Here’s what we know for sure — about eight hours ago, Peter Deming, who oughtta know because he shot the thing, tweeted this :

Fans promptly went into frenzied speculative overdrive, because that’s what fans do : was this the night the “real” Agent Cooper would return? Would Michael Ontkean be putting in his long-rumored cameo? Would we finally learn what “Blue Rose” meant for certain? Was somebody gonna — gasp! — die?

What it’s safe to say no one expected was an epi — sorry, a part — so visually, thematically, indeed constituitionally flabbergasting and surreal that it makes part three look like child’s…

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Tangling With The “Shirtless Bear-Fighter!”

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One of the chief gripes that a lot of folks who’ve fallen away from comics over the years have is that the medium just takes itself way too fucking seriously these days — and I have to admit that, looking over much of the output that comes from the “Big Two” (as well as a number of independent publishers), these past (and hopefully future) readers do have something of a point. A quick glance through the pages of almost any randomly-chosen five or six “floppies” on the racks of your LCS are enough to make anyone think that “dark,somber, and brooding” is the order of the day in what were once thought of as “funnybooks.” Which isn’t to say that many of these (overly?) serious titles aren’t involving, interesting, smart, and maybe even fun, in their own way — but goddamnit, whatever happened to stupid fun?

Well, it may be…

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“Land Of The” — Sorry, “Revenge Of The Lost”

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Dinosaurs! You love ’em, I love ’em, everybody loves ’em — and we love ’em even more when they look cheap.

The good news is that if you’ve got a low-rent dinosaur itch, there’s  a brand-new (2017 release date and all) number available for streaming on Amazon Prime called Revenge Of The Lost that’s sure to scratch it for you. The bad news is that aside from the admirably cheesy practical-effects dinos, it’s not a flick that really has much else going for it.

The brainchild of director/co-writer/producer/star Erik Franklin and co-writer/producer Daniel Husser’s less-than-imaginatively named Franklin-Husser Entertainment, a Seattle-based production outfit that apparently has some ambitious plans for the future, this is a film that fell far short of its fundraising goal on Indiegogo, but what the hell — our intrepid Pacific Northwest auteurs didn’t let that stop ’em from unleashing their debut opus on the world, and…

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Rough week for us #SnarkAlecs; But family sticks together.

As most of you you know, us #SnarkAlecs are a family; each and every one of us. And when something happens to one of us, it happens to each of us.

As a family we have suffered several great losses this week.

The first happened with the passing of our #SnarkAlec Sister Amy Fegaro. At this time it is not sure exactly her cause of death. Her fiancee, Patrick found her unresponsive and they were not able to revive her. Amy was one of the funniest, and at the same time, honest person I have ever known.

Not that that was enough.

Our Sister #SnarkAlec, Janeen lost her Mother. I have never met Janeen’s Mother, but have had many conversations with Janeen about her.  She is a very special woman. She passed away peacefully, which is is some comfort, but there is no words to describe the loss of a parent.

And, lastly, (hopefully for a while)

Our Brother #SnarkAlec Steve Seigh (and Sister #SnarkAlec Bronwyn Kelly’s husband) Lost his Grandmother. Jazz singer, healer and pancake maker.

As much as we all Snark things together; when tragedy strikes our family we all bond together as a family!

Condolences, sharing, and financial pages are being set up now. More on those soon.

I don’t know how to express the deep sadness I feel for the loss my #SnarkAlec family has suffered. This is just a few words I could share.

I love each and every #SnarkAlec family member!




This Week’s “Peaks” : Part Seven (Spoilers Abound)

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Right off the top of my head : what’s Andy doing wearing a Rolex?

Oh, sure, there are many larger and more important things to ponder after watching part seven of Daid Lynch and Mark Frost’s Twin Peaks 2017/Twin Peaks : The Return/Twin Peaks season three than Harry Goaz’ timepiece, but when you see a small-town deputy who probably earns 40 grand a year if he’s lucky riding around with $10,000 on his wrist, it sticks out.

Although, in fairness, so does the following : Laura Dern’s Diane telling everyone she comes into contact with “fuck you” at least once (and is it just me or does she have a special level of enmity for Chrysta Bell’s Tammy Preston?); Jerry Horne (David Patrick Kelly) getting so stoned he can’t find his car; Janey-E (Naomi Watts) dealing with the cops every bit as effectively as she dealt with…

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The Ghosts Of ’70s Horror Haunt “Winnebago Graveyard”

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One nice thing about reviewing a new book a couple of days after it comes out rather than a couple of days before is that it gives you a chance to read what others have to say about it before sitting your ass down in front of the keyboard yourself. You can determine what other critics got right in their assessments, and what they got wrong. See what you agree with and disagree with. All that good stuff.

Take, for example, the first issue of the new Image Comics four-parter Winnebago Graveyard, which comes our way courtesy of veteran horror comics author Steve Niles (who created a little something you may have heard of called 30 Days Of Night before going on to, among other things, co-founding Black Mask Studios), architect-turned-artist Alison Sampson, and master of moody hues Stephane Paitreau. By and large people seem pretty pleased…

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