The Daily Grindhouse: The New York Ripper (dir. by Lucio Fulci)

I’ve decided to share my love of grindhouse films by posting periodical daily grindhouse choices. To inaugurate this new feature I’ve chosen a favorite early 80’s grindhouse flick straight from the mind of the maestro himself, Lucio Fulci.

The New York Ripper is one of Fulci’s contribution to the Italian cinema genre of gialli films. Giallo (gialli – plural) films have a colorful, no pun intended, history in Italian filmmaking and it’s Golden Age last from the 70’s all through the mid-80’s when the public’s appetite for them started to wane. This  Lucio Fulci entry into the giallo genre was not his first but it was one of his most infamous one’s for the fact that many people thought it’s depiction of women and their deaths on-screen was labeled as extremely misogynistic and cruel. The New York Ripper wasn’t even one of the better films in Fulci body of work, but the label of misogynism and having been banned from many countries or being shown only as a X-rated feature film brought it attention and made it a staple in the so-called “grindhouse” cinemas that were prevalent in the 70’s and 80’s.

The film liberally lifts its ideas from the famous “Jack the Ripper” true-crime investigation and transplants it, where else, but New York City. The killings were brutal to the point that I understood the outrage many had over them. What made this film a favorite of mine is not the controversy revolving over calls of misogynism or the near-pornographic scenes of violence, but the killer himself. As you shall see in the attached trailer for the film the duck voice and quacking you will hear is not a joke added into the trailer but part of the film’s titular character’s personality.

Yes, ladies and gents…Donald Duck is the New York Ripper!

Hottie of the Day: Ikeda Natsuki

The newest hottie of the day is the one and only Ms. Ikeda Natsuki.

Ms. Ikeda was born in Kanagawa of the Chiba Prefecture east of Tokyo. She is an up and coming gravure idol at the age of 21. While her popularity is still not on the same level as the those of the so-called super-gravure‘s like Ai Hoshino, Anri Sugihara and Takizawa Nonami is it getting there. Natsuki’s early career has been well-known for several popular modeling calendar and album photoshoots. One of her albums, Queen of the Soul, has been quite popular inside Japan and has gotten her noticed by Western gravure fans as well. Ms. Ikeda also has several DVDs of her photoshoots with the first titled, Taiyo no Hitomi.

Still quite young, Ms. Ikeda enjoys her career as a gravure idol and plans to continue her said career for the forseeable future. When asked why she liked this particular career she replied that she enjoyed shooting photos of every aspect of her body. That it made her feel quite sexy. Thank God for that!

AMC’s The Walking Dead gets KNB EFX

It looks like Frank Darabont’s TV adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s award-winning comic book title, The Walking Dead, just got closer to it’s production start. Shock Till You Drop has confirmed with Greg Nicotero of KNB EFX will be part of the AMC horror tv series. Nicotero (w/ co-founder Howard Berger) and the KNB visual effects house has done many of the horror, sci-fi and action films of the past decade. They last worked with Frank Darabont in the 2007 film-adaptation of Stephen King’s novella, The Mist. They’ve also been the premiere visual effects house when it comes to bringing the classic Romero zombie look and gore on the big-screen. Romero’s last three zombie films having  been done by KNB.

This news makes me even more hyped to see how The Walking Dead translates onto the small-screen. With zombie films starting to reach a plateau when it comes to quality (Romero’s latest Survival of the Dead being mediocre at best) it will be interesting how a series centered around a zombie apocalypse and the travails of the survivors would be seen by the general audience. Having KNB EFX will at least appease the zombie fans who will flock to see this series. The question now is whether AMC will allow enough of the graphic violence from the comic book series to be shown. I’m guessing they will if their other critical-darling drama series Breaking Bad is a way to measure how far AMC will go.

Here are some of the films KNB EFX have worked on.

  • Kill Bill, Vol. 1-2
  • Land of the Dead
  • Hostel
  • Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
  • Bubba Ho-Tep
  • Vanilla Sky
  • The Faculty
  • Sin City
  • The Cell
  • Men in Black
  • Ray
  • Casino
  • Pulp Fiction
  • Reservoir Dogs
  • Serenity
  • From Dusk til Dawn
  • Dances with Wolves

Source: Shock Till You Drop

Bloodshot Big-Screen Adaptation?

The gents at Latino Review have reported that Matthew Vaughn may have another superhero project in his future. This time it looks like Vaughn may bring to the big-screen a live-adaptation of Valiant Comics’ very own Bloodshot. This title was part of the Valiant Comics resurgence of the early 90’s during the Golden Age of Comic Book Speculation. Bloodshot was one of the more popular titles of that particular comic publishing line which also could be seen with its total sales number of 7 million. An unheard of number for a title not part of the Big Two (DC and Marvel).

Bloodshot the character was an assassin by the name of Angelo Mortalli who was killed then resurrected using advanced nanotechnology. It was these very nanites who brought him back to life who also imbue him with powers like enhanced reflexes and strengths, a healing factor, increased perception and cyberkinesis. During the process of Mortalli being revived with the nanites he loses his memory and the character now known as Bloodshot goes on a journey to find out who he was and how he got to where he is now.

To say that the comic book was violent would be an understatement. With Kick-Ass already being talked about as ultra-violent both in its print form and it’s upcoming film-adaptation it is only logical to conclude that Matthew Vaughn will keep the ultra-violence of the Bloodshot comics intact. If that is the case then I am definitely putting a watch on further developments on this potential project.

Source: Latino Review

Song of the Day: Can You Stand the Rain (by New Edition)

I had to go old-school RnB with my next pick for Song of the Day. Being a child of the 80’s I was a fan of New Edition, but it wasn’t until the start of the 90’s that I really got into them as I was in high school at that time. High school meant girls and girls meant dances, dates, slow dances and everything else in-between and afterwards.

It was hard not to go to high school dance and prom and not have New Edition ballads in the DJ list. While New Edition’s Can You Stand the Rain was released in 1989 it definitely got major airplay in 1990 and beyond. This was the first true ballad from the group with their new member Johnny Gill who had replaced Bobby Brown who had left the group to go solo. To say that I still love this song even 20 years after I first heard it would be an understatement. This is the jam for couple who have hit a rough patch but who endure to stay together.

Just listening and watching the music video sadly reminds me that RnB ballads are not the same now as they have been in the past. To say that they sure don’t make RnB music like this would be an understatement. Y’all youngings can have your Chris Brown, Ne-Yo and all the new RnB upstarts. I say they still can’t hold a candle to New Edition and this song definitely makes my point for me.

Can You Stand the Rain

On a perfect day I know that I can count on you. When that’s not possible, tell
me can you weather the storm?

Cause I need some body who will stand by me through the good times and bad
times she will always, always be right there.

Sunny days everybody loves them tell me baby can you stand the rain? Storms
will come, this we know for sure(this we know for sure). Can you stand the rain?

(yeah yeah) Love unconditional I’m not asking just of you. and girl to make it
last I’ll do whatever needs to be done.

But i need somebody who will stand by me, when it’s tough she won’t run she
will always, be right there for me.

Sunny days every body loves them, tell me baby can you stand the rain? Storms
will come (Ricky) I know I know all the days won’t be perfect (this we know for
sure) but tell me can you stand it, can you stand the rain?

Can you stand the rain (4x)

(Rick)No pressure, no pressure from me baby (this we know for sure) cause I want
you and I need you and I love you girl.

(Ralph) Will you be there for me?

(Mike) Come on baby lets go get wet.

Can you stand the rain (10x)

Can you stand the rain?
Will you be there girl?
Storms will come for sure.
Can you stand the rain?

Yeah it’s hard but I’ll know I’ll be right there baby yeah yeah yeah.

Hottie of the Day: Suelyn Medeiros

Straight from NYC and Rio de Janeiro comes our latest hottie of the day, the lovely Suelyn Medeiros.

Born in 1986 from Brazilian parents in the city of  New York, Suelyn Medeiros spent her youth growing up in the Big Apple and Rio de Janiero. A country known for some of the most beautiful women in the world, Ms. Medeiros wasn’t originally interested in modeling and was looking towards a career as a doctor. She was encouraged by her friends (plus many strangers) to try out modeling. They spoke about her natural and curvaceous beauty not to mention her exotic looks and spontaneous personality which makes her a natural model. While still set on pursuing her dream of becoming a doctor, Suelyn Medeiros nonetheless decided to use modeling to help realize that dream.

She accepted a friend’s offer and invitation to participate at a fashion show during Fashion Week in NYC on 2005. It didn’t take long before a modeling agency signed her up and her career as a model began to take of. What began as a way to help her pay for her studies to become a doctor soon turned into a successful modeling career. Ms. Medeiros has done photoshoots for swim wear and lingerie catalogs not to mention becoming a mainstay for many urban-style magazine covers and spreads. This in turn helped her move towards the nex phase of her modeling career as she’s entered the world of hip-hop as a music video model. She’s even appeared as herself in the teen comedy movie, Still a Teen Movie.

While her dreams of becoming a doctor has been put on hold, it is safe to say that her career in modeling should keep her busy for years to come.

Cronenberg and Mortensen line up for another Eastern Promises

2007’s Eastern Promises was a film well-received by both critics and the public alike. People loved it because it was David Cronenberg dipping his artistic toe into the pulp crime genre of mob films. Some loved it because it had Viggo Mortensen in what could be his best role to date. For some the film ended just when it really got interesting. The scene in the end with Mortensen’s Nikolai Luzhin sitting alone finally reaching his ultimate goal and an unanswered question of where his loyalties truly lie now.

It’s has now been reported by Deadline Hollywood that producer Paul Webster has lined up both David Cronenberg and Viggo Mortensen for a sequel with Mortensen reprising his Russian mobster Nikolai Luzhin. Plans to have the film to start filming later this winter using a screenplay by Steven Knight (also wrote the first film) may hinge on whether Cronenberg and Mortensen can finish their current project together. This current project, their third together as a creative team, is the Sigmund Freud film The Taking Cure.

No matter how this project develops in the coming months one of the questions fans of the first film will be asking is whether Vincent Cassel will return as well to reprise his role from the first film. Not to mention Naomi Watts and Armin Mueller-Stahl. There’s also the question of how Cronenberg will top the original film’s now famous Turkish Bath House fight scene that’s now considered one of the best, if not THE BEST, fight sequence ever put on film. Or will he even try.

In the end, this is just great news. From all the talk The Taking Cure looks to continue the success the Cronenberg-Mortensen duo have had and this sequel to Eastern Promises may just keep that success going.

Source: Deadline Hollywood