AMV Of The Day: Brand New Day (Ace Attorney)

Hi, everyone!

My sister and I just returned from spending a wonderful weekend up at Lake Texoma.  I had a great time.  Honestly, you never know how stressed you are until you take a little vacation from it all and suddenly discover that you can actually breathe again.

Anyway, I wanted our latest AMV of the Day to somehow be connected to a wonderful weekend at a beautiful lake but I couldn’t find one.  However, I did find the next best thing!

This AMV combines footage from Ace Attorney with Neil Patrick Harris singing Brand New Day from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.  It all comes together surprisingly well.

Anime: Ace Attorney

Song: Brand New Day, performed by Neil Patrick Harris


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AMV Of the Day: Angel With A Shotgun (Fairy Tail)

Today’s AMV of the Day comes from 2012 and I have to admit that I’m picking it for purely personal reasons.  I’m spending this weekend with my sisters and, if any group of people could be called Angels with shotguns, it’s the Bowman Girls.

Along with featuring The Cab’s Angel With A Shotgun, this AMV uses clips from Fairy Tail.

Anime: Fairy Tail

Song: Angel With A Shotgun by The Cab

Creator: Mimiluexify

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AMV of the Day: I’m Strong (Re:Creators)

Truth be known, I’m not having a great day today.  However, I did come across this new AMV on YouTube and I liked it so I decided, why not do another AMV of the day post?  I mean, why not?

The clips in this video come from Re:Creators, which is currently being exclusively live streamed by Amazon.

Anime: Re:Creators

Song: Machine by Pandorum

Creator: Mighty AMVs

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AMV Of The Day: I’m A Kitty Cat (Nichijou)

What!?  Lisa’s doing an AMV post!?

Well, yes, I am.

Realizing that I needed to be cheered up (and perhaps not wanting to ever have to hear the term “combined cards” ever again), Jedadiah Leland showed me this earlier today and it worked.  I mean, this video may be five years old but it’s a cat and it’s a cute song about cats!

So, with all that in mind, here is my first ever pick for AMV of the Day!

(Hopefully, Arleigh and Pantsukudasai56 will not spend too much time making fun of me for my choice.  Seriously, anime passions run high with those two…)

By the way, way back in 2011, this video won the following awards:

Best Offbeat: Kurokirro Festival 2011
Best Comedy/Freestyle: Ikkicon 2011
Runner-up Best Composition N2U 2011

Anime: Nichijou (a.k.a. My Ordinary Life)

Song: I’m a Kitty Cat by Steve Ibsen

Creator: Shin AMV

(According to the YouTube description, Shin dedicated this video to his wife which is super wonderful.)

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Horror AMV of the Day: Children of the Grave (Gakkou Gurashi)


Here’s a little horror anime music video to help decompress after last night’s very nihilistic and emotional draining season premiere of The Walking Dead.

It’s from amv creator Xophilarus and combines Halsey’s song “Control” with the horror anime Gakkou Gurashi (surprise it’s about zombies!). The series itself was reviewed by site anime contributor pantsukudasai56. Yes, for some the zombie subgenre has started to feel overplayed and overused. But if there’s one thing the two co-founders of this site never truly get tired of are good zombie fiction and Gakkou Gurashi is such a thing.

Anime: Gakkou Gurashi

Song: “Control” by Halsey

Creator: Xophilarus

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Horror AMV of the Day: Homura’s Seven Devils (Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica)


It’s that time of the year when all things dark, terrifying and horrific invades the halls and corridors of Through the Shattered Lens.

While many who hear the term magical girl and colorful-costumed girls fighting evil won’t think dark and disturbing well they’d be dead wrong. The magical girl genre of Japanese animation have always had that undercurrent of darkness which makes these so-called kiddie anime series more adult than that many people realize.

In 2011, the magical girl anime series Puella Magi Madoka Magica (aka Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica) came out and it finally explored that very undercurrent of darkness in the magical girl genre that people discussed about. The series was still cute, but also disturbing in how it explored the cost these teenage girls would incur in gaining magical abilities to fight evil.

The latest AMV of the Day takes Madoka Magica (especially the three films which followed the series) and it’s two lead character in Homura Akemi (girl with the dark hair) and Madoka Kaname (girl with the pink-hair) and their very complicated relationship that transcends not just their friendship, but time and divinity itself.

What better song to pair up with Madoka Magica but none other than “Seven Devils” by Florence + The Machine.

Anime: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

Song: “Seven Devils” by Florence + The Machine

Creator: Kinnsao San

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AMV of the Day: Moonlight Requiem (Sailor Moon Crystal)


It’s almost that time of the years when Through the Shattered Lens switches gears and goes into full dark fantasy and horror. While there will be the smattering posts that doesn’t dabble in all things dark and scary, it’s a month that’s become a yearly tradition and one that several writers on-site seem to enjoy. Though no one enjoys October at Through the Shattered Lens more than co-founder Lisa Marie Bowman. She’s the dark mother to all the writers at the site.

While it’s still not that month of darkness here’s a small taste of the sort of dark themes many of the posts will end up having during October.

The latest AMV of the Day comes courtesy of video creator Chiisus. The video manages to take the dark aspect of what too many outsiders to the anime scene as a light and kiddy cartoon: Sailor Moon Crystal.

This particular amv (anime music video) is titled Moonlight Requiem and combines the more dark fantasy side of Sailor Moon Crystal with the symphonic metal band’s Within Temptation and the melodic vocalizing of it’s frontman Sharon den Adel. The song chosen by Chiisus is one that many other amv creators have used in the past: “See Who I Am.” In fact, it’s the song to one of my all-time favorite anime music video: “Alchanum” by Rider4Z.

This time the song is used for Sailor Moon Crystal and, boy, if the song doesn’t fit in well with the scenes chosen for the video.

Anime: Sailor Moon Crystal

Song: “See Who I Am” by Within Temptation

Creator: Chiiisus

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