“Whatever it takes, I know I can make it through” Here’s the new trailer for Avengers: Endgame!

So, I just watched the latest trailer for Avengers: Endgame.  Here are a few of my initial thoughts:

First off, people always make jokes about how, while Thor’s a God and Captain America is basically 100 years old but still looks like Chris Evans, Jeremy Renner pretty much only brings a bow and arrow to the fight.  But you know what?  I was really happy to see Renner return, even if he does have a questionable haircut.  And I was even more happy to see that, after being underused in the previous Avengers film, it looks like Scarlett Johannson has got a decent role.

Plus, for at least some of the film, Scarlett’s a redhead again!

I loved the trailer’s use of black-and-white.  It added a sense of tragic grandeur to the whole thing.

I’m still traumatized by the end of the Infinity Wars.  Yeah, I know that everyone will probably be resurrected and that there’s no way they’d ever kill off Spider-Man for real but seriously, that was hella depressing!  “Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good….” AGCK!

Captain Marvel shows up at the end and gets Thor’s seal of approval.  One wonder if they waited to see this weekend’s box office numbers before deciding to include that scene at the end.

Speaking of which — where’s my review of Captain Marvel?  I saw it earlier this week.  I’ll be posting it soon.

It’s hard not to notice that Thanos wasn’t in this trailer.  Of course, we did see him in the previous teaser.

Finally, I love the fact that Avengers: Endgame and Degrassi share the same tag line.  “Whatever it takes!”

Here’s the latest trailer for Avengers: Endgame!



Here’s A Trailer For The Secret Life Of Pets 2!

If I remember correctly, I enjoyed the first Secret Life of Pets.  The trailers that I’ve seen for the second one look amusing enough, though it would be even better if there were more cats.

Anyway, this trailer came out a few days ago and it specifically focuses on the character of Rooster.  It’s cute.  I’ll probably see the movie when it’s released on June 7th.

It still needs more cats, though.

Here’s The Trailer for Finding Steve McQueen!

When I first saw the title, I assumed that it was going to be documentary about the never-ending cool of Steve McQueen (the actor, not the director, though the director is pretty cool too) but then I watched the trailer and it turned out to be a heist film.

It’s apparently based on a true story and it looks like the film has all sorts of wonderful period detail.  At the same time, it’s hard not to regret that it’s not actually a film about Steve McQueen dealing with the ennui of being a film star by masterminding a robbery.

Oh well.  At least the cast looks good!

I don’t yet have a release date for this one but here’s the trailer!

Here’s The Trailer For Never Grow Old!

As I watching the trailer for Never Grow Old, I thought to myself, “Hmmmm.  A Western starring John Cusack and Jack Black….”

Then I realized that I was actually incorrect and this is a western starring John Cusack and Emile Hirsch.

That, of course, leads to one very important question.  WHEN DID EMILE HIRSCH TURN INTO JACK BLACK!?

Anyway, this trailer makes it look like this film is either going to be very good or very bad.  I guess it depends on whether or not Cusack’s performance is going to be as eccentric as the trailer makes it appear that it might be.  The trailer, itself, is full of atmosphere and I like that final shot of the American flag so I hope this film lives up to its potential.


Here’s The Trailer For Dragged Across Concrete!

For everyone who is looking forward to following Oscar season with some good B-movie action , here’s the trailer for Dragged Across Concrete!

In this film, Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn play two cops who get suspended from the force and decide to support themselves by ripping off some criminals.  It’s a bit of an homage to the over-the-top grindhouse films of the 70s and 80s and, believe it or not, a source that I trust has not only seen the film but also told me that it’s actually a really good, surprisingly intelligent film.  Considering that the film has a 2 hour and 30 minute running time, it better be!

Dragged Across Concrete is the latest film from S. Craig Zahler, who previously directed Vaughn in the acclaimed Brawl in Cell Block 99.  Dragged Across Concrete will be released on March 22nd.

Here’s The Trailer For Rocketman!

So, there’s a biopic of Elton John coming out this year.  It’s called Rocketman and it stars Taron Egerton in the lead role.  Just judging from a lot of the early publicity, it sounds like the hope is that the same audience that made Bohemian Rhapsody a hit will also do the same for Rocketman.

So, does that mean that Rocketman is being set up to be an Oscar contender, just like Bohemian Rhapsody?  It’s hard to say.  (Of course, it should be remembered that most observers were genuinely shocked when Bohemian Rhapsody won the Golden Globe that pretty much launched it as a legitimate best picture contender.)  One thing working against Rocketman as an Oscar contender is that the film is being released at the end of May, which is generally kind of a bad time to be released.

(I know, I know.  Early release dates didn’t harm either Black Panther or Grand Budapest Hotel.)

So, who knows?  All that we can say for sure is that, from what we’ve seen, Taron seems to look the part.  Here’s the trailer that was released earlier this week.

Here’s The Super Bowl Teaser for Toy Story 4!

Right after the game ended, PIXAR snuck in this little teaser for Toy Story 4.  I have to admit that I nearly changed the channel and missed it.  I’m glad I didn’t!

Anyway, it looks like Buzz is still getting into trouble and Woody is still trying to hold it all together.  To be honest, I thought Toy Story 3 ended the series on a perfect note so I’ll be curious to see what they do with Toy Story 4.  But you know what?  It’s PIXAR and it’s Toy Story so I have faith!