Here’s The Trailer for Season 2 Of The Mandalorian!

So, I’ll be honest.  My first reaction when I saw this trailer was to spend like the next six hours talking about how cute Baby Yoda is.  Once I got over the cuteness of Baby Yoda, I thought about how atmospheric and full of menace and mystery this entire trailer is.  Seriously, this whole thing is wonderfully put together.

Enjoy the trailer!  The Mandalorian returns on October 30th!  As for now, be sure to watch the Emmys on Sunday to see how the show does when the big awards are handed out.  It’s got quite a few nominations.  There’s a long-standing Emmy tradition of shows that are a part of the cultural zeitgeist receiving a lot of nominations during their first season and then not winning anything.  Hopefully, that won’t be the case with The Mandalorian.

Here’s The Trailer For Love And Monsters!

It’s a monster apocalypse and only Dylan O’Brien can save us!

Listen, I don’t know if the film’s going to be any good or not but we should all be happy that Dylan O’Brien is still with us.  After he was seriously injured during the filming of the the last Maze Runner film, a lot of people thought that he might never return to films.

As for this film, Michael Rooker’s in it and that’s often a good sign.  It looks like it might be fun.  We’ll find out for sure on October 16th!

Here’s The Trailer For The Trial Of The Chicago 7!

The Trial of Chicago 7 has been on the Oscar radars of several observers ever since this year began.  Not only does it have a big-name cast but some feel that, in telling the story of the trial of a group of protesters, the film is well-positioned to take advantage of the current political zeitgeist.

Or something like that.  To be honest, I just like using the word “zeitgeist.”

To be absolutely honest, the fact that Aaron Sorkin is involved in this just makes me cringe.  This is exactly the type of project that will probably bring out his worst instincts as both a writer and a director.  Will the film feature any prominent female characters and, if so, how much time will be devoted to them being put in their place by the witty men of Sorkin Land?  I guess we’ll have to watch to find out.

Anyway, here’s the trailer.  The film will be coming out on Netflix sometimes this year.

Here’s The Teaser For Nomadland!

Back in 2018, director Chloe Zhao was quite rightfully acclaimed for her quietly beautiful film, The Rider.

Full of haunting images of the western landscape, The Rider was a character study of a rodeo rider struggling to recover after a serious accident.  It was a poignant and affecting film, one that made you cry while steering clear of all of the usual cliches.  Though the film was ignored at the Oscars, it still picked up several awards from the critics groups.

When 2020 began, Chloe Zhao had two movie scheduled to be released.  One was Marvel’s Eternals, a big-budget MCU film that sounds like it’s basically the antithesis of The Rider.  The other is Nomadland, which stars Frances McDormand as a woman who, having lost her job and her home, travels the country in search of employment.  Based on a nonfiction book, Nomadland sounds like it will continue to explore the themes that Zhao first examined in The Rider.

As a result of COVID-19, both films were briefly in limbo.  Eternals was eventually rescheduled for February of next year.  Nomadland is set to premiere at both the Venice and Toronto Film Festivals this Friday.  It’s scheduled to get a theatrical release on December 4th and Searchlight Film is expected to push the film for Oscar consideration.

Here’s the teaser, which features Frances McDormand doing a lot of walking:

Here’s The Trailer For Ben Wheatley’s Rebecca!

Ben Wheatley is one of the most interesting directors working today.  As I’ve stated many times, I consider A Field In England to be one of the best films of the last ten years.

Wheatley’s next film is going to be an adaptation of Daphne du Maurier’s classic gothic tale, Rebecca!  Alfred Hitchcock adaptation of du Maurier’s novel was named the Best Picture of 1940.  Wheatley’s version has been described as a “modern” updating of the classic story.

Rebecca will be released on Netflix on October 21st and it will star Lily James, Armie Hammer, and Kristin Scott Thomas in the roles that were previously played by Laurence Olivier, Joan Fontaine, and Judith Anderson.  Here’s the trailer:

Here’s The 2nd Trailer For No Time to Die!

Here is the 2nd trailer for what will probably be Daniel Craig’s final outing as British secret agent James Bond, No Time To Die!

Speaking as someone who has had mixed feelings about Daniel Craig’s tenure as Bond (I loved Skyfall and I liked Casino Royale but Quantum of Solace and SPECTRE rank as two of the worst Bond films of all time), I have to say that this trailer looks pretty good.  If nothing else, I’m happy to see an emphasis on action as opposed to the whiny angst that overtook SPECTRE.

As critical as I’ve been of Daniel Craig’s interpretation of the character, he’s a good actor and he’s got an underappreciated talent for comedy.  Oddly, the Bond films haven’t really taken advantage of that talent.  Craig has been the grim and serious Bond. which may be true to Ian Fleming’s original conception of the character but which hasn’t always made him a compelling cinematic hero.  Hopefully, Craig will actually get a chance to have some fun with the role in No Time To Die.


Here’s The Trailer for Possessor!

Starring Christopher Abbott, Andrea Riseborough, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tuppence Middleton and Sean Bean, Possessor is the new film from Canadian filmmaker Brandon Cronenberg!  And yes, if you’re wondering, Brandon is the son of the iconic horror director, David Cronenberg.

Possessor is a film about an elite assassin who can inhabit other people’s bodies.  The film made its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, way back in January.  At the time, the critics loved it.  Speaking for myself, I’ve heard wonderful things about the film and I can’t wait to see it.  Possessor will be released on October 9th.

Here’s the trailer!

Here’s The Trailer For Halloween Party!

Just in case you had forgotten that Halloween is just around the corner….

Here’s the trailer for a film called Halloween Party!

Judging from the trailer, this looks a bit like a low-budget film, which can often be a very good thing as far as horror films are concerned.  Too often, spending a lot of money on a horror film will take away the film’s authenticity.  The slicker the movie, the more likely it is that you’ll be reminded that it is just a movie.  Whereas low budget films have a rougher, more authentic feel to them.  You don’t need a lot of money to be scary.  In fact, it helps to have as a little money as possible!

Here’s The First Teaser For The Stand

Let’s just be honest here.

Come December, we all know what we’re going to be in the mood for.  After making our way through 11 months of 2020, everyone is going to watch a miniseries about a society-destroying pandemic that leads to a civil war and the destruction of a major U.S. city.

I mean, seriously.

The latest version of The Stand will premiere on December 17th, on CBS All Access so, if you’re thinking of canceling your subscription because of how terrible Big Brother has been this season …. well, hold off for a few months.  This version of The Stand features Alexander Skarsgard and Whoopi Goldberg and it’s probably going to be really bad but …. well, our longtime readers know how I feel about Alexander Skarsgard.  I’ll watch him in anything.

Anyway, here’s the first teaser for The Stand.

Randall Flagg says hello.

Baby, can you dig your man?

He’s a righteous man!

Here’s The Trailer For Come Play!

It’s weird how many Community stars keep popping up in somewhat forgettable horror films.

Alison Brie was in Scream 4.  Joel McHale just did Becky and he was also in Deliver us from Evil.  Donald Glover was in The Lazarus Effect.  Has Chevy Chase done a horror film?  How about Danny Pudi?  According to Wikipedia, he appeared in a movie called Babysplitters.  I can only imagine that’s a movie about splitting babies so that would definitely count….

Anyway, Gillian Jacobs is the latest member of the study group to show up in a horror film.  I will admit that I nearly gave up on the trailer for Come Play when I heard that, “He’s autistic, dude,” line.  Even in the trailer, that felt like a clumsy piece of exposition.  But I stuck with the rest of the trailer and …. well, it’s doesn’t look too bad.  It doesn’t look too good either.  It looks like an adequate Halloween time waster, to be honest.

Anyway, here’s the trailer for Come Play: