6 Classic Trailers For May 13th, 2022 (RIP, Fred Ward)

Originally, I was going to devote this latest edition of Lisa Marie’s Favorite Grindhouse Trailers to all of the Friday the 13th films but then I heard the sad news that the great character actor Fred Ward had passed away at the age of 79.  Needless to say, I changed my plans.  There will be many Friday the 13ths but there was only one Fred Ward.

Fred Ward lived a life that could have been a movie.  He ran away from home at a young age.  He spent three years in the Air Force.  He spent some time as a boxer.  He worked as a lumberjack in Alaska.  He worked as a cook.  He worked as a janitor.  He spent some time in Rome, dubbing Italian films for the American market.  Much like Lance Henriksen, someone from Fred Ward’s tough background may have seemed like an unlikely actor but he proved himself to be one of our most memorable.  Ward brought an authenticity to even the wildest of parts.  He was a smart actor who could play dumb and, by most accounts, a down-to-Earth nice guy who could be totally intimidating on screen.  He was one of the best.  Here are 6 Fred Ward trailers.

  1. Time Rider (1983)

After appearing in a few supporting roles (most memorably as a trigger-happy redneck in Southern Comfort), Fred Ward had his first starring role in Time Rider.  In this film, Ward plays a dirt bike rider who travels through time.

2. Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins (1985)

After playing tragic astronaut Gus Grissom in 1983’s The Right Stuff, Ward was cast as Remo Williams in Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins.  Ward performed all of his own stunts and, if the film had been a success, he would have had a chance to be an American James Bond.  Unfortunately, Remo Williams bombed at the box office and was only later appreciated by fans of action cinema.

3. Tremors (1990)

Perhaps the most beloved of all of Fred Ward’s films, this horror comedy featured Ward, Kevin Bacon, and a bunch of killer worms.  What could have been a standard B-movie was elevated by a witty script, energetic direction, and Bacon and Ward’s playful performances.  The way that Ward and Bacon bounced dialogue off of each other was almost as fun as all the monster mayhem.

4. Miami Blues (1990)

The same year that Tremors came out, Ward co-starred with Alec Baldwin and Jennifer Jason Leigh in Miami Blues, a film that showed all three of those performers at their best.

5. Cast a Deadly Spell (1991)

In this film, which was made for HBO, Fred Ward plays a role that was perfect for him.  He’s a tough, hard-boiled P.I. working the mean streets of Los Angeles in 1948.  The catch?  In this version of 1948, everyone uses magic!  This is a fun movie and I recommend it to everyone.

6.  Full Disclosure (2001)

Even though Ward’s career as a leading man slowed down a bit in recent years, he still appeared in movies and often, he was the best (any maybe only) reason to watch them.  I’ve never seen Full Disclosure but if I ever do track it down, it will be because of Fred Ward.

Fred Ward, R.I.P.


Here’s The Trailer for Cha Cha Real Smooth!

Earlier this year, Cha Cha Real Smooth was one of the biggest hits on the Sundance Film Festival.  I have to admit that my main reaction to hearing about the film was to think that Cha Cha Real Smooth is one of the worst titles that I’ve ever come across.  Either call the movie “Cha Cha” or call it “Real Smooth” but stringing all four of those words together …. ugh.

That said, the critics loved it and there’s been some talk that it could duplicate CODA’s success as an early streaming Oscar contender.  The film will be released in June and here’s the trailer!

Here’s The Trailer for House of The Dragon

HBOMax’s House of  the Dragon is scheduled to premiere on August 21st.  I’ll be curious to see what kind of reception is given to this Game of Thrones prequel.  The finale of GoT left a sour taste in the mouths of many fans and it’s still one of those topics that you don’t dare mention on twitter unless you want to risk finding yourself in the middle of a very passionate debate.  Nearly everyone seems to agree that, after all the build-up, ending with Bram the Broken ruling the kingdom was a bit of a letdown.  I’ll be curious to see if those disappointed by how GoT wrapped up will still be willing to give House of the Dragon a chance.  Or have we all moved on?

Personally, I think the trailer looks intriguing.  And speaking of trailers, here it is:

Here’s The Trailer For Weird!

A lot of people on Twitter were very, very excited today when the trailer for Weird dropped. 

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story is …. well, the plot is right there in the title.  It’s the Al Yankovic story.  Since Yankovic has reportedly managed to avoid drugs, alcohol, and all of the other usual rock star debauchery, one can imagine that this will be a music biopic unlike any other.

Playing the title character is Daniel Radcliffe.  Radcliffe, I have to say, has had a varied and interesting career ever since his former franchise ended.  I guess one of the advantages of having Harry Potter money is that you can afford to take a few risks when it comes to picking your films.  Good for him.  We need actors who are willing to take chances.   

Here’s the trailer.  Weird will stream on Roku later this year.

Here’s The Trailer For Don’t Worry, Darling!

Don’t Worry, Darling is one of the most anticipated films of the year.  Not only is it Olivia Wilde’s second film as a director but it also stars two of the hottest performers around right now, Florence Pugh and Harry Styles!  Set in the 1950s, Don’t Worry, Darling is described as being a psychological thriller, one in which a wife discover some dark secrets not only about her husband but also about the seemingly perfect community in which they live.

Here’s the trailer:

Here’s The Trailer For Chip n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers!

Wow, Peter Pan has really let himself go!

This screeenshot above is from the trailer for Chip n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers, which finds Chip and Dale estranged but forced to once again work together.  It also features Peter Pan looking like he just spent a night drinking at Bada Bing.

This movie will be be streaming on Disney+, starting on May 20th!

Here’s The Trailer For Monstrous!

Christina Ricci, whose performance was one of the highlights of the first season of Yellowjackets, plays a menaced mother in the upcoming supernatural thriller, Monstrous.  The trailer below features Ricci’s character, her son, a rather ugly monster, and a really big car.  Apparently, this film was produced by the Chicken Soup for the Soul people, which somehow just makes it all the more creepy.

(Seriously, whenever I see that anyone owns one of those “Chicken Soup” books …. well, I wouldn’t say that I silently judge them but the temptation is always there.  Of course, you have to understand that I don’t really like soup to begin with.  Someone once told me to have some chicken soup because I had a cold and I was like, “Yeah, I don’t have anything to do with soup so you’re advice is worthless and I’m still sick!”)

Anyway, the Chicken Soup brand is all about inspiring true stories so I guess maybe the monster is going to have a good life lesson to impart.  We’ll find out on May 1st!

Here’s the trailer: