Artwork of the Day: By The Sea (by Pino Daeni)

by Pino Daeni

Happy Mother’s Day! Today, we celebrate all of the moms who are still here and also the the legacy of all of the strong women who have passed on but whose memory we will always cherish. The painting above, like many of Pino’s paintings, reminds both me and Lisa of our own mom. We are blessed to be your daughters.

Artwork of the Day: Snappy (Artist Unknown)

Artist Unknown

The MLB season is still young but so far, my Rangers aren’t doing that well. We’re at the bottom of the AL West. Overall, we’ve got a better record for the Tigers but things still aren’t looking good. My love for my team may be unconditional but it would still be nice if they could have a good season for once. It’s been a while.

This cover gives me hope. IF she can play baseball in high heels than anything’s possible! If she can get a hit than the Rangers can still turn things around and win another pennant! Go Rangers!

This cover is from 1935. I wish I knew who the artist was because he’s restored my faith in baseball!

Artwork of the Day: Judge (by DeAlton Valentine)

by DeAlton Valentine

This issue of Judge is from 1928, a year when everyone was falling in love with mermaids. Not only does this cover promise romance but it also promises a chance to win a thousand dollars! In 1928, you could probably have used that money to buy your very own mansion with a mermaid fountain out front.

I don’t know much about the credited artist, DeAlton Valentine. He was one of the few cover artists to sign his name to his work so his work will always live on.