The Romance and the Heartbreak of Teen Confessions

Published by Charlton Comics, Teen Confessions ran from 1959 to 1976.  Over the course of 166 issues, it presented stories of teenagers in love, with all of the heartbreak and hard lessons that go along with it.  Today, the series is best remembered for its cover, which were both romantic and campy.

There are plenty of issues of Teen Confessions for sale online.  Just be careful when you do a google search for Teen Confessions.  Some of the results are definitely not going to be something that you’re going to want to click on.

Here are a few of the romantic and heartbreaking covers of Teen Confessions!














Celebrate February With These Historical Romance Covers!

Welcome to February!

Since February is the month of love and Valentine’s Day, I wanted to help everyone get into the spirit by sharing some great historical romance covers!  Whether you call them bodice rippers or gothic romances, they prove that love, romance, and old dark castles have been with us through the centuries.

Here are a few of my favorites!

Moments #4: The Neighborhood, This Afternoon

Some days, you are lucky enough to wake up and discover that your entire neighborhood has changed over night.  Though it looks like snow, it’s actually just sleet and ice.  The roads are slippery enough to justify staying home today.  I still went outside and snapped a few pictures.  Outside, it was very cold, very still, and very quiet.

Previous Moments:

  1. My Dolphin by Case Wright
  2. His Name Was Zac by Lisa Marie Bowman
  3. The Neighborhood, This Morning by Erin Nicole

Artist Profile: Warren King (1916 — 1978)

Born in Brooklyn and educated in New York City (he received a Bachelor of Sciences degree from Fordham University), Warren King began his career as a freelance artist in 1940.  Though King was responsible for several paperback and pulp magazine covers, he was best-known for his work as the Chief Editorial Cartoonist for The New York Daily News.  King began his work for the New York Daily News in 1955 and would stay with them for the next twenty years.

Here are a few examples of King’s work.