Congratulations to the Phillies!

I’m from Texas so I really can’t cheer against the Astros but I was still really hoping that, during this final three-game series, the Phillies would manage to win that last game they needed to clinch a wild card spot.  Tonight, they did!  For the first time in 11 seasons, the Phillies are going to the playoffs!  What a great baseball story!  I’m so happy for both the team and their fans and the next time I’m tempted to give up on my own team, I’m going to remember how, a few weeks ago, a lot of people weren’t even giving the Phillies a chance of making it.

Congratulations, Phillies!  Good luck in the wild card!

Albert Pujols Goes Deep

Usually, I only share Rangers stuff but today, Albert Pujols played his final regular season home game and he hit his 702nd career home run and the 23rd of what he says is going to be his final season.  Pujols is now fourth on the career home run list, behind Babe Ruth (714), Hank Aaron (755) and Barry Bonds (762).

Moments like these are a huge reason why I love baseball.

So, I Watched Girls of Summer (2008, dir. by Max Tash)

I was looking for a baseball movie to help me get over the Losing Season Rangers Blues.

I settled for a softball movie.

I won’t make that mistake again.

Jake McBride (Tom Pilleri) makes a bet that he can turn a group of models into a championship softball team.  The only problem is that none of the models know how to play softball, except for Christine (Sasha Formoso) and Jake’s cousin, Holly (Tarah DeSpain).

Christine and Holly, I liked.  Everyone underestimated them because they were girls and they proved all of the boys wrong.  Plus, Tarah DeSpain was believable as an athlete.  Those were the only characters that I liked.  None of the other models had any personality and Jake was a jerk even when he was doing the right thing.  Who is dumb enough to bet that much money on a softball game?  The humor was frat boy humor and the movie looked like it was filmed on someone’s phone.  A League of their Own, this was not.

Girls of Summer did not make me feel better about the Rangers currently being 50-63 for the season.  In fact, it made me feel even worse because, as bad as the model were, they at least had a winning season.  But then I remembered that the Athletics were 41-73 and I felt better.  One good thing about the AL West is that, even when the Rangers aren’t having their best season, there’s usually at least one other team doing worse.  Go Rangers!

Lisa Marie’s Top 6 Super Bowl Ads

As I’ve said many times on this very site, the Super Bowl is pretty much all about the commercials for me.  This year, there was a few commercials that I liked but, for the most part, the selection was pretty bland.  Usually, I pick anywhere between 8 to 10 favorite Super Bowl Ads.  This year, there’s only six that really made much of an impression on me.

And here they are:

6. Frito Lay — Push It!

Sloths are so cute!

5. Amazon — Mind Reader

Why is Alexa trying to destroy Scarlett Johansson’s marriage!?

4. All-Electric Chevy Silverado — New Generation

To be honest, I got kind of sick of all of the electric vehicle commercials that aired this year.  Most of them felt …. a little insincere.  But I did like this one, just because it reunited The Sopranos’s Meadow and Tony. Jr.  It’s good to see that they’re still with us, regardless of what happened to Tony at the end of the series.  I’m not sure how Tony would feel about his daughter driving an electric truck, though.  “Gary Cooper didn’t need no charging station.”

3. Planet Fitness — What’s Gotten Into Lindsay?

Of course, if anything bad happens to Lindsay, we know who to blame.

2. Budweiser — A Clydesdale’s Journey

The horse survived!  I had tears in my mismatched eyes.

  1. Salesforce — “The New Frontier”

I’m not sure what exactly Matthew McConaughey is selling here but he’s one of the few people who can pull off lecturing from a hot air balloon.  As I watched this commercial, I considered that if McConaughey had run for governor, he could have floated around the state, campaigning from his balloon.  Instead, we’re stuck with Beto and his skateboard.  Oh well.  Miss opportunities.

The Shattered Lens Live Tweets Super Bowl Sunday!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

The Super Bowl just ended so I guess it’s time to recap the reaction of the members of the TSL Team who watched and tweeted about it.  Jeff, Erin, Case, Leonard, and I all watched and …. I don’t know.  The game kind of sucked this year.  I didn’t care about the game and I thought that commercials were kind of boring..  Case thought the commercials were depressing.  Leonard got so bored that he left for ice cream.  Jeff and Erin are mad that the Bengals lost.  Even though it wasn’t as bad as last year, there was still weren’t as many movie commercials as in the past.

I think our collective reaction can be summed up as this:

There was apparently some hope at the start of the second half, when the game started get exciting:

But in the end, the Super Bowl and the commercials just didn’t deliver:

It all led to one question:

Yep, that was it.

My 2022 Super Bowl Prediction

Bengals 27

Rams 24

It’s hard for me to make a prediction when Tom Brady isn’t playing the game.  This is a new situation for me but I guess it’s one that we’re all going to have to get used to.  I don’t know much about either team but I’m going with the Bengals because I like Cincinnati more than Los Angeles.  The Bengals achieving their first Super Bowl win would be the perfect ending for a season that few saw coming.

The Rams are fierce, though.  They’ll put up a good fight.  I think this game could go either way but I’m picking the Bengals.

Great Moments In Television History #15: The Second NFL Pro Bowl is Broadcast

On January 12th, 1952, NBC aired the Pro Bowl.

Though this was the first time that the Pro Bowl was aired on network television, it was actually the second Pro Bowl to be played.  The 1951 Pro Bowl, which was not televised, was a legendary game featuring amazing plays by both the American Conference Team and the National Conference Team.  The final score was 28 to 27, with the America Conference triumphant.  That was the unaired Pro Bowl.

The second Pro Bowl, which went out to viewers all across America, was closer than the final score indicated.  At the end of the first half, the American Conference led by a score of 13-10.  After a scoreless Third Quarter, the National Conference came roaring back during the 4th Quarter.  During the final quarter, the National Team scored 20 unanswered points and went on to win by a score of 13-30.

I haven’t been able to find out much about what specifically happened during the second Pro Bowl but the stats would seem to indicate that it was a good game!  And it played out to a nationwide audience on January 12th, 1952.

As far as Pro Bowls go, it’s all been downhill from there.

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Great Moments In Comic Book History #17: Spider-Man and The Dallas Cowboys Battle The Circus of Crime

Spider-Man meets the Dallas Cowboys!

In 1983, Marvel comics teamed up with local newspapers to produce inserts that would feature heroes like the X-Men and Spider-Man visiting towns outside of New York, meeting with local celebrities, and, of course, providing ad space for local businesses.  One of the newspapers that they teamed up with the now-defunct Dallas Times Herald, which was also the original home of Texas’s own drive-in movie reviewer, Joe Bob Briggs.

Marvel ended up doing three inserts for the Dallas Times Herald, one with the X-Men at the State Fair and then two featuring Spider-Man.  In “Danger in Dallas,” Peter Parker accompanied J. Jonah Jameson and Dr. Mudge to Dallas so that Dr. Mudge’s wheelchair-bound son could meet his heroes, the Dallas Cowboys.

Dr. Mudge had also developed an anti-gravity device and the Circus of Crime was determined to steal it for themselves.  Spider-Man had to stop them but to fight an entire circus, he would need some help.  Good thing that Cowboys didn’t have anything to do that day!

Once the Cowboys had tackled the Circus of Crime, Peter and even Jonah were able to enjoy opening day.  Peter even proved his courage by eating a Texas Stadium hot dog!

Spider-Man wished the Cowboys a good game, letting us know that even super heroes from New York were rooting for America’s Team in the 80s.

Out of curiosity, I decided to see how the Cowboys did during the 1983 season.  They went 12-4 and were second in the NFC East.  They earned a wildcard spot but lost to the Rams, 17-24.  Despite Spider-Man’s blessings, it was not the Cowboys who went to the Super Bowl but instead the team currently known as Football Team.  (Full disclosure: By default, that was my family’s team until Baltimore finally got the Ravens.)  Fortunately, Washington lost to the Raiders, 9-38.

According to the cover, this was a 60 cent value in 1983.  Currently, it sells for $18.00 online.

The Dallas Cowboys and Spider-Man #1 “Danger in Dallas” (1983)

Writer Marie Severin and David Kraft
Pencilers Marie Severin and Kerry Gammill
Inker Mike Esposito
Colorist Stan Goldberg
Letterer R. G. O’Shaw

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