Hottie of the Day: Bae Joo-hyun


Irene 01

It’s been awhile since the site has been graced with a particular beauty. Despite the title of the feature, this was something that doesn’t happen on a daily basis just for the fact that I’m pretty picky on who I choose to be the next visual.

Since it’s K-Pop which has brought me back to a semblance of activity on this here site of mine it’s just natural that it would be a visually stunning and talented K-Pop artist who is the site’s latest “Hottie of the Day.” It’s also not a surprise that she’s a member of my favorite K-Pop group.

The latest entry comes courtesy of the group Red Velvet’s leader and group visual: Irene aka Bae Joo-hyun.

Irene was born March 29, 1991 in Daegu, South Korea and for the past 5 years has been the leader and member of the K-Pop girl group Red Velvet. As with most K-Pop idols, she would join one of the K-Pop entertainment corporation SM Entertainment in 2009 and spend the next 5 years as a trainee (learning how to hone her dancing, singing and stage performances in addition to the usual school work).

She would soon debut in 2014 as a member and the leader of SM Entertainment’s newest girl group, Red Velvet. the group’s success will propel the group to becoming one of K-Pop’s top girl groups of the current era. It would also open up new areas of opportunity for Irene as she’s spent time between album’s as tv hosts for some of South Korea’s many variety shows.

Irene’s latest achievement comes from the modeling side of her career as she has become the latest muse for the exclusive luxury jewelry brand Damiani for their 2019 collection. This makes her the first Asian to become a muse for the Italian jeweler.

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Hottie of the Day: Lina Posada



This weekend saw the release of season 2 of Netflix’s Narcos series. Why is this relevant to the series called “Hottie of the Day.” Well, I’m glad someone asked.

It has no bearing in this series other than the show continued to highlight one of Colombia’s finest export to the rest of the world. No, I am not talking about that product made from coca leaves. I’m talking about some of the most beautiful women in the world that seems to thrive in this South American state (in addition to it’s neighbors of Venezuela and Brazil).

Lina Posada is the latest to grace the site (past profiles include the Davalos twins, Daniela Tamayo and Sandra Valencia) and just like her predecessors she also has her claim to fame being the face of Colombian lingerie brand Besame. She has grown her talents beyond the modeling world and has appeared in music videos such as Don Omar’s “Taboo” which played near the end of the action film Fast Five. She has also dabbled in designing a line of fashion ranging from evening dresses to the aforementioned lingerie.

Ms. Posada has since moved from her native Colombia to the United States (Los Angeles to be specific) to help branch out her brand to the rest of the world.



Hottie of the Day: Hwang Mi Hee



The latest beauty to grace the site is the gorgeous Hwang Mi Hee of South Korea.

Born on January 21, 1982 in Seoul, Hwang Mi Hee has become one of the most popular and race queens in South Korea. She showed a talent for being a model at quite an early age and in time was discovered at an auto show. She soon became one of South Korea’s most sought after race queen model and considered by many in her country and outside as one of the most beautiful women in the world.

She has so far haven’t strayed too far from the racing scene in Asia, but has expanded her modeling career to include fashion in addition to remaining a top race queen model.












Hottie of the Day: Lee Hyori



It’s been awhile since this feature graced this iconoclastic place. What better way to drop in for a visit than by introducing the ridiculously gorgeous Ms. Lee Hyori. She’s our latest “Hottie of the Day” and brings her unique talent and fame as one of South Korea’s best known exports.

Lee Hyori was born in May 10, 1979 and began her singing career as part of the South Korean pop group Fin.K.L. She would soon branch out with a successful solo career which continues through today. Like idols in Japan, Ms. Lee is one of the rare kpop idols who continues to remain popular and one of the most sought after performers (in addition to being one of South Korea’s premiere models) into her 30’s.

She’s run the varied spectrum of kpop look and fashion from the candy-colored vibe of the early 2000’s right up to the more mature and sexy trend hitting the Kpop scene in the last couple years. Her ability to adapt to the changing trends and fashions of the music industry in South Korea and Asia has allowed her to remain one of the region’s top acts. Plus, the rise of Kpop’s popularity in the West and Europe has gained her some new fans and following that should just help bolster her popularity to cross beyond regional boundaries.



Hottie of the Day: Melissa Giraldo


The newest hottie of the day share similarities with four previous hotties. This latest choice for our hottie feature is the lovely Melissa Giraldo.

Ms. Melissa Giraldo come straight from Medellin, Colombia. Like her lovely sisters the Davalos Twins, Daniela Tamayo and Sandra Valencia she is also one of the more popular models in South America as her work in the swimwear and lingerie industry has made her quite sought after to model companies’ products. Melissa has become one of the exclusive models for PHAX swimwear and also Besame Lingerie. She has also appeared many times in magazines as the featured pin-up and continues to expand to new fields in modeling such as runway shows both in her local Colombia and throughout South America.

Like the other South American models featured in this site’s “hottie of the day” she has gained quite a loyal following outside of Colombia and South America due to the spread of her pictorials over the internet. Only time will tell when she will finally explode in popularity here in the US. I wouldn’t be surprised if she becomes one of the new Victoria’s Secret Angels in a year or two.

Hottie of the Day: Sandra Valencia


It must be that time of year because the presents just keep on coming.

Just a few days ago we saw the return of the “Hottie of the Day” feature with Colombian model and entrepreneur Daniela Tamayo kicking it all off once again. This time around we follow-up one Ms. Tamayo with another hottie from her neighborhood. I speak of the lovely Sandra Valencia.

Ms. Valencia is another Colombia beauty who hails from Medellin, Colombia (I really must visit this place now). She has become one of the more popular and hottest models from this South American country and that’s saying a lot considering that previous hotties like Daniela Tamayo and the Davalos Twins also come from the same country. Sandra has turned the eyes of many people with her work for renowned lingerie company Besame Lingerie. She also has showcased her talents for other top brands like Diesel, Leonisa and Chevignon.

It her passion for modeling which has spurred Ms. Valencia to return to school to learn about fashion design which she hopes will help her launch her own lingerie line of products. Just like one of the writers for the site she also loves lingerie and sees it as a woman’s unspoken poetry. Maybe the two can share tips on what would look best on any given night.

Hottie of the Day: Daniela Tamayo


Speaking of golden globes…

I thought it was right about time to bring back an oldie, but goodie feature for the site which has languished in hiatus for the past couple months. The latest “Hottie of the Day” is one Daniela Tamayo.

Ms. Tamayo was born in New York City, but at the age of 5 moved to Medellin, Colombia and has lived there since. This doesn’t stop her from being fluent in English. Though Spanish or English it doesn’t matter since her very presence will cause men (and probably some women as well) to be dumbstruck. Like her fellow American-expatriates and Colombian models the Davalos twins, Daniela has taken to modeling quite well with her work as one Besame Lingerie’s feature models making Ms. Tamayo the talk of South America.

Some would think she would rest on her looks alone, but Daniela also has quite the entrepreneurial streak in her. She has started her own restaurant in her hometown of Medellin. Now, I have a reason to actually visit Medellin, Colombia that doesn’t involve visiting the resting place of the one they call Pablo.

Whether modeling or running a business, Ms. Daniela Tamayo is a perfect candidate for our latest Hottie of the Day.