Hottie of the Day: Lina Posada



This weekend saw the release of season 2 of Netflix’s Narcos series. Why is this relevant to the series called “Hottie of the Day.” Well, I’m glad someone asked.

It has no bearing in this series other than the show continued to highlight one of Colombia’s finest export to the rest of the world. No, I am not talking about that product made from coca leaves. I’m talking about some of the most beautiful women in the world that seems to thrive in this South American state (in addition to it’s neighbors of Venezuela and Brazil).

Lina Posada is the latest to grace the site (past profiles include the Davalos twins, Daniela Tamayo and Sandra Valencia) and just like her predecessors she also has her claim to fame being the face of Colombian lingerie brand Besame. She has grown her talents beyond the modeling world and has appeared in music videos such as Don Omar’s “Taboo” which played near the end of the action film Fast Five. She has also dabbled in designing a line of fashion ranging from evening dresses to the aforementioned lingerie.

Ms. Posada has since moved from her native Colombia to the United States (Los Angeles to be specific) to help branch out her brand to the rest of the world.



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