Hottie of the Day: Bae Joo-hyun


Irene 01

It’s been awhile since the site has been graced with a particular beauty. Despite the title of the feature, this was something that doesn’t happen on a daily basis just for the fact that I’m pretty picky on who I choose to be the next visual.

Since it’s K-Pop which has brought me back to a semblance of activity on this here site of mine it’s just natural that it would be a visually stunning and talented K-Pop artist who is the site’s latest “Hottie of the Day.” It’s also not a surprise that she’s a member of my favorite K-Pop group.

The latest entry comes courtesy of the group Red Velvet’s leader and group visual: Irene aka Bae Joo-hyun.

Irene was born March 29, 1991 in Daegu, South Korea and for the past 5 years has been the leader and member of the K-Pop girl group Red Velvet. As with most K-Pop idols, she would join one of the K-Pop entertainment corporation SM Entertainment in 2009 and spend the next 5 years as a trainee (learning how to hone her dancing, singing and stage performances in addition to the usual school work).

She would soon debut in 2014 as a member and the leader of SM Entertainment’s newest girl group, Red Velvet. the group’s success will propel the group to becoming one of K-Pop’s top girl groups of the current era. It would also open up new areas of opportunity for Irene as she’s spent time between album’s as tv hosts for some of South Korea’s many variety shows.

Irene’s latest achievement comes from the modeling side of her career as she has become the latest muse for the exclusive luxury jewelry brand Damiani for their 2019 collection. This makes her the first Asian to become a muse for the Italian jeweler.

Irene 02Irene 03Irene 04Irene 05Irene 06Irene 07Irene 08


Hottie of the Day: Sharon den Adel



Today’s mini-trifecta of Sharon den Adel ends with her as the latest “Hottie of the Day.”

We started this trifecta with the latest “AMV of the Day” (Moonlight Requiem) with an anime music video using the Within Temptation song “See Who I Am” which she sings. Then followed up with the song itself as the latest “Song of the Day” (already profiled has been two past Within Temptation songs: “Faster” and “A Demon’s Fate”).

Now we have Sharon den Adel herself. She joins the other two metal songstress featured before with Simone Simons of Epica and Doris Yeh of Cthonic.

Sharon is not just a beauty, but a classically-trained mezzo-soprano which lends Within Temptation it’s overall melodic sound. She’s more than able to hold her own in the male-dominated heavy metal scene. She’s also one of the band’s main songwriters (her longtime partner Robert Westerholt being another) and an accomplished fashion designer. Her fashions lean toward the gothic and one can see her wearing any one of said designs onstage during their global tours.

Sharon den Adel is another example of the gems one can find in the raw and brutal world of metal.



Hottie of the Day: Rebecca Ferguson



It’s been awhile since we’ve featured a new beauty on the site. What better way to reintroduce a new one than with the current and hottest talent to grace the big-screen this summer: Rebecca Ferguson.

Rebecca Ferguson has been kicking ass and taking names through her role as mysterious rogue agent Ilsa Faust in the blockbuster summer hit, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. Her character has made her the new go-to name for all upcoming female action-hero roles. Whether it’s to be cast as Captain Marvel in Marvel Studios’ future superhero film of the same name to the female lead in the upcoming Gambit live-action film over on Twentieth Fox. While she hasn’t been cast for either role it hasn’t stopped fans and film writers from wanting her to take the next step into the superhero film realm.

Yet, before her breakout role as Ilsa Faust opposite Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt on Rogue Nation, Ms. Ferguson had early success in soap opera roles over on Swedish TV before branching taking on the lead role in the BBC 10-part historical drama The White Queen.

For now, as fans and the world waits to see what’s next for Rebecca Ferguson, people should go out and see her light up the big-screen as Ilsa Faust on Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.










Hottie of the Day: Hayley Atwell


Hayley Atwell

With the release of Iron Man 3 to video we get a new look at one of Marvel Studios’ popular character in Agent Peggy Carter. She’s played by the very lovely Hayley Atwell.

Ms. Atwell is an English actress who burst into the scene taking on the role of Agent Peggy Carter for 2011’s Captain America: The First Avenger. She totally owned the role and fans, both old and new, have been wanting more of her ever since. While it was her role in Captain America that finally got the rest of the world to notice her she was already a known commodity in both English and American television.

Her work ranged from shows and tv films such as The Duchess, Pillars of the Earth, Mansfield Park and The Prisoner. Yet, it always be her role as Agent Carter that fans will remember her most for now.

Her popularity doesn’t just stem from the fact that she’s drop-dead gorgeous in the old-school, 40’s glam sort of way, but also for the fact that she exudes a sense of confidence and toughness in the roles she plays without having to sacrifice her femininity and sensuality. She looks like she belongs both in the here and now and still just at home as a leading lady in a 40’s noir film.

Here’s to hoping that plans for Marvel Studios to give Ms. Atwell her own tv series based on her Peggy Cater role comes to fruition as that means we’ll be seeing more of her.



Hottie of the Day: Roxanne McKee


Game of Thrones is a series about power, and it has never been inclined to tone down the sources from which power is derived. With that in mind, David Benioff and D. B. Weiss were tasked with the not so unpleasant challenge of recruiting a number of highly attractive women willing to take most or all of their clothes off. Canadian-born Roxanne McKee was one such cast member, playing the role of servant and seductress Doreah.

Before the lovely Ms. McKee was conspiring with Xaro Xoan Daxos to steal Daenerys’ dragons, she graduated from Royal Holloway, University of London, and won a talent contest which landed her a spot in the British soap opera Hollyoaks. Her acting career has since landed her a variety of supporting roles, including a handful of horror films. Like our last featured hottie, Michelle Ryan, McKee has also played a role in EastEnders. She seems to have a bright future ahead of her.


Hottie of the Day: Michelle Ryan



In 2007 there was an attempt to reboot the Bionic Woman TV series and leading up to the series’ debut the buzz was great. When the show finally aired the series was unable to deliver on the hype that was built around it. The series didn’t last the year, but it did introduce a young British actress to the US audience by the name of Michelle Ryan who has since made a career in British tv.

Michelle Ryan has starred in such popular shows across the pond such as the soap opera EastEnders and such geek fan-favorites as Doctor Who and Merlin. After the disappointment that was Bionic Woman she now returns Stateside by having a recurring role in the popular USA Network spy drama Covert Affairs. In 2011 she even starred in a kick-ass role as a zombie-slayer in the zombie-comedy Cockneys vs. Zombies which actually turned out to be better than what the title would suggest.

With social media and the entertainment news cycle being they way it is now compared to 2007 I wouldn’t be surprised if Ms. Ryan finally ends up breaking through in the US and I wouldn’t doubt that the date and location of such a break out will probably by at next year’s mecca to all things genre, Comic-Con 2014. Until then better check Michelle Ryan out while she’s playing Stateside.



Hottie of the Day: Eva Green



This week saw the announcement from The Weinstein Company and Robert Rodriguez’s studio that the most important role in the upcoming sequel to 2005’s Sin City has been cast. The actress cast for the role of Ava Lord, the sequel’s “A Dame to Kill For”, wasn’t the expected Angelina Jolie who had been 0ft-rumored to be Rodriguez’s first choice as the femme fatale for the sequel. When Angelina Jolie’s name wasn’t announced and another was instead the reaction from fans of the original comic book source wasn’t one of disappointment. The reaction from fans at this certain performer’s name being called instead was one of near-universal approval.

Eva Green, she of Bertolucci’s The Dreamers, Ridley Scott’s Kingdom of Heaven, Campbell’s Casino Royale and Starz’s own Morgan Le Fay, was going to play Ava Lord and Sin City fandom mightily approved.

Her smoldering eyes and classic femme fatale looks makes her an almost perfect fit for the role of Ava Lord. Ms. Green is not new to the role of dangerous and darkly, beautiful women who uses their sexuality as weapon to attack and defend what they want and have. She easily encapsulates the notion the idea of why the femme fatale continues to be such a tempting role for actresses. It’s a role that demands from it’s performer that they be able to pull off being someone’s dream but also their nightmare in equal amounts. I think I’ve heard someone else very close by being called that.

This is why Eva Green is the latest Hottie of the Day. Like one a certain someone with mismatched eyes and hair to match her personality, Eva Green is easily a man’s dream…but also can be his nightmare.









Hottie of the Day: Bérénice Marlohe


The latest “Hottie of the Day” comes courtesy of the latest Bond Girl and making her appearance on the latest James Bond film: Skyfall.

Bérénice Marlohe is a French actress of French, Khmer and Chinese heritage. It’s a powerful combination that truly makes her one of the most exotic Bond Girls (Kissy Suzuki doesn’t count). Prior to landing the role of the femme fatale Bond Girl, Ms. Marlohe spent much of her acting career in small roles for French tv. The disadvantage of her exotic looks which kept her from getting roles outside of TV has now made her an almost perfect choice to play Severine. I think she has more than earned her spot in many “best of…” lists for Bond Girls with not just her looks but her acting skills as well.


Hottie of the Day: Mary Elizabeth Winstead


With this being horror-theme month here at Through the Shattered Lens I thought it was time for another “Hottie of the Day” entry and one who has some experience atbeing a scream queen in horror films these past couple years.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is better known for the role (perfectly cast and played) of Ramona Flowers in Edgar Wright’s wright’s film adaptation of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, but she has done quite a bit of work in the horror genre. One of her earliest films was as the lead in Final Destination 3. Then she has followed that up with roles in Quentin Tarantino’s half of Grindhouse as a naive young actress being stalked by Kurt Russell’s psychotic stuntman in Death Proof. Her last couple films have also been in the field of horror as she had major roles in both The Thing prequel and the fantasy horror mash-up this past summer with Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

Ms. Winstead has become a favorite of genre fans and not just for her All-American girl-next-door look, but for the fact that she has talent as an actress and makes the most of every role she plays even in films that critically fails. Of late her work has gotten her noticed as a contender for the end of the year awards for best performance in a film with her performance as Kate Hannah in the comedy-drama Smashed.

Whether she wins awards later this year or not, here’s to hoping that she doesn’t stop doing genre projects while moving on towards more serious work.


Hottie of the Day: Leticia Dolera


The latest “Hottie of the Day” arrives courtesy of the Spanish horror film sequel REC 3: Genesis.

Miss Leticia Dolera takes on the role of Clara who happens to be the bride of the wedding setting that makes up the second sequel to the Spanish horror franchise REC. I won’t go into detail about whether this latest sequel is worth checking out. For some it was and for others it was a major letdown. One thing that everyone who has seen the film could agree on was Leticia Dolera being one of the highlights of the film. Ms. Dolera was something fierce in REC 3: Genesisand her performance made the film worth watching.

A Spanish actress who began her career in 2000 with the Spanish tv series Al salir de clase and who has become a fixture in Spanish entertainment, Ms. Dolera should become even more well-known around the world especially with the genre crowd because of her appearance in performance in REC 3: Genesis. She has that exotic look that Spanish women are always able to pull off without even trying. I wouldn’t be surprised if she one day makes the jump from Spain to Hollywood.