Hottie of the Day: Michelle Ryan



In 2007 there was an attempt to reboot the Bionic Woman TV series and leading up to the series’ debut the buzz was great. When the show finally aired the series was unable to deliver on the hype that was built around it. The series didn’t last the year, but it did introduce a young British actress to the US audience by the name of Michelle Ryan who has since made a career in British tv.

Michelle Ryan has starred in such popular shows across the pond such as the soap opera EastEnders and such geek fan-favorites as Doctor Who and Merlin. After the disappointment that was Bionic Woman she now returns Stateside by having a recurring role in the popular USA Network spy drama Covert Affairs. In 2011 she even starred in a kick-ass role as a zombie-slayer in the zombie-comedy Cockneys vs. Zombies which actually turned out to be better than what the title would suggest.

With social media and the entertainment news cycle being they way it is now compared to 2007 I wouldn’t be surprised if Ms. Ryan finally ends up breaking through in the US and I wouldn’t doubt that the date and location of such a break out will probably by at next year’s mecca to all things genre, Comic-Con 2014. Until then better check Michelle Ryan out while she’s playing Stateside.



9 responses to “Hottie of the Day: Michelle Ryan

  1. Nice choice. 🙂 I remember The Bionic Woman remake. It wasn’t that bad. She kind of looks like Ione Skye in her Say Anything days.


    • Yeah, she does though a much more fuller version. Ione Skye in Say Anything was really slim. It took me awhile to recognize her in Cockneys vs. Zombies. You should check that one out. It’s actually quite good. I need to write that one up this week.


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