Hottie of the Day: Leticia Dolera


The latest “Hottie of the Day” arrives courtesy of the Spanish horror film sequel REC 3: Genesis.

Miss Leticia Dolera takes on the role of Clara who happens to be the bride of the wedding setting that makes up the second sequel to the Spanish horror franchise REC. I won’t go into detail about whether this latest sequel is worth checking out. For some it was and for others it was a major letdown. One thing that everyone who has seen the film could agree on was Leticia Dolera being one of the highlights of the film. Ms. Dolera was something fierce in REC 3: Genesisand her performance made the film worth watching.

A Spanish actress who began her career in 2000 with the Spanish tv series Al salir de clase and who has become a fixture in Spanish entertainment, Ms. Dolera should become even more well-known around the world especially with the genre crowd because of her appearance in performance in REC 3: Genesis. She has that exotic look that Spanish women are always able to pull off without even trying. I wouldn’t be surprised if she one day makes the jump from Spain to Hollywood.


18 responses to “Hottie of the Day: Leticia Dolera

  1. Ooh, nice. 🙂 She looks a little like a mix of Ashleyy Greene, a young Gillian Anderson and maybe Penelope Cruz.


  2. Pretty, but pretty girls are a dime a dozen. I like women with a bit of character about them. There’s not the slightest thing “exotic” about here. She’s got a tiny nose by Latin standards, and if her name were “Bessie Smith”, you wouldn’t even think she’s anything other that your stock standard WASP (she looks NOTHING like Miss Cruz–that’s wishful thinking). I like odd. I like “different”. Barbra Streisand’s hooked nose, Jane Fonda’s long jawline, Karen Black’s crazy eyes–THOSE were the sex symbols of the 1970s–and they had CHARISMA. This girl is just your standard cookie-cutter fashion model. The pages of “Vogue” are littered with her vacant-eyed variety, skinny-minnie, heavily airbrushed variety.

    It’s a pity that more people don’t look around–I mean REALLY look around–because you’ll find hundreds of women as attractive as Miss Dolera, if not moreso, on any given day in the big city. I’m not saying there is no room for the Letiticia DeLoreans of the world, but the entire list of above women (more than two dozen) looks like it’s been culled from the pages of “Cosmopolitan” magazine. Where are the amazons? Where are the dames who look like they might have fun tossing YOU around? Where are the voluptuous Faith Minton women, the lasses who appear as if they’ve just stepped out of a Russ Meyer film? From another angle, where’s the hippy chick, the cute fuzzy gal in a gypsy skirt, the earth mother, all picket signs and patchouli? Must every woman look like an underfed refugee from a “Twilight” flick? Variety is the spice of life, peoples.


    • Guess what…you don’t have to click on the post.

      And yes, there are more beautiful women that fit your criteria but the feature is not Beauty of the Day but a more prurient and salacious “Hottie”.

      Look, I’m all for you being the contrarian and all and everyone here is free to speak their mind but there comes a time when you just end up coming off as a know-it-all and just criticizing for the sake of it. I didn’t start this blog to get aggravated and if you think you can run it better then go ahead.

      I’m just trying to do something fun here and you always do your best to let the air out of the balloon.


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