Hottie of the Day: Simone Simons



I’ve always wanted to profile a singer for latest “Hottie of the Day” but wasn’t willing to settle for the pop diva of the moment. Then it hit me. Metal is not all about angry frontmen. There’s some very fine ladies who front metal bands of all kinds. One of them is the latest “Hottie of the Day” in the form of the lovely Simone Simons.

Simone Simons is the frontwoman for the symphonic metal band Epica. This lovely redhead is a Dutch mezzo-soprano whose vocal range will surprise the uninitiated to the metal scene for being quite vast. She can sing circles around any of the pop divas doing shows during Super Bowl halftimes and whatnots. Some singers like to bale themselves with an alternate persona named Sasha Fierce, but they have nothing on the level of fierceness that Simone can bring to her performances on stage in addition to more subdued and emotional introspection.

Simone Simons is definitely a worthy and lovely addition.









Hottie of the Day: Jessica Chastain



Well, I might as well get on the Jessica Chastain bandwagon. She’s the latest pick for “Hottie of the Day” and also another addition to the redhead selections that’s growing (but still not the number 1 redhead on the site).

Jessica Chastain seemed to have come out of nowhere in the last two years. While she has been acting for many years before 2010 it wasn’t until 2011’s release of Terence Malick’s The Tree of Life which finally got her noticed. Since then she has been such films as Corialanus, Take Shelter, The Help, The Debt and Lawless. In each and every film she has been singled out as one of the highlight performances and from what I’ve seen she’s definitely deserving of the praise she’s been receiving.

Yet, it’s in 2012’s Zero Dark Thirty that Chastain may have finally gone from ingenue stage to full-blown star. She carries Kathryn Bigelow’s film from start to finish and all the accolades and acclaim she has been receiving for that performance may just snag her a Best Actress Oscar award next month. Even the box-office is not immune to the redhead’s growing star power as the top two films in North America for the weekend of Jan. 18-20 has her in the starring role with Zero Dark Thirty and the horror film Mama.

Born near my neck of the woods of Sonoma, California, Jessica Chastain is a graduate of the famed Julliard School in New York City and worked her way through the Hollywood system by getting supporting roles in tv series after tv series before her breakout role as the mother in The Tree of Life.










Song of the Day: Red Headed Woman (by Bruce Springsteen)

In honor of the site’s co-founder’s birthday I thought it appropriate that the latest “Song of the Day” pick be honor of one Lisa Marie Bowman.

Happy Birthday, Lisa Marie!

Red Headed Woman

Well, brunettes are fine, man
Blondes are fun
But, when it comes to getting the dirty job done,
I’ll take a red-headed woman, a red-headed woman.
It takes a red-headed woman to get a dirty job done.

Well, listen up, stud,
Your life’s been wasted
’til you’ve got’ down on your knees and tasted
A red-headed woman, a red-headed woman.
It takes a red-headed woman to get a dirty job done.

Tight skirt, strawberry hair
Tell me what you’ve got, baby, waiting under there.
Big green eyes that look like, son,
They can see every cheap thing that you ever done.

Well, I don’t know how many girls you dated, man
You ain’t lived ’til you’ve had your tires rotated
By a red-headed woman, a red-headed woman.
It takes a red-headed woman to get a dirty job done.

Hottie of the Day: Deborah Ann Woll


Season 5 of HBO’s hit series True Blood just ended over the weekend and the verdict seems to be a season that was better than the previous one though still plagued with some slow moments and uninteresting subplots. It also had what many termed as a WTF cliffhanger that should make Season 6 quite interesting. But this post is not about focusing on the show, but one a particular actress in the show who plays one of my favorite characters since she arrived on the scene.

The latest “Hottie of the Day” is none other than Deborah Ann Woll who plays the immature and naively, sweet baby vamp Jessica Hamby. Better known amongst the show’s fans as “Baby Vamp” the character played by Deborah Ann Woll continues to be a fan favorite. It elps that Ms. Woll’s performance as “Baby Vamp” ranges from alluring, sexy yet also sweet-natured. While she may be a gorgeous redhead to behold it doesn’t mean that Ms. Woll’s acting skills are lacking. She’s not just a pretty face for the audience to gawk at. As evidenced by this season’s episode where she says a final goodbye to her first love, Ms. Woll can act circles around her co-stars when allowed to do so.

I’ve also selected Ms. Woll as the latest hottie because sooner or later site co-founder Lisa Marie will complain that there’s not enough redheads being featured. Good thing True Blood reminded me that there is one hot ginger out there right now for me to pick and profile.


Happy Birthday to Felicia Day!

Today is the birthday for the queen of Geekdom. She has slayed with Buffy. She’s sang-along with Dr. Horrible. She’s even fought in a post-apocalyptic future. But she’s really earned the hearts of geeks (men and women) everywhere as Codex in the award-winning and popular web series, The Guild. I speak of one Ms. Felicia Day and from geeks and non-geeks everywhere I wish her a Happy Birthday!

Hottie of the Day: Felicia Day


The hottie of the day honors goes to one Felicia Day. She has become the internet geek goddess through her work on Joss Whedon’s internet sensation, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, and on her very own popular web series, The Guild. She epitomizes the girl-next-door type that any boy would take home to mother, but I do believe that those fiery-red locks hide a sinfully “good” girl. It’s very difficult to get around the web nowadays and not see her. Other than being a criminally-hot redhead, Ms. Day also happens to be an avid gamer and has professed to having been addicted to the mmorpg, World of Warcraft. It is this admission, and the fact she also plays a wide-range of games, which has endeared her to geeks and non-geeks alike. She may well be the perfect geek goddess.

Official Website: Felicia Day Online

Hottie of the Day: Christina Hendricks

To inaugurate the start of the corporations Hottie of the Day program I am proud to present to you the first in what will be aline of the hottest hot hotties to be found in this and any planet.


She can be seen in the hit cable drama, Mad Men, shown on the AMC network. Her work in the role of Joan Holloway for the show has garnered her accolades and has created quite the fan following. She is a rare gem in Hollywood in that she is both tall, beautiful and naturally curvy. While her gorgeous red locks have been mentioned as being quite an asset of hers she is actually a natural blonde but has been dyeing her hair a golden-red since she was a child. Golden-red or blonde, it really doesn’t matter as it doesn’t diminish the fiery hotness that is Christina Hendricks. If there ever was still a search for a live-action Jessica Rabbit then that search needs to end for she is it. For that men, and some women, are thanking whatever creator they pray to for making her the way she is.

Wikipedia: Christina Hendricks