Here’s The Super Bowl Spot for Nobody!

Somehow, last night, I missed the Super Bowl spot for Nobody.  Then again, I also somehow also missed the streaker running across the field.  I was probably busy jotting down notes about the commercials that I had just seen.  Who knows?  It was a strange night.

Anyway, here’s the Super Bowl spot for Nobody!

Bob Odenkirk, action star!  That’s kind of a strange idea but I guess it could happen.  Bryan Cranston went from doing comedy to doing heavy drama.  John Krasinski is another example.  Watching The Office, you would never expect to see Jim Halpert blowing away the bad guys but that’s exactly what happened.  Of course, it looks like there’s going to be a lot of humor to go along with all of the action in this film so I guess that’s good.  Eventually, someone will cast Bob Odenkirk in one of those grim and depressing cop films where he’s like an alcoholic who spends all of his time looking at old case files and searching for that one clue that will put the murderer away.  I fully support the right of Bob Odenkirk to do new and different things!


My Top 6 Super Bowl Commercials

Let’s just admit that the Super Bowl was weird this year.

I’m not talking about the game.  To be honest, I could really hardly care less about the game.  When it comes to winners and losers, I’m one of those people who wishes that both teams could win. I think the coach of the winning team should let the losing team score a touchdown so that no one’s feelings get hurt.  I worry about concussions, broken ankles, and compound fractures.  I can handle some of the most graphic zombie films ever made but football just freaks me the fug out.

Instead, I’m one of those people who watches for the commercials and this year, the commercials were odd.  I guess that’s to be understood, all things considered.  But even when you take into account the pandemic and the general sappiness of modern American culture, the commercials felt weak.  There were a lot of inspirational commercials.  Bruce Springsteen gave a two-minute monologue about America while sitting in a jeep.  There was a Ford commercial about how we’re all in this together or something like that.  The beer commercials were less surly and more cringey this year.  There were a lot of commercials with celebrities where the whole joke seemed to be, “Hey, look!  A celebrity!”

There were precious few commercials for any upcoming movies or TV shows.  In fact, there were four.  FOUR!  Every previous year, I’ve worked myself to a beautiful exhaustion trying to keep up with all the movies being advertised during the big game.  This year, I wrote a few — very few — words about Coming 2 America, Old, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Raya and the Last Dragon.

Anyway, with all that in mind — here are 6 commercials that I did enjoy.  I don’t know if it’s right for me to say that any of these really qualify as a “favorite” because I really didn’t have any favorites this year.  But, the important thing is that I enjoyed the commercials below.

6) Edgar Scissorhands — Cadillac

I guess Edward is dead or something?  Because Edward’s definitely not in this commercial.  I can only assume that he died or he moved to Paris and was later judged to be too problematic to be invited back to appear with his son.  Well, regardless, this is a cute commercial.  I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s a good commercial because people are going to remember Edgar on the bus more than they’re going to remember the Cadillac but still, it was nice.

5) Adam Levine Sets Up Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton — T-Mobile

But if not for the spotty network, Gwen and Blake never would have gotten together!  Oh well.  What matters is that Gwen and Blake are a cute couple.

4) Jason Alexander Hoodie — Tide

This was actually kind of a disturbing commercial but then again, I like the idea of clothing that screams at you.

3) Doritos — Flat Matthew McConaughey

It was weird enough to work.

2) Alexa — Michael B. Jordan

It was sexy enough to work.

  1. Reddit

This made my night.  This ad was short.  It wasn’t pretentious.  It didn’t pretend that it was going to bring America together.  It didn’t feature Bruce Springsteen doing his Kerouac imitation.  Instead, it popped up for five seconds, it freaked a lot of people out, and it kind of gave the finger to the whole silly culture that’s sprung up around Super Bowl advertising.  That was brilliant.  (Considering that Reddit has now become the favorite scapegoat of the establishment, I applaud them for raising their profile as opposed to just meekly waiting for the storm to pass.)

Reddit wins the night!  And, just in case the above video gets taken off of YouTube for some reason, here’s the ad:

The Shattered Lens Live Tweets Super Bowl Sunday!

Today was probably the most low-key Super Bowl Sunday is the history of the Shattered Lens.

The reasons for that are fairly obvious.  The Super Bowl is tradition.  It’s something that people look forward to as a sign of normalcy and continuity.  Some people care about the game.  Some people care about the commercials.  But the main thing is that the Super Bowl is always there and it’s always a big deal.  This year, though, was different.

For one thing, the commercials were different.  Usually, we struggle to keep up with all of the movie advertisements but this year, there were only four to share.  For another things, no one really had a team in the game.  Jeff was excited about Tom Brady winning another Super Bowl.  Leonard wanted anyone but Brady to win.  But it’s not like anyone here at the TSL is a huge fan of either Kansas City or Tampa Bay.

So, it was a subdued Super Bowl Sunday.  Everyone observed it in their own way:

In the end, the team that score the most points won so congratulations to them! Here’s hoping that next year’s Super Bowl’s commercials will be a little bit more memorable.


Congratulations To The Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers!

The Super Bowl just ended and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have won their 2nd Super Bowl!  Tom Brady has won his seventh.  Though the Chiefs scored first with a field goal, there was never really any doubt as to who was going to win the Lombardi Trophy.  As soon as I saw Tom Brady’s face after the Chiefs got those three points, I knew he was going to be unstoppable.

The final score was 31 to 9.  Though the Chiefs may have fallen short, Patrick Mahomes showed that he is the quarterback of the future.  He’s scary good.  He may not have won tonight but he’ll definitely get another chance to win his second super bowl.

For now, though, the Buccaneers are your Super Bowl champions and Tom Brady has added another chapter to an already amazing career.  Congratulations, Tampa Bay!

Here’s The Super Bowl Promo For Raya And The Last Dragon!

There haven’t been that many movie spots during this Super Bowl.  It’s a shame but I guess it’s to be expected, given the current state of theaters and studios and everything else.  During the first half, we saw trailers and commercials for Old, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, and this very brief one for Raya and the Last Dragon:

It’s a short commercial but …. hey, it looks cute!  I’ll watch it when it comes out.

Here’s The Super Bowl Commercial For Old!

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and that means that we’ll be getting at least a few commercials for some upcoming films.

Like this one!

This is for M. Night Shyamalan’s new film, Old.  Apparently, it’s about a beach where you age really quickly.  The trailer somewhat optimistically promises that it will be in theaters this summer.

My Super Bowl Predictions

Since the game is just a few hours away, I guess I should make my prediction as to who is going to win the Super Bowl.

This is exactly the type of Super Bowl that I’ve always wanted to see.  Tom Brady is the best quarterback of his generation and probably the best quarterback of all time.  Patrick Mahomes is the best quarterback of the next generation.  This season, Brady proved that he can lead more than one team to the Super Bowl.  Mahomes seems like he has the same type of talent.  This is the best vs. the best.

I think the Buccaneers are going to win.  I think the Chiefs are going to give them a good game.  It’s not going to be easy for either team.  But I think Tampa Bay is going to win in the end.  The Buccaneers are playing at home, which is going to be a huge advantage.  And I just have an unquestioning faith in the ability of Tom Brady to win Super Bowls.  I know that’s not a very scientific analysis but Tom Brady has a talent that sometimes seems to defy everything that we’ve been led to assume about football.  Tom Brady went from being nearly undrafted to winning 6 Super Bowls.  At an age when most football players have already retired, Brady is still playing like a man in his early 30s.  The rest of the team is going to have to do their part but I still see Tom Brady and the Buccaneers winning this game.

Final prediction:

Buccaneers — 24

Chiefs — 21

The game will be won by a last minute field goal that Tom Brady will probably volunteer to kick himself.  Having won his 7th Super Bowl and led two separate teams to victory, Tom Brady will then win a Nobel Peace Prize and write a memoir that will be turned into an Oscar-winning film.  Brady will then be elected governor of whatever state he decides to run in.  Eventually, President Tom Brady will bring about world peace along with ending climate change and personally overseeing the first manned mission to Mars.  After you win seven Super Bowls, there’s nothing you can’t do.

If the Buccaneers somehow lose, it will mean the winter is coming.

Enjoy the game!

Artwork of the Day: Sport Story Magazine (by Earle Bergey)

by Earle Bergey

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

This issue of Sport Story Magazine is from 1936.  As you can tell from the Earle Bergey-illustrated cover, football used to look much different.  I don’t know if those leather hats provided much protection.

Lt. Col. Gar Davidson, who wrote the featured story “How the Army Plays Football” was the coach of West Point’s football team.  He coached from 1933 to 1937 and compiled a 35-11-1 record.  Later, from 1956 to 1960, he served as the Superintendent of the United States Military Academy.