Music Video of the Day: Upfront With You By Universal Honey (1996, dir by ?????)

As we all know, music video of the day has always been and always will be Val’s baby.   Starting with If You Don’t Know Me By Now in June of 2016, Val has shared and analyzed over 300 music videos!  It’s become one of my favorite of our regular features here on the Shattered Lens.

As most of you know, for health reasons, Val is taking a temporary break from this feature.  Until Val comes back, I figured that I might occasionally share a video or two.  Admittedly, I do not have Val’s encyclopedic knowledge of music (and I should admit that my musical taste pretty much begins and ends with EDM) but what Val and I do share is a deep appreciation for a little Canadian show called Degrassi.

See, it was that love of Degrassi that led me to the video below.  Earlier tonight, I was rewatching Death of a Disco Dancer, the third episode of Degrassi’s fifth season.  In this episode, Paige is upset that her friend, co-worker, and classmate, Alex, doesn’t seem to care about going to college.  When Degrassi hosts a college fair, Paige attempts to entice Alex to attend by offering her a joint.

“Will you go if you’re high?” Paige asks.

“I’ll go if you’re high,” Alex answers.

The two of them duck into an alley and light up the joint.  What follows is perhaps the best three minute montage in the history of Degrassi as a very stoned Paige and Alex walk through the fair, giggling at all the Canadian college recruiters.  It’s all good fun until Paige discovers that a friend of her mother’s is at the fair.  Uh-oh!

Anyway, I’ve always loved the song that plays during the montage.  It’s called Upfront With You and it’s performed by a Canadian band called Universal Honey.  After watching the episode tonight, I looked the song up on YouTube and that’s when I came across the video that was made for it in 1996.

Now, despite doing a handful of Google searches, I can’t tell you who directed or worked on this video.  I can tell you that Universal Honey has been around since 1992 and the band is made up of Leslie Stanwyck and Johnny Sinclair.  (Before Universal Honey, they were both in a band called The Pursuit of Happiness.)  Up Front With You is off of their first album, Magic Basement.

Not surprisingly, this is a Canadian band.  One of the great things about Degrassi is that it exposed me to a lot of Canadian bands that I, as an American, might otherwise have never heard of.

Anyway, enjoy!

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