Music Video of the Day: Goodbye To You by Scandal (1982, dir. ???)

I’m not really saying goodbye to you. However, these posts are going to become sporadic for at least the next couple of weeks. I’ve had a chronic cough since I was a little kid. The pulmonologist I am seeing has started me on large doses of prednisone that even he said my system might not be able to handle. But it’s been at least 25+ years of this cough, so I’ll try it. It just means I won’t be able to keep up these posts consistently for a bit.

Anyways, remember that video for The Warrior that Patty Smyth didn’t like, and called an off-Broadway production of Cats? I don’t blame you if you don’t. It’s that video where Smyth was in crazy makeup, there was a dance battle, and some guy breaks a girl’s back, but the video barely calls attention to it. I’ve loved that crazy music video since I saw it a while back. This one I didn’t see until a few years ago.

From what I can tell, this was Scandal’s first music video, which explains the PBS text at the start, and it being a performance video. According to Songfacts, Smyth credits MTV with this song’s success since it didn’t get much radio airplay, but did get played on MTV a lot. Assuming that’s accurate, and MTV could see the results in the marketplace, I bet they played this frequently since they needed to prove that their network could affect record sales.

While saying that it is a “performance video” might make you think of something bland, I don’t think so. I like the set, lighting, and costumes. As far as that area is concerned, I think this looks better than Jump by Van Halen. No, I’m not just saying that since Smyth was the one who was initially approached to replace David Lee Roth. Jump is great, but I still like the look of this better. I also like the rest of the band members trying to do the most eye-catching things in response to whatever Smyth is doing at given moment.

Speaking of Smyth, she is all over the place here. I would love to know what direction she was given.

Patty. You’re hot, spunky, have a great voice, and are a good performer. As long as you play to those strengths, then do whatever feels right in the moment. I’ll get it on camera.

Right up in Ivan’s face! I love it!

You and Zack, that’s great! Keep it up!

Spin, Patty! Spin!

Yeah, drape yourself on the keyboard too.

A little leg can’t hurt.

Get in on this Benjy!

A heel shuffle across the floor. Perfect!

You wrote the song Zack, so always feel free to jump in with one of those looks.

Jump around and point at things.

That’s a rap!

From all the really early 80s music videos I have looked at, the two types that were typically successful were either all over the place like Harden My Heart by Quarterflash, or were stage performances with a charismatic lead-singer like Patty Smyth or David Lee Roth. The video for The Warrior was the first, and this earlier video is an example of the second.

One thing specifically about the song is that while not shown in the video, Paul Shaffer plays a solo on the keyboard based on Runaway by Del Shannon. I only really bring it up because Bon Jovi also did a song by the same title, and apparently Jon Bon Jovi was briefly the guitarist for Scandal in 1983. You can see him below in the early low-budget version of Love’s Got A Line On You.


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