Check Out This Montage Of Every Best Picture Nominee!

2013 oscars

So, I was searching for short films about the Oscars on YouTube and look at what I came across.  This video was put together by All About The Oscar.  It’s a montage of every film nominated for best picture between 1927 and 2015!

Seriously, I love this!

Watch it below:

How many of these films have you seen?  I’ve still got a way to go but someday, I will be able to say that I’ve seen every single one.

(Except, of course, for The Patriot…)

Guilty Pleasure No. 32: It’s So Cold In The D by T-Baby (a.k.a. My Excuse For Not Getting More Accomplished Today)

I’m supposed to be writing right now but I can’t get this damn song out of my head…

Oh well — I’m going to try to get something of value written and posted tonight, even if I do have an 8 year-old meme stuck in my head…


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And now a Special Halloween Message From Doc Bowman…

Hi there!  It’s nearly Halloween, which is when humans beg for treats!  Why do humans only beg for treats one night out of the week?  Me, I get treats every time I come inside, go out, wake up from a nap, or sit in the kitchen and go, “Meh.”  That’s the power of being a cute kitty!

Anyway, I wanted to remind everyone that not all humans are nice on Halloween night so be sure to keep your pets — your dogs, your possums, your cats, and especially your black cats! — inside tomorrow night!  The flame-haired one and the nice one both say that there’s no way they’re letting me outside tonight, no matter how much I beg!  Meh!

As a reward for keeping your pets safe on Halloween, here are two horror movies recreated by kittens and our friends at the Pet Collective!


This is the Weirdest and Most Addictive Thing You’ll See Today: Too Many Cooks

I have a birthday this weekend so I won’t be around much for the next three days but before I left, I simply had to share this with you!  Apparently, this aired on Adult Swim at 4 in the morning and it’s all anyone is talking about today.

Too Many Cooks!  It starts out as funny.  Then it gets disturbing.  Then it’s funny.  Then it’s disturbing.  And then it’s funny again.  Ultimately, it’s funny and disturbing!

Check out Too Many Cooks and see if you can figure out what the Hell is going on.

Incidentally, Smarf was my favorite character on Too Many Cooks.  And guess what?  He’s on twitter now and, even as I write this article, he is currently tweeting some of his TMC memories.

So, what do you think is going on with the opening credits of Too Many Cooks?  I’m not sure but I do know that I’m going to have that song stuck in my head forever.


The Cutest Version of Gone Girl That You’ll Ever See!

Let’s take just a small break from horror and instead, let’s watch something that’s really cute.  And kinda horrific.  Here’s is the Pet Collective’s version of Gone Girl!

(And be sure to check out the Pet Collective’s version of Boyhood as well!)

Hooray for Hooray For Ames

Hooray for Ames! (Is that Danny Pudi?)

Hooray for Ames! (Is that Danny Pudi?)

The Internet is truly a terrible place that is full of terrible people.

You already knew that but occasionally, it’s good to be reminded that the Internet actually is a hundred times worse than the real world.  Case in point: The sad story of Hooray for Ames.

In the real world, Hooray For Ames is a cute little song that was written to promote the town of Ames, Iowa.  The video that was made to go with it is deliberately cheesy and certainly silly but, at the same time, it’s undeniably sincere and it’s hard not to be charmed by the fact that the people who made it appear to truly love living in the city of Ames.

On the Internet, both the song and the video were quickly declared to be the most terrible thing on the planet.  Hateful comments were left on YouTube.  Snarky articles appeared on Gawker.  Across twitter, trolls on both the left and the right encouraged other trolls to spread the word that Hooray for Ames was the greatest crime against humanity ever.  Left-wing moonbats complained about the fact that, with the exception of one black woman who has a prominent role in the video, almost everyone in Ames appears to be white and middle class.  Right-wing nut jobs attacked the video for highlighting the fact that one of the men in the video was also a member of the Des Moines Gay Men’s Choir.    A few idiots speculated that Hooray for Ames would actually harm the recruiting efforts of the Iowa State athletic department.

In short, the Internet reacted the way that the Internet always reacts and, as a result, Hooray for Ames was taken down from YouTube.

And that’s a shame because there was nothing wrong or offensive about Hooray for Ames.  It was a heartfelt and cheerfully silly video that was probably mostly meant to amuse the friends and family of the people who made it.  As opposed to something like Rebecca Black’s Friday, Hooray for Ames was the complete opposite of cynicism.

It was exactly the sort of thing that deserves to be, if not celebrated, at least left in peace.

But that’s not the way the Internet works, is it?  The Internet — and this is especially true of YouTube — is a world where, far too often, a minority of trolls and hipster douchebags get to control the conversation.  They saw Hooray for Ames and they decided to club it into submission and drag it back to the troll cave.

Well, you know what?  I say Hooray for Hooray for Ames!  And if anyone who was involved with the song or the video is currently reading this, I say don’t feed the trolls and don’t listen to the haters.  Just be proud of what you’ve done.

Now, a few other YouTubers have posted the Hooray for Ames video.  Who knows how long these videos will stay up before YouTube yanks them down?  But until then, enjoy the most sincere video ever posted on YouTube.

(By the way, I think the guitar player looks like he could pass for Community‘s Danny Pudi but my friends Evelyn and Amy think I’m crazy.  What do you think?)

Ghosts of Christmas Past #6: The Lego Star Wars Christmas Special

Earlier today, I went on YouTube in a search for more classic Christmas episodes and specials.  While I was searching through the results, I came across the Lego Star Wars Holiday Special from 2009.  Seeing as how quite a few of our readers had a good reaction to The Star Wars Holiday Special, I figured why not share the Lego version here?

So, directly from Al Nickels Films, here’s the Lego Star Wars Christmas Special!


Pacific Rim Destroys San Francisco

Guillermo Del Toro’s 2013 summer blockbuster film Pacific Rim is already becoming one of the film genre fans are eagerly awaiting to see and we’re still a at least 7 months away from it’s premiere.

Pacific Rim is as simple a story as one can find nowadays. Set in a future devastated by an apocalyptic war involving hundred-foot tall monsters rising out of the sea (called kaiju in the film), Pacific Rim is a giant robot vs. giant monsters film. It harkens back to the classic Godzilla and kaiju films of the 60’s and 70’s. With Guillermo Del Toro on board as the film’s director the film already has the geek cred to bring in Comic-Con crowd. The question now is whether the rest of the film-going masses will flock to see Jaegers (what the giant robots humanity uses are called) duke it out with Kaiju on a devastated Earth.

We get what looks like the first viral video marketing set-up for the film. It shows snippets of a news report of San Francisco being attacked by one of these Kaiju. The video looks to be inspired by Cloverfield from a few years back. Near the end of the video we get to see quick glimpses of the dead Kaiju sprawled atop the deck of an aircraft carrier looking like a 1000-foot land shark. Whatever it is that is in San Francisco it seems like its catnip to giant monsters.

Pacific Rim stars Idris Elba, Charlie Hunnam, Rinko Kikuchi, Charlie Day and Ron Perlman and set for a July 12, 2013 release date.

You’re Tearing Me Apart, Lisa: The Room/Star Wars Mash-Up

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while then you probably know that I absolutely love Tommy Wiseau’s 2003 film The Room.  I love it for its off-center dialogue, for Tommy Wiseau’s interesting performance, and for the scene where Tommy says, “Oh, hai, doggy.” 

(Of course, the main reason that I love it is because Tommy screams, “You’re tearing me apart, Lisa!” at one point.)

I also know that several of our loyal readers love Star Wars.

So, what could possibly be better than a viral video that combines my love of The Room with your love of Star Wars?

How about two videos that do just that?

I found these videos on YouTube and all credit for them should go to the enigmatic artist known as noisyimp.