And now a Special Halloween Message From Doc Bowman…

Hi there!  It’s nearly Halloween, which is when humans beg for treats!  Why do humans only beg for treats one night out of the week?  Me, I get treats every time I come inside, go out, wake up from a nap, or sit in the kitchen and go, “Meh.”  That’s the power of being a cute kitty!

Anyway, I wanted to remind everyone that not all humans are nice on Halloween night so be sure to keep your pets — your dogs, your possums, your cats, and especially your black cats! — inside tomorrow night!  The flame-haired one and the nice one both say that there’s no way they’re letting me outside tonight, no matter how much I beg!  Meh!

As a reward for keeping your pets safe on Halloween, here are two horror movies recreated by kittens and our friends at the Pet Collective!


Horror Scenes I Love: Psycho


It would be difficult to get through October and not point out one of the best scenes in horror ever.

There’s Janet Leigh’s performance which conveyed the utter terror the scene wanted to convey. We have Bernard Hermann’s discordant film score highlighting the attack. Despite being a very bloodless sequence the way Hitchcock filmed the scene made audience imagine that they were actually witnessing something more violent and gory.

We all have Alfred Hitchcock to thank for this most iconic of all horror scenes.

The Cutest Version of Gone Girl That You’ll Ever See!

Let’s take just a small break from horror and instead, let’s watch something that’s really cute.  And kinda horrific.  Here’s is the Pet Collective’s version of Gone Girl!

(And be sure to check out the Pet Collective’s version of Boyhood as well!)

The Greatest Thing Ever To Show Up On YouTube

Believe it or not, I can occasionally be a little bit moody.  Sometimes, I simply get a frown on my face and not even all the Italian horror films in the world can turn that frown into a smile.  I’m like a lot of people in that I’ve always had to battle that creeping depression and I hate that feeling.

Luckily, whenever I start to feel sad, I go to YouTube and I watch the greatest viral video of all time.  Now, I know that some people will always debate whether or not a 3-minute viral video deserves to be considered entertainment in the same way as a 2-hour film and a 22-episode season of a well-written television series.  I can see both sides of the argument but ultimately, it comes down to the one thing.  The video below never fails to make me feel happy.

Without further ado, here’s my favorite YouTube video of all time: Noisy Kittens Waiting For Dinner!

By the way, I know that most people seem to like the jumpy kitten the best but I think they’re all adorable.  The little quiet orange one is just simply to die for.