Guilty Pleasure No. 59: Teen Wolf (dir by Rod Daniel)

First released in 1985, Teen Wolf is a bit of an odd film.

Michael J. Fox is Scott Howard, a 17 year-old high student in Nebraska.  There’s nothing special about Scott.  He plays on the school’s lousy basketball team.  He has a crush on the most popular girl in school, even though she barely seems to know that he’s alive.  He’s completely oblivious to the fact that his lifelong best friend, Boof (Susan Ursitti), is totally crushing on him.  His parents are clueless to Scott’s angst.  Maybe the only thing that Scott has going for him is that he is friends with the coolest kid in school, Stiles (Jerry Levine).  How cool is Stiles?  He’s so cool that his name is Stiles!  Actually, to be hones, Stiles seems just as dorky as Scott but this is an 80s film so who am I to argue with the film’s argument that everyone wants to hang out with Stiles?

Then, one night, Scott discovers that he has inherited the family “curse.”  He’s a werewolf!  But, on the plus side, he’s a really popular werewolf.  Everyone at school loves the werewolf.  The popular girls want to date the werewolf.  Everyone loves seeing the werewolf van surfing.  And, even more importantly, the werewolf is really good at basketball!  It’s weird because the Werewolf is just as short as Scott was but apparently, being a wolf makes you good at basketball.  You have to wonder why the other teams wouldn’t protest having to play against a werewolf.  I would be worried that the werewolf would get mad if it missed a shot and kill everyone on the court.

Anyway, Scott is popular but he soon learns that popularity is empty, regardless of whether you’re a werewolf or not.  He also realizes the Boof is the girl that he should be going out with but Boof only wants to date Scott.  She doesn’t want to date the werewolf.  Will Scott find the courage to go to the school dance as himself?

This is a pretty stupid movie but Michael J. Fox brings a lot of heart to the role of Scott and his romance with Boof (who really needs a better nickname) is actually rather sweet.  The highlight of the film are Scott’s interaction with his supportive but nerdy father (played by James Hampton).  There are a lot jokes that fall flat and the plot never makes much sense but the film itself so amiably dumb that it’s hard not to kind of like it.  That said, don’t ever try to surf on top of the van.  Werewolf or not, that looks dangerous!

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