Great Moments In Comic Book History #24: Captain America Quits

Captain America #332 (August, 1987) opens with Captain America, the living symbol of the USA, being summoned to the Pentagon.  A group of faceless bureaucrats known as The Commission tell Captain America that it is time for him to become an official agent of the U.S. Government.  They argue that Steve Rogers would not even be Captain America if he hadn’t enlisted in the armed forces and been injected with the super soldier formula.  It’s time for Steve Rogers to stop acting as a free agent and serve his government.  And, if Steve can’t do that, the Commission can find someone to take his place, someone who understands the importance of following orders.  Maybe even someone like the Super-Patriot, who is busy fighting a group of terrorists while Steve is at the meeting.

Steve thinks it over and then does the only thing that his conscience will allow.

He quits.

Of course, this wasn’t the first time that Steve Rogers quit being Captain America.  In the 1970s, he was so disillusioned to discover that the President was a part of a secret conspiracy that he resigned his commission and briefly called himself The Captain.  Eventually, he returned to being Captain America, just as he would do the second time that he quit.  After The Commission named recruited Super Patriot to carry the shield, Steve didn’t have much choice but to take it back.

Still, this moment defined what Steve Rogers was all about.  He wasn’t about serving the government or enforcing anyone’s particular policy.  He was about America and the ideals that he felt it should stand for.  And if that meant defying his government, that’s what he would do.

It was a great moment.

Captain America Vol. 1#332 (August, 1987)

“The Choice”

  • Writer — Mark Gruenwald
    Penciler — Tom Morgan
    Inker — Bob McLeod
    Colorist — Ken Feduniewicz
    Letterer — Diana Albers
    Editor — Don Daley

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