Here’s The Trailer for She Said!

I have one last trailer to share tonight and it deals with a far more important subject than either The Munsters or After Ever Happy. 

She Said is about the New York Times’s investigation that brought down Harvey Weinstein and which launched the #MeToo movement.  It’s an important story for a number of obvious reasons.  Myself, I’ll be curious to see if the film is honest about how many well-known people, in both Hollywood and Washington, looked the other way when it came to Weinstein and who only turned on him once it was obvious that his time as a Hollywood and political power broker was over.  Today, of course, everyone is quick to mention that they always hated Harvey Weinstein but that didn’t stop those same people from thanking him in their Oscar speeches or accepting his money when they wanted to run for office.  A true account of Harvey Weinstein’s crimes will mean calling out a lot of people who, even after all this time, are not normally called out.  I hope this movie has the guts to do that.

Here’s the trailer.

Here’s The Trailer For After Ever Happy!

We’re still doing this, huh?

After Ever Happy is the latest installment in the After films.  Hardin and Tessa continue to try to make their love work.  One would think that the fact that they’re both totally shallow and uninteresting would make things simple but the course of true love is never smooth.  (I imagine that’s why Batman’s never had a lover who survived more than two movies.)  What type of title is After Ever Happy?  Like what the Hell does that even mean?  I could understand After Happily Everafter, even though that would still be a clunky title.  But After Ever Happy?  Also, could someone please tell the actor playing Hardin that it is possible to occasionally have a non-sullen facial expression.  Hardin is rich, spoiled, and in love and yet he’s still such a whiny little bitch.  And now he’s writing about it?  Seriously …. GAG!


Oh yeah, you better believe I’ll be seeing this movie.

Here’s the trailer for After Ever Happy!

And here’s a picture of Batman and Robin, because why not?

Here’s The Trailer For Rob Zombie’s The Munsters!

Yesterday, the trailer for Rob Zombie’s film reboot of The Munsters was released.  Judging from the reaction online, you would think that it was some sort of crime against …. well, I guess humanity wouldn’t be quite the right way to put it.  Still, I’ve seen people who are far older and I would think far more mature than me saying that this trailer shows that Rob Zombie has no respect for “the legacy of The Munsters.”  Weren’t The Munsters just a dumbed down version of The Addams Family?  

Anyway, I just watched the trailer and it really doesn’t look that bad to me.  Of course, it doesn’t really look that good either.  It looks like it’ll be one of those in-between sort of films that people talk about for a week and then forget about.  One thing I do appreciate, though, is that it looks colorful.  I get the feeling that Rob Zombie enjoyed doing whatever it was that he ended up doing with this film and, really, Zombie deserves to enjoy himself on occasion.

Anyway, here’s the trailer!