Lisa Marie’s Week In Television: 7/10/22 — 7/16/22

I spent most of this week watching movies.  The Emmy nomination period is over with and, as a result, so is a lot of my interest in television.  I am still watching Big Brother, of course.  How could I ever stop watching that?  That’s the power of addiction.

The Bachelorette (Monday Night, ABC)

There’s two Bachelorettes, which is only right considering what a mess the last season of The Bachelor was.  We’ll see how this plays out.  To be honest, I’m suffering a bit of fatigue with this franchise.  It was more fun to watch before everyone decided that they were also in on the joke.  Jesse Palmer seems like he’ll be a better host than Kaitlyn and Tayshia.  So, we’ll see!  (Can you tell that I didn’t really pay much attention to the first episode?)

Better Call Saul (Monday Night, AMC)

Better Call Saul returned with a bang this week.  For those who thought Lalo would be around for a while longer, nope.  I still feel bad for Howard, who will apparently now forever be branded a drug addict.  I’m also increasingly concerned about what’s going to happen to Kim because pretty soon, Walter White and his sidekick are going to show up and Kim was never seen or spoken of in Breaking Bad.

Big Brother 24 (All week, CBS and Paramount+)

My thoughts on this latest season of Big Brother can be found over at the Big Brother Blog.  This big news this week was that Paloma, who was obviously a favorite of production’s, self-evicted after having what appeared to be a hypomanic episode in the House.  Julie Chen Moonves made a big deal about saying that production wished the best for Paloma and that they were only concerned with her mental health but rumor has it that production actually asked Paloma to stay in the game, even after it became obvious that she was struggling.  Anyway, that’s Big Brother for you!  (That’s also why I would never go on that show.)

Boy Meets World (Disney Plus)

On Thursday, I was bored enough to watch an episode of this late 90s sitcom.  Shawn joined a cult.  Mr. Turner got into a motorcycle accident.  As with most episodes of Boy Meets World, it was 50% cringey and 50% effective.  This episode featured a good performance from Rider Strong but it also featured Ben Savage going totally over the top as he shouted, “This is a hug, Shawn!  THIS IS A HUG!”

The Challenge (Wednesday Night, CBS)

Survivor alumni faced off against Big Brother alumni and Love Island alumni and some Bachelor alumni.  To be honest, I may have had the television on but The Challenge really has yet to capture my attention.

Hawkeye (Disney Plus)

I’m still mad that Natasha sacrificed herself in Avengers: Endgame so Clint could be reunited with his family.  That said, this series was enjoyable when taken on its town terms.  It may be because my last name is Bowman but I’ve always liked archers.  Vincent D’Onofrio seemed to be having fun as a crime lord and Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfield were believable as father and daughter.

Inspector Lewis (YouTube)

I watched another episode of Inspector Lewis on Tuesday.  I watched it with a group of friends on twitter and I have to admit that the tweets were so lively that I actually didn’t may attention to the episode.  Sitting here and typing this up on Saturday, I have no idea what happened but I do remember that Hathaway seemed troubled.

Loki (Disney Plus)

My God, could Tom Hiddleston be any more adorable?  The plot of this show was typical Marvel nonsense but Hiddleston’s devilish performance made it fun and worth watching.

Stranger Things (Netflix)

I watched the latest season and, as you can tell from my personal Emmy nominations, I liked it.  I’m going to hold off on saying anything more because I’m planning on reviewing each episode individually at some point in the near future.  By the time I get around to reviewing it, everyone will probably have moved on but oh well.  That’s one of the benefits of having your own site and being your own boss.  You can set your own schedule.