Music Video of the Day: Only Happy When It Rains (1995, dir by Samuel Bayer)

I’ve been told by more than one person that this song basically is me.  At first, I assumed they were just saying that because both Shirley Manson and I have red hair and people always tend to assume that all redheads are alike.  But then I actually listened to the song and I was like, “I’m only happy when it rains?  I’m only happy when it’s complicated?  My comfort is the night gone black?  Yeah, I guess that does kinda sound like me…”

And then I watched the video, which is basically Shirley singing and dancing in a dilapidated warehouse while the other members of the band destroy stuff in the background and I immediately had flashbacks to when I was going to college and me and my friends would spend the occasional weekend exploring an abandoned and/or condemned building.  And I was like, “I guess this song basically is me!”

This video was directed by Samuel Bayer.  Bayer has directed close to a 100 videos, for everyone from Maroon 5 to P!nk to Nirvana.  Bayer directed Nirvana’s famous Smells Like Teen Spirit video.  And, just by doing quick check, I see that Val has actually reviewed two other videos directed by Bayer: Zombie by the Cranberries and No Rain by Blind Melon.



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