Music Video of the Day: Brrrat! by Armand Van Helden and Steve Aoki (2010, directed by Ace Norton)

This video was directed by Ace Norton, who was several videos to his credit.  Watching this video, I was immediately reminded of the work of Ben Wheatley, though the video predates all of Wheatley’s features films, with the exception of Down Terrace.  The guns firing at the balloons brought to mind Free Fire.  The image of a man tied to a line reminded me of A Field in England.  And the video’s dystopian tone felt almost identical to the dystopian tone of High-Rise.

I’ve shown this video to a few people and most of them have replied with, “What the fug did I just watch?”

Well, it doesn’t matter to me whether anyone else agrees or not.  I like this video, specifically because it is so bizarre.  Why should music videos make sense?  This is a video (and a song) that creates a definite mood.  It plays out like a dystopian nightmare and really, when was the last time that a dystopia ever made any sense?  If the world followed any sort of logic, it wouldn’t currently be on the brink of destruction.

Anyway, enjoy!

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