Music Video of the Day: Rage the Night Away by Steve Aoki, featuring Waka Flocka Flame (2014, dir by Gille Klabin)

One thing that I’ve noticed about music videos is that the future is always a dystopia.  It’s always full of people scurrying around dark alleys and sneaking into hidden laboratories and clubs.  It appears that, in the future, people just decided to stop picking up after themselves.  I think that’s what really bothers me about the whole concept of dystopia.  I can handle a lot but I can’t stand the idea of being surrounded by garbage.  Clean up after yourself and others.  I guess that’s my way of looking at things.

Speaking of which, today is Earth Day.  On the one hand, that makes this a great day to actually go out and do some cleaning.  I mean, you’ve got a perfect excuse and everyone who sees you doing it will be like, “Go Earth Day!  Woo hoo!”  On the other hand, Earth Day seems to bring out the worst, most sanctimonious of impulses in some people.  Whenever anyone starts bragging about how proud they are of themselves for observing Earth Day, I always want to ask them if they’re aware that the holiday was founded by a hippie who subsequently murdered his girlfriend and kept her decomposing body in a trunk for two years before fleeing to France.  That’s a true story, by the way.  Someone should make it into a movie.

So, I guess my point is that we should all do our part to pick up litter but, at the same time, don’t act like a self-righteous ass about it, okay?  And don’t leave dead people in your closet or trunk.  That’s just gross.

The other thing that I’ve noticed about music videos is that, regardless of how dystopian the future gets, people still want to dance.  That’s understandable.  It’s our ability to dance that makes us human.

Oh!  And one more thing I’ve noticed about life in a music video dystopia: there’s a lot of neon around.  Regardless of how dark the world may be, everyone’s still got a enough neon to light up the night.

Anyway, enjoy!

Music Video of the Day: Neon Future by Steve Aoki feat. Luke Steele (2019, dir by Mike Harris)

The future is always neon.

If there’s anything that films set in the future always seem to have in common, it’s that there’s a lot of neon.  In fact, the only futuristic films that aren’t full of neon are those films that take place after an atomic war, where everyone’s living in the desert and driving around on motorcycles.  But even those films often seem to end with the promise that, once society is up and running again, we’ll get a lot of neon.

Personally, I’m hoping that I’ll spend my retirement years in a hot pink house with neon walls.

The other thing that the future always seems to have is a divide between the decadent rich and the rebellious lower classes, the majority of whom seem to spend a lot of time wandering down red hallways.  Maybe one reason why everyone in the future always seems to be fighting is because there’s so much red around.  Maybe if they used blue neon, everyone would calm down and accept their social status.

Who knows?  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.  I imagine it should be the future in another two years or so.

Until then, enjoy!

Music Video of the Day: Wake Up Call by Steve Aoki and Sidney Samson (2012, dir by ????)

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to …. *checks notes* …. share more from Steve Aoki on this site so I guess I better get around to honoring that resolution by sharing the oddly disturbing video for Wake Up Call.


I’ve actually come across some online criticism of Wake Up Call, with the most frequent complaint being that it sounds “messy and confused” but personally, I think that’s kind of the point.  It’s all about the sensation of being jarred awake, of being snapped out of a dream and into the real world.  Everyone wakes up messy.  Everyone wakes up confused.  The messiness is kind of the point here.  Seriously, whenever I wake up, it always takes me a few minutes to realize where I am and then it takes me even longer to get my hair out out of my face.  Sleep is messy, which is why I try to get as little as possible of it.

As for the video …. AGCK!  I mean seriously, what the Hell is going on?  Is Steve Aoki trying to kill Clifton Collins, Jr?  Or is Michelle Rodriguez just dreaming that Aoki is strangling her …. well, I want to say lover but they don’t really appear to be too much in love.  Who is dreaming in this video and who needs to “WAKE UP?”  Personally, I think Michelle Rodriguez may have seen what Clifton Collins, Jr. was dreaming about so she summoned Aoki from her own dreams, specifically so he could be her vessel of vengeance.  To be honest, the whole thing kind of feels like a Jean Rollin vampire film to me.  And yes, yes …. I know that I tend to compare anything that is the least bit surreal to a Jean Rollin vampire film but that doesn’t make the observation any less pertinent.

Of course, it’s also possible that there might not be any definite explanation as to just what exactly is happening.  Perhaps the point.  Like life, the video may mean whatever we want it to mean.

Now, I will admit that I did attempt to search around online and find what other people thought this video was about.  Unfortunately, almost every link that I followed led me to someone talking about the video for Maroon 5’s Wake Up Call.  I’d actually like to see someone remake Begin Again with Steve Aoki in the Adam Levine role.  I think that would be hella interesting.

Anyway, enjoy!

Music Video of the Day: HeartBreaker by Steve Aoki featuring Lovefoxxx (2012, dir by BREWER)

How have I not shared more from Steve Aoki on this site?  I have to say that I’m really disappointed with myself.  Oh well, hopefully I can start to rectify that mistake today!


Music Video of the Day: Brrrat! by Armand Van Helden and Steve Aoki (2010, directed by Ace Norton)

This video was directed by Ace Norton, who was several videos to his credit.  Watching this video, I was immediately reminded of the work of Ben Wheatley, though the video predates all of Wheatley’s features films, with the exception of Down Terrace.  The guns firing at the balloons brought to mind Free Fire.  The image of a man tied to a line reminded me of A Field in England.  And the video’s dystopian tone felt almost identical to the dystopian tone of High-Rise.

I’ve shown this video to a few people and most of them have replied with, “What the fug did I just watch?”

Well, it doesn’t matter to me whether anyone else agrees or not.  I like this video, specifically because it is so bizarre.  Why should music videos make sense?  This is a video (and a song) that creates a definite mood.  It plays out like a dystopian nightmare and really, when was the last time that a dystopia ever made any sense?  If the world followed any sort of logic, it wouldn’t currently be on the brink of destruction.

Anyway, enjoy!