Music Video of the Day: Daydreaming (2016, dir by Paul Thomas Anderson)

Since Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest film, Phantom Thread, had a pretty good showing with the National Board of Review yesterday, I figured that I would pick his video for Radiohead’s Daydreaming for today’s music video of the day.

(Raidohead guitarist Johnny Greenwood has, of course, composed scores for many of Anderson’s films, including Phantom Thread.)

As for the video itself, it follows Thom Yorke as he randomly wanders from location to location.  Is he dreaming?  Is he traveling through time?  Is he in a building that just has an extremely odd layout?  I guess any solution could be true.

Supposedly, this song was inspired by the end of Yorke’s relationship with Rachel Owen.  (Tragically, Owen herself passed away only a few months after this video was released.)  Supposedly, if you listen to the song backwards, Yorke appears to be singing, “Every minute, half of my love.”  Interpret that however you want.  It’s Radiohead, after all.

It’s always interesting how Radiohead can be both so consistently compelling and so consistently depressing at the same time.

On that note, enjoy!

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