Music Video of the Day: Down To Earth by Flight Facilities (2015, dir by Rhett Wade-Ferrell)

Hi there!  Lisa here, filling in for Val and bringing you today’s music video of the day!

Today’s my birthday and I gave a lot of thought as to what music video I wanted to share on this special day.  I considered sharing Only Happy When It Rain by Garbage, because I’ve been told that song pretty much is me.  But then I realized that I had already shared that video!

I then considered Fiona Apple’s Criminal but again, I remembered I had already shared that one as well!

(Seriously, after a year and a half, it starts to become a challenge not to repeat yourself.  Give full credit to Val on this.  She keeps the feature fresh and updated and she has yet to repeat herself once.)

I also came very close to going with the music video for Jake Epstein’s My Window.  I love that song and the entire video is pretty much made up with clips from Degrassi and y’all know how much I love that show(Maybe Val will do My Window someday, Lisa thought, keeping her fingers crossed…)

But then, suddenly, I had a vision of Sam Rockwell dancing in a deserted diner.  And I knew then that I was meant to share, on this particular day, the video for Down to Earth by Flight Facilities!

Sam Rockwell’s just adorable, isn’t he?  This video was directed by Rhett Wade-Ferrell and the choreography is credited to Vincent Paterson, who previously worked with Michael Jackson.