Music Video of the Day: I Took A Pill In Ibiza (SeeB Remix) by Mike Posner (2016, directed by Jon Jon Augustavo)

What happens when you take a pill in Ibiza?  Well, to start with, you get a big head and you start to resemble papier-mâché…

There’s actually two videos of this song.  There’s a video for the original version, which is largely acoustic and kind of boring, as acoustic songs often are.  And then there’s this video, which is for SeeB’s remix of the song.  The remix is definitely the superior version, though many people refuse to admit it.

(There’s a tyranny of thought that the acoustic version of a song is going to superior to any other version.  It’s simply not true.  Acoustic often equals boring.  At the height of American Idol, there was a rival singing competition called The One, where the whole gimmick was that every performance was acoustic.  Only four episodes aired and every single one of them was painful to watch.)

Anyway, as for the song, it’s very much autobiographical.  Yes, Mike Posner actually did take a pill in Ibiza and yes, he actually was trying to impress Avicii.  In much the same way that Turkish tour guides still tell people that Midnight Express was not a fair representation of the Turkish legal system, tourism official in Ibiza have repeatedly complained that the song’s popularity has led everyone to assume that Ibiza is some place where you only go to get high.

Personally, I’ve never been to Ibiza but I did once take a pill in Capri and that was quite a night.

Anyway, enjoy!

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